Audible FREE Trial for 1 Month + Free Audiobooks from Premium Selection (& More)!

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Audible Free Trial Membership with 2 free audiobooks

Audible FREE Trial &  Free Audiobooks!

Are you interested in trying out Audible before you commit? They offer a 1 Month FREE trial for their Plus & Premium Plus membership right now – that is a savings of up to $14.95/mo.  There are 2 different Audible options to try out – the Plus membership which is normally $7.95/mo or the Premium Plus membership which is normally $14.95/mo.

If you are a fan of audio books, and you have not signed up for Audible,  you do not want to miss this offer for an Audible free trial for 1 month right now. This is the best offer we have seen in quite awhile, so jump in if it interested.

How May Books Come with Audible Membership:

For the 1 month trial if you choose the Plus membership, you’ll get 1 credit for the month to purchase any premium selection title. If you choose the Premium Plus membership, you’ll get 1 credit + access a selection of Audible originals, audiobooks & podcasts.

Right now you can get 1 free Audible book( 1 credit for any book + access  a selection of Audible originals for the first month

Here are all the new benefits of an Audible membership (you get all of this with the Audible Free Trial too):

Plus Membership:

  • 1 credit good for any audiobook, regardless of price per month
  • Credits don’t expire for a full year, so plenty of time to choose a book.
  • Books are yours to keep even if you cancel your Audible membership

Premium Plus Membership:

  • 1 credit good for any audiobook, regardless of price, per month
  • Access a selection of Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts including exclusive series.
  • Unlimited access to audio-guided fitness and meditation programs
  • The New York TimesWall Street Journal, and Washington Post delivered free to the app every day
  • Plus, credits don’t expire for a full year, so you’ve got time to choose your next great audiobook.
  • Books are yours to keep even if you cancel your Audible membership

Such a great way to get books to have with you where ever you go!

This is a great way to listen to books on the go, while you’re traveling or just when you prefer to listen rather than read. The three month trial is the best trial offer we have seen for this service!

If you have ever priced Audio books before, then you know this is a really great deal. They can be super expensive, so it’s a great way to try out the program first to see if you like it or at least get 2 audiobooks & other freebies if you decide it’s not for you..

How Does Audible Free Trial Work & What You get with 30 day trial of Audible:

Audible now has two programs available – Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus. Both programs offer a free trial period of 30 days, and then they will auto bill you at their standard rates after the trial period is over (unless you cancel before then). One thing I like about this free trial offer is that Amazon does send you a reminder email to let you know that the trial is about to be over.

  • How many free books come with the trial offer? Audible gives you 1 free book : you get 1 audiobook with your free Audible trial when you sign up
  • PLUS Access a selection of Audible Originals books, audiobooks, and podcasts including exclusive series (with Premium Plus membership)
  • Choose from 150,000+ best sellers, new releases sci-fi, romances, mysteries, classics, and more
  • After 30 days, you’ll get 1 book each month, $7.95/month – $14.95/mo
  • Exclusive Audio Fitness program (a $95 value) with the Premium Plus program
  • Cancel easily anytime. Your books are yours to keep, even if you cancel (one review did say to be sure to cancel one day before subscription renews, if you want to go this route)

Free Trial of Audible

Is Audible Free With Prime (or are there extra benefits)?

Audible is not free with Prime. However Amazon Prime members do get an extra free credit, which equals one additional book, when they sign up for the membership. You can also listen to the books through any Alexa enabled devices you might have in your home.

More info on the benefits of Audible: 

Members-only savings

  • The largest producer of audiobook
  • In addition to one monthly credit good for any audiobook, you’ll receive discounts on all purchases, plus access to exclusive sales
  • Audible Studios gets the best and brightest performers to narrate its books, including Academy, Emmy, Golden Globe, and Grammy Winners

Great Listen Guarantee

  • Don’t like a book? No problem. Exchange it for any other with their hassle-free Great Listen Guarantee.

Or, Sign up for a 30 day  Audible trial here!

Review of Audible Membership ::

I started my family off with the Audible Free Trial and ended up enjoying it so much that we kept our subscription. Initially I started to get my kids ready for a long flight and some road trips we had planned over the summer. I thought being able to have them download audio books to listen to on the trip would be fun. And it worked great. What I found was that there were books for the kids as well as us parents. They worked well to keep the kids busy when traveling, but they also liked to listen to them at home. We also found that they were good for downtime at home in the evenings, where we would listen to a book together vs watching tv. I have many friends who love to listen to the books on their commutes, too. My mom has trouble reading (her eyes get tired) so the audio books are a good option for her to enjoy books now too.

The other thing I liked about the audible membership is that your credits roll over. With Audible, 2 free books come with the membership monthly. If there are months we did not use those, then the credits rolled over and where available the next month. If I ended up not using them for a couple months, you can pause your membership, to save you some money monthly, until you’re in need of new audio books.

Sign up for your Audible Free Trial now to see how it works for your family.

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