2009 Fisher Price Nativity Set – $21 Sale

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UPDATE: The code I listed was for yesterday only! There is a new 30% off code: 1265036
Right now, you can buy the 2009 Fisher Price Nativity Sets for just $19.99 at FamilyChristian.com. Here is how:

-Browse the latest in Kids products at FamilyChristian.com Search for “Fisher Price Nativity” for $29.99 (item #1253401) – regular price $39.99
-Use the 33% off one item code: 1265151(no longer working) UPDATE: Use 30% off code: 1265036
-You will get $.99 shipping
Total price: $21.07
This is an absolute favorite of mine – my in-laws got it for us one Christmas and my daughter loves it! We used it last year on Christmas Eve as we read the story of Jesus’ birth and she acted it out using this nativity set. It is very rare to find this on such a great sale!


  1. Thank you for sharing this! I love Fisher Price Little People and am excited to teach my 2 1/2 year old about the Nativity Scene. I have a glass nativity scene but never put it out in fear that it will get broken. (One decorates differently with kids.) =)

    I just ordered mine!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this deal! I have been looking for this set for quite a while now and haven't found it on sale anywhere! SO looking forward to my kids having a nativity scene to play with! :)

  3. Wow. SO ironic. I was just talking to my sister about trying to find a nativity set for my kids. I'd like nice one someday, but this is PERFECT and the price is VEry nice. THANK YOU!

  4. What a great post!! I am linking back to you as soon as I get a chance to post this one, thank you…I am so glad you stopped by my site today ;) I have really been wanting this!!

  5. Oh, great! I have looked at this the past 2 years, and thought about buying it. Now I have NO excuse – what a deal. Thanks so much!!

  6. Just got ours on order! Great deal. I think this is going to be the Little People Christmas for my 2.5 y.o. This way hubby and I can have a nativity and don't have to worry about it getting broken!

  7. So excited to see this on Facebook. I couldnt find it anywhere in stores and am so happy to have a great fun nativity scene that teaches and plays.

  8. I have been watching for this! I am so excited . This is what my Grandbabies are getting for Christmas THANK YOU SO MUCH for posting it!

  9. Thanks so much for the alert! I had been wanting to get my 2-year-old a nativity scene to play with this year. I just used my 33% off coupon that came in the mail and went to my local Christian bookstore a mile away to save the $1 shipping. Great deal!

  10. I couldn't get the code you posted to work, but I found one on retail me not for 30% off 1265036. It worked for me today (Thursday). Thanks for the heads up TNWM!

  11. I just happened upon your post while internet shopping for this nativity for the gazillionth time, always looking for a great deal. This is it! Best price I have found (with Traci's code)! Thanks to the both of you! My girls are going to love it!

  12. Thanks for updating me guys on the code not working and thank you Traci for the new code! I just updated it on the site! :)

  13. Thanks for posting your info on Family Christian. Unfortunatly they have sold out online but local stores still had them. With paper add I was able to get it for 21$! BUT, I went to ebay and bought for 2 dollars each little shepards to complete the set. Who doesn't have a nativity without shepards?? Merry Christmas!

  14. I was so excited to find this. It is sold out everywhere. But when I tried to use the coupon code it said it was invalid.

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