4 Movie Tickets for just $20 – Today Only -Tuesday October 5th

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The Weekly Cinema discounted movie ticket deal is back, this time thru Groupon (last week it was available thru Tippr).  You can get 4 movie tickets for just $20 – that’s $5/ticket. These do sell out quickly, so buy it soon if you’re interested.  The way it works is that you will get a credit for $20 thru Weekly Cinemas, a site that offeres discounted movie tickets.  You will need to redeem your credit at Weekly Cinemas within 3 months & then you will get coupon codes to use for 4 movies thru either Fandango.com or Movietickets.com (you have 3 mos to then use your codes at either site).  These tickets can be used towards any movie (up to $14 value) – IMAX, 3D, etc.

This Groupon deal is actually found thru Wichita today – but it is available to anyone since it is an online deal.

Here’s how to take advantage of today’s Groupon deal:

  • If you’re new to Grouponcreate an account & then click on “Visit More Cities” (on the top of the page) & select Wichita.  You can then purchase the deal.
  • If you’re already signed up for Grouponsign into your account , click on “Visit More Cities” & select Wichita.   Then purchase this deal.
  • If you are not interested in this deal, but interested in seeing the daily Groupon deals for your area, make sure to sign up for their daily emails to be notified about deals in your area.

Thanks to my friend Abby at Steals & Deals for finding this deal for me today – I told her last night I was looking for another movie ticket deal & she emailed me bright & early this morning with this deal! :) She is amazing at finding all the best online deals to take advantage of!  If you haven’t already, make sure to check out Steals & Deals for some fabulous online shopping deals!


  1. This has been a deal for the last week at Groupon. You can check out all the national deals (the ones good online, so they’re good for anyone) at grouponroundup.com to determine which city the deal is in. It also features all deals on Groupon.

  2. I can’t seem to find this deal on Groupon, through your links or even through my own accounts. Is it listed through another city? Where in Groupon do I find it?

  3. Cathy- The instructions & credit will be in your Groupon account. You then need to go to WeeklyCinema (per groupon instructions) & enter the code to get the Fandango or Movietickets.com code. You can then use that to get your tickets thru Fandango or Movietickets.com. It’s a bit complex, but it does work! You will get the info the day after the Groupon ends & then can go to Weekly Cinema to enter your code.

  4. @Carrie – This deal is thru Wichita. So, you need to change the city to Wichita to see the deal. Just go to “Visit more cities” at the top of the page & choose “Wichita”.

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