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Baby Legs: 6 pairs of Leg Warmers for just $24 Shipped!

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Baby Legs is having a Halloween sale going on right now on select Baby Legs styles.  If you spend $60 or more on their “Costume” baby legs – you will get 60% off your order.  They have Baby Legs priced at either $10 or $12.  You can get 6 pairs of the $10 Leg Warmers for $60 or 5 pairs of the $12 Leg Warmers for $60.  Then use the coupon code: SPOOK60 to get 60% off your order.  This will bring your price down to $24 for all 5-6 pairs of Leg Warmers.  Shipping will be FREE.

They have quite a variety in their “Costume” section, too – not just Halloween styles, but a whole assortment of styles.  We have several Baby Legs Leg Warmers & I actually pair them with short-sleeves shirts for both my girls to wear. Or pair them with a cute skirt! I love them & just might have to think about taking advantage of this sale!

Here’s how to take advantage of this sale:

  • Head over to Baby Legs.com
  • Search under “Leg Warmers” – “Costume” – view collection
  • Select your pairs of Leg Warmers to get up to $60 worth & go to checkout
  • Use the code: SPOOK60 at checkout & you will get 60% off your order. You’ll also get FREE Shipping.


  1. I just tried to buy 5 pairs at $12 each. It said I had $60 in my cart and I tried the coupon and it said it was only for $60 or more, which was the amount in my cart. I thought I would have a chance to check my order but it got sent without the discount!! Frustrating!

  2. Amy- Definitely make sure to contact Customer Service, as this is an advertised sale on their website, Facebook page, etc. It should have taken off the discount for sure – if you bought items from that collection!

  3. I just had the same problem but what I did wrong was that I bought the ones that were not in the Halloween sale so that could be the problem

  4. Crista- Yes, this sale will only work on the Baby Legs in the “Costume” section. Those are the only ones that will get the 60% off discount.

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