Annual Free Night of Theater – National Event

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It’s that time of year for the Free Night of Theater Event. This is a national event and there are areas all over the country participating. Through this event, you can receive FREE tickets to a theater performance in October. This definitely sounds like a fun date night out with your hubby or significant other!

Since every region is different on their ticket dates and ticketing methods, it is important that you go to the website for your region to get details. The national Annual Free Night of Theater website can direct you to the website for your region. Oregon locations can now sign up for tickets, which started September 12th. Seattle locations can start signing up for tickets on Friday September 16th.

In the Seattle and Portland areas, the ticketing methods are being held in the form of an “Enter to Win” Ticket Lottery. You can enter to win your tickets and winners will be randomly selected. Entries for the Portland region will be accepted until September 23rd and in the Seattle region through September 29th.

In Portland, there will be 22 arts organizations offering the free theater tickets, including the Oregon Children’s Theatre & Northwest Children’s Theater so it’s a great way to introduce your children to the thrill of live theater as well.

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