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Baby Legs – 75% off! 7 pairs for $24.95 Shipped!

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BabyLegs has an awesome coupon code available right now where you can get 75% off your order of $75 or more.  This means that you can buy 7 pairs of baby legs for just $21 + $3.95 shipping (or make it a combination of baby legs, tights, socks, etc.)  That’s just $3/per leg warmer (regularly $12/ea).  The styles are going very quickly, though – I had something in my cart but it ended up going out of stock as I was still debating, so don’t delay if you want to get these!

All you need to do is make sure your order is over $75 before using the coupon code. Then use the coupon code: FB75OFF75 to discount your purchase by 75% off. This coupon code is good thru Monday October 3rd.  (excludes the Winter Holiday collection)

If your order is under $30 (after the coupon code), then you will pay $3.95 shipping/handling. Any orders over $30 (after coupon code) will have free shipping.

If you’d prefer not to buy that many items, you can also get 50% off in their Costume Sale (which includes fall/Halloween themed baby legs, but also regular baby legs as well). Just use the coupon code: SPOOKY50 for 50% off any baby leg in that collection. This coupon code is also good thru Monday October 3rd.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to Baby Legs
  • Shop and check out. Make sure your purchase is $75 or more (7 pairs of baby legs will be $84 + tax)
  • At checkout use coupon code: FB75OFF75 to discount your purchase to 75% off
  • For 7 pairs of baby legs, your subtotal will be $21 + tax + $3.95 shipping. If you spend over $30, you’ll have free shipping. (You can have any combination of baby legs, tights, socks, etc to get to the $75 minimum to get the 75% off)

You could buy 5 pairs of leg warmers & 1 pair of tights to get you right to the minimum of $75, which would be $20.50 + 3.95 s/h + tax. Or 7 pairs of leg warmers for $21 + $3.95 + tax. My total for 7 pairs of leg warmers was $27.28 with s/h & tax.

My daughter wants to be Olivia the Pig for Halloween, so I thought these would work well for her striped tights (they do actually have the red/white striped tights, too, but unfortunately they were part of the Winter Holiday collection – otherwise I totally would have gotten those! Now I just need to figure out the other parts of the costume – let me know if you have any great ideas to keep it frugal! My older daughter wants to be Madeline (from the Madeline books)- so I’ve got to get thinking about a frugal way to make that one, too.

Thanks Give Me Neither!


  1. Melissa – Make sure that you haven’t added any of the Winter Holiday collection into your cart…that was the mistake that I was making!

  2. I got the code to work. I just bought $122.00 of product for $33.44 with the free shipping and tax included. I am sad some of the ones I wanted were sold out but I just got some for baby showers and little girls birthdays I know are coming up as well as for my daughter. I am VERY excited about this and appreciate your posting this link! I have not bought them before because I refuse/cannot afford to spend $12 a leg warmer set.

  3. My daughter was Olivia the Pig last year.
    For the ears we tied red bows onto pink bunny ears (dollar spot Easter bargain), and I found a dark pink (almost red!) striped shirt and matching pink (red) jumper on ebay. With striped tights, of course. :)

  4. Oh thank you, Maria! I really appreciate the help – I think it sounds very doable!! Just need to find the jumper & striped shirt. And the pig ears. :) Glad I got the striped baby legs for super cheap!

  5. Thanks for sharing this! We purchased ten pairs of warmers for our three children for only 30.25 and got free shipping as well. Thanks again!

  6. thanks for sharing! I almost decided not to order because I couldnt decide on any that would really match most of my daughters clothes but we went to a friends hello kitty birthday party and my mom put the one price tag I removed from the gift onto my daughters carseat and when we got in the car she squaled and loved the cute little kitty so I had to get her some. I got the days of the week and a few others to get it up to the free shipping since last winter we even put them on under her clothes when it snowed here! we will be happy to have them matching or not since she clearly likes the kitty!

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