Costco Christmas Toys 2022

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Costco Christmas Toys

Costco Christmas Toys – 2022

Are you looking for a list of Costco Christmas Toys for 2022? Costco has come out with their BIG toy selection for the Costco Christmas season (although it’s not quite as big as it normally is just yet, they may just be starting out slower) and we have a monster list of all the toys we have seen at our local store. Costco has had some fantastic prices on toys the last few years, very competitive to Amazon and they beat Amazon prices in many instances, so it’s definitely a great place to check out for your Christmas shopping.

Costco inventory does vary from store to store, and these deals were found at the Puyallup, WA store. The toy deals do go fast with the popular items & they do frequently bring in new inventory, so you may want to check back frequently to see the new deals they offer. I have a feeling they may put out some more toy deals soon, so we will update when we find out there are more toys available as I’d say it was a little more than half their regular deals at my store.

*We have only the American Girl Wellie doll deals at our Costco, but not the other doll deals yet – let us know if you see them at your store!

Many Costcos also offer extended holiday hours in November & December. Be sure to check your local store for their Costco Holiday Hours if you need to shop earlier or later then usual.

Walmart has some super prices in the Walmart Black Friday Toy Sale here too this year, if you want to check those out here.

Here are the Costco Christmas toy items this year:

Costco Toys Under $20:

Trifold Storybook at Costco

Trifold Storybook – $14.99 (+ $5 off coupon) = $9.99

Learning sets at costco

Licensed Learning (multiple authors) – $10.79

Round Coloring Pads at Costco

Round Coloring Pads – $12.99

Slimy sand at costco

Slimy Goop Slimy Sand Variety (48 pk) – $13.99

Model cars at costco

Maisto 1:18 Scale Special Edition Die Cast Cars – $16.99

Dinosaurs on the loose costco

Dinos with Lights & Sounds 5 Pack Assortment – $17.49

Disney Toddler Princess Dolls

Disney Princess Toddler Tea Party Doll Assortment – $18.99

Cabbage Patch Kid Dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids Collectible Cuties 3 Pack Assortment – $19.99

Bath activity bucket at costco

Crayola Bath Activity Set (30 count) – $19.99

Just my style paint your own sets

Just my Style , Paint Your Own Assortment – $19.99

putty kit at costco

Crazy Aaron’s Putty Kit Assortment – $19.99

Costco Toys Under $40:

Star Wars the Child at Costco

Star Wars Grogu the Child 11″ Bundle – $21.99

Star Wars Mandalorian at Costco

Star Wars Mandalorian 9″ Remote Control Assortment – $21.99

Dress up playset at costco

Story Magic Wooden Dress Up Dolls Magnetic Accessories – $22.99

Character pillow throw at costco

Licensed Character Pillow & Throw – $22.99

Machine Maker at Costco

Machine Maker Mega Mars Play Set – $22.99

STMT Jewelry Kit

STMT Jewelry Kit with Storage Case – $23.99

Kerpops at Costco

Ker-Pops Jumbo Bubble Sensory Mat  – $24.99

Mini Basketball hoop

Tekk Pro Edition Monster Jam Mini Basketball Hoop – $25.99

motorcycles at costco

Maisto 1:12 Die Cast Motorcycles 4 Pack – $26.99

All about Squish Collection at Costco

Squishmallows All about Squish Activity Set – $27.99

Pokemon Stuffed Animals

Pokemon 8″ Plush 4 Pack – $38.99 (with $9 coupon right now) = $29.99

Transformers at costco

Transformers RC Assort Optimus Prime or Bumble Bee – $29.99

Nerf at Costco

Nerf Ultimate Blaster 3 Pack – $31.99

Disney Encanto Dolls at Costco

Disney Encanto Doll 2 Pack Mirabel & Isabela – $32.99

Lego Advent Calendars at Costco

Lego Advent Calendar (Harry Potter, Star Wars or Marvel) – $34.99

Lego City Ninjago & more at Costco
Lego Creator or City or Ninjago Sets – $34.99

Funko Pop Pokemon Figures

Funko Pop Disney Princesses

Funko Pop Pokemon or Disney Princess 4 Pack – $36.99

24 inch squishmallows

Jumbo 24″ Squishmallows – $36.99

Buzz Lightyear at Costco

Pixar Lightyear Zurg Mothership Battle Pack – $52.99 with $16 off coupon = $36.99

Slumber Bag at Costco

Hugfun Slumber Bag – $37.99

Disney mini figures at Costco

Mini Brands Disney Store 8 Pack – $37.99

Disney Dolls at Costco

Disney Petite Deluxe Doll Set Assortment – $38.99

Hot Wheels Transport
Hot Wheels Creature Haulers with 20 Die Cast Cars – $38.99

Lego Technic at Costco

Lego Mustang or Porsche Assortment – $39.99

Lego Star Wars or Jurassic Park
Lego Star Wars or Jurassic Park or City – $39.99

Costco Toys Over $40:

Vtech Kidizoom Watch at costco

V Tech Kidizoom Smartwatch – $42.99

Holly Pocket Jet Bundle

Holly Pocket Jet Bundle – $46.99

Lego super mario at Costco

Lego Super Mario Peach or Star Wars Mandalorian – $48.99

Lego classic at Costco

Lego Classic 1700 Piece Set – $49.99

Laser X at Costco

Laser X Blaster 4 Player Set – $51.99

Lego Friends or Ninjago

Lego Friends or Ninjago Sets – $54.99

Barbie Dreamtopia

Barbie Dreamtopia Dolls & Carriage – $57.99

Lego super mario at Costco

Lego Friends or Harry Potter Set – $63.99

Lego Technic at Costco

Lego Technic Monster Jam Quad Pack – $64.99

HD Video Drone

Ascend Aeronatics HD Video Drone – $69.99

Lego Batmobile or Vespa at Costco

Lego Batmobile or Vespa – $79.99

Lego Ninjago or Star Wars sets at Costco

Lego Star Wars Jedi or Ninjago Sets – $79.99

Lego Disney Princess at Costco

Lego Disney Princess or Harry Potter – $79.99

Playdoh Ice Cream Truck

Playdoh Ice Cream Truck Bundle Playset – $89.99

American Girl Wellie Wishers Dolls at Costco

American Girls Wellie Wishers Sweet Dreams Set – Doll & Accessories – $99.99

Lego Marvel Infinity

Lego Marvel Infinity Saga Co-pack – $99.99

Magformers Set at Costco

Magformers 120 piece set – $99.99

Lego Airbus Copter at Costco

Lego Technic Airbus Rescue Copter – $169

Kidkraft Dollhouse at Costco

Kidkraft Ultimate Slumber Party Mansion Dollhouse – $189.99

Basketball game at Costco

EZ-Fold 2 Player Arcade Basketball – $189.99

Lego Barcelona Stadium at Costco

Lego Camp Nou FC Barcelona Stadium – $199.97

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  1. I feel like this year the costco toy section just lacks energy and enthusiasm, I’m usually excited to walk this aisle and discover new items but it’s the same stuff as every other year and surely the value on amazon is better this time around. Where’s the hot new fun and creative toys in the market?? Costco is getting lazy.

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