Best Prices on Ham, Christmas Roasts & Turkeys This Year

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For those of you looking for the best price in a ham, Christmas roast or turkey this year, here are this weeks prices for many of the local stores, so you can quickly compare and see where you want to shop. If you have a favorite brand that you think is the best bang for your buck, be sure to let folks know what that is. I am sure many people would love a recommendation! My favorite Spiral ham is usually the one at Fred Meyer (Flame Crafted) with their coupons. My mom loves the Costco Hams. Whats your favorite?

Also, if you love Prime Rib, but cannot afford it, try a Christmas Roast. Last year I picked one up from Fred Meyer and was able to feed our group for just $25 vs a $100. They are not the same as a Prime Rib, but very close, and a great alternative if a Prime Rib is not in the budget!

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