AMC Discount Tickets & More Deals – $5 Fan Faves, $5 Tuesdays & More!

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$5 Fan Fave Movies at AMC

AMC Discount Tickets & More Deals – $5 Fan Faves, $5 Tuesdays & More!

We have a big round up of AMC Discount Tickets and offers that are currently available, and more deals available at this theater. Going to the movies does not have to break the bank, if you plan it right!

Select AMC Theaters are currently offering $5 Movies right now. This is a limited time promotion, and you will find Disney+ Fan Faves movies for just $5 for select showings through September 19th. You will need to see if your theater is participating here (looks like 4 theaters in Washington are participating). Find a list of all the movies included here too.

Disney Day at AMC

Plus, Disney+ subscribers get a special $5 Cameo Combo concessions offer. You can also get a free Disney + poster with your eligible ticket purchase while supplies last. Show your ticket and an active Disney+ account at concessions to get this deal.

Tip:: Look for coupons (or ask about them) at the ticket counters and concession stands. On our last visit they had tickets for $5 drink and popcorn combos and all we had to do was ask for one. Saved us a ton at the concessions. 

More AMC Discounts & Coupons:

Groupon AMC Deals – 

Check Groupon for Discount Tickets. Many AMC theaters will offer discounts through Groupon, so always worth checking if there are any offers currently.

Sams Club AMC Gift Card & Ticket Discounts – 

Find an assortment of different deals on AMC Gift Cards and AMC tickets here from Sams Club.

Costco AMC Ticket Bundles – 

Costco offers discounted ticket bundles on both AMC Yellow Tickets & AMC Gold Tickets. You can generally find these in store, but also online here. I love to buy these, not only to save on the movies, but also to use as gifts. They make fun gifts for anyone, but especially teens and teachers I find.

AMC Yellow Tickets –

AMC Yellow Tickets are tickets you can find at discount rates, at places like Costco, and we have also seen them at discounts online in the past too. They are what is considered exchange tickets, meaning you buy they for a discount price and they do not expire, but they do have a number of restrictions (ie cannot use on opening nights, for upgrades like 3-d, etc.). Yellow tickets also cannot be used in California, New York, or New Jersey. Some examples of where you can get deals on AMC Yellow Tickets include:

Sams Club – get two yellow tickets for $18.98 here.

Costco – get two yellow tickets + $20 egift card for $36.99 here.

AMC Black Tickets –

AMC Black Tickets are the same as yellow tickets, but should be able to be used in all states. Examples of where you can find AMC black tickets on sale include:

Costco – get two black tickets + $20 egift card for $39.99 here.

Sams Club also has a deal on AMC Black Tickets here.

$5 AMC Movie Tickets

AMC Discount Tuesday Tickets

If you are a member of the AMC Stubs program, you will get discounted ticket pricing every Tuesday, so this is a great way to save if you are able to go to the movies on Tuesdays.

AMC Matinee Discount Tickets:

When you watch a matinee movie at AMC cinema locations, you will get 30% off tickets every day before 5pm. This is for any AMC, AMC Dine-In or AMC classic theater nationwide. This is another way to get discounted AMC tickets.

AMC Military Discount Tickets:

Military members will save on tickets every day when you show your military ID at the box office. This applies to standard evening tickets (not matinee)

AMC Senior Discount Tickets 

Seniors will also get discount tickets every day, just select senior pricing when you buy your tickets to save at the movies

AMC Student Discounts 

Students will also get discount tickets every day, just select senior pricing when you buy your tickets to save at the movies

AMC Popcorn Bucket Refill

Plus, if you are a member of the AMC Theater rewards program, AMC Stubs, you can sign up now for the 2022 annual Refillable Popcorn bucket for $20.99. If you purchase this bucket, you can then get refills of popcorn for just $4.99 during each visit for this large bucket of popcorn!

This popcorn bucket is refillable all year long from January 1st – December 31, 2022 once you pay the $20.99 rate now.

If you love going to the movies & who doesn’t love a big bucket of popcorn to share, this is a great way to save at the movies!

This is not available at all AMC locations – so do make sure to check to see if your theater is included!


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