Coupon Clipping Service – how to get extra coupons!

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I recently learned about a new site, Manufacturers Coupons, which is a coupon clipping service where you can buy coupons. This site goes thru and does all the hard work for you – they clip all the Sunday papers and then you can buy only the coupons that you’re interested in! The prices are pretty simple in that all coupons that are $1 off (and more) are $.10/each and all coupons $.99 and below are $.05/each (with a minimum order of $2).

I’ve bought coupons online a few times, for those deals that I knew would require a number of coupons to work well and if I wanted to stock up on certain items! For those of you who are wanting to get into couponing more in-depth, but just don’t have the spare time to cut out multiple coupon inserts each Sunday–this may be the solution for you!! You’re paying a low amount to have someone else cut the coupons out for you and you can still take advantage of the great savings you’ll receive from pairing these coupons with the store sales and special deals going on!!

The key is to make sure you look at the expiration dates before you buy the coupons and make sure you’ll have time to use them before they’ll expire! I’ve made that mistake – I buy some great coupons which will then expire within a few days of when I received them…and then they went to waste because I didn’t make it to the store in time!

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