Weekly Cinema Update

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Some of you may have already heard that it looks like Weekly Cinema most likely is going out of business.  This is the company that was offering the discounted movie tickets thru Groupon & Tippr (& also Living Social, although I didn’t post about that deal).  Here’s the message that is currently on their website:

The future of Weekly Cinema is under review. While this review is being performed, we are not able to process or redeem movie ticket coupons. We are working with our deal site partners to achieve a refund for the unused movie tickets and promo codes in your Weekly Cinema account in an amount not to exceed the price you paid for each of the unused movie ticket coupons.

A Hotline phone number to provide additional information about Weekly Cinema is being set up. Please provide your Weekly Cinema email in the box below if you would like us to email you when an update is available. Otherwise, check the site later today for further updates.

I am extremely disappointed to hear this as I had promoted their discounted movie tickets  several times thru deals offered by Groupon & Tippr, two established, reputable daily deal sites .  In addition, I also purchased a number of these tickets myself  to give as Christmas gifts & I’ve even given several as gifts already to family members. So, I completely understand your frustration.   I work very hard to make sure that I only post reputable deals at Thrifty NW Mom.  There are many deals that I don’t post, based on feedback from you, the readers, or reviews I’ve read on other sites.  I want to make sure that these are deals that will be successful for you. So, this is upsetting to me when something like this happens as I know so many of you were excited to find a way to take your family to the movies inexpensively or to give these as a gift for the holidays, birthdays, etc.  Unfortunately there was no way to know that this company would close their doors.

If you have already redeemed your codes thru Weekly Cinema & now have Fandango codes, then you should be totally fine. For those of you who purchased your tickets & still hadn’t redeemed them thru Groupon or Tippr, then you should be able to receive a refund or credit back from the individual deal site.  I’ve been waiting to hear back from both companies, so I could give you an update about what each of them are doing. Here’s what I’ve found out:


If you purchased the deal thru Groupon, you should have received an email from them tonight saying they would be refunding the entire amount of your purchase back to your account within 10 business days. And if you purchased multiple tickets & have used some of them, then they still refunded the entire amount that you purchased.  If you have not heard from Groupon, then you can contact them at (877) 788-7858.


Here’s the information from Tippr regarding the Weekly Cinema tickets:

It has come to our attention that many Tippr customers are now having issues redeeming their Weekly Cinema movie tickets from the Weekly Cinema website. We apologize for any inconvenience that this might have caused you and we’re here to help.

We are working with Weekly Cinema to get them to honor their commitment, but if you would rather, for the next 30 days, Tippr will issue Tippr credits for the unused portion of your voucher(s).  For support regarding this issue, you can call 888-902-1065 or e-mail [email protected]. We appreciate your patience as we work to help out each and every one of you.

Thanks again for taking us up on this incredible deal. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience Weekly Cinema may have caused you.

Tippr has said that they will get in touch with everyone who contacts them, but just understand that it may take some time as this was a very popular deal for them &  they are working hard to bring on extra staff to help with customer service.

Living Social:

If you purchased tickets thru Living Social, you can contact their Customer Service at: 877) 521-4191 to find out if they will be giving a refund or credit.

Weekly Cinema Monthly Subscribers:

If you were a monthly subscriber to their discounted movie tickets, here’s what they have to say:

We will be issuing refunds to our monthly subscribers based on the number of tickets in their account which have not been used and also the subscription they were signed up for. In order to receive a refund please tell them to contact us via live chat or [email protected] and we will be able to process this request in an efficient manner. Also it is not necessary to request a charge back to their [credit card] account as we will be issuing refunds to the customers. Our refunds will also come quicker than if a user were to request a charge back.

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  1. Actually, it doesn’t seem to be OK if you already redeemed your Tippr code for Fandango. I did that and received Fandango codes but when you enter those codes on the Fandango website, it comes back that your codes have expired. :(

  2. Really? Oh no, I thought that it would work if you’d already gotten the codes from Weekly Cinema, but it must all be affected. Definitely contact Tippr then. What a bummer. :(

  3. I’m noticing more and mor problems with tippr and the deals the offer. I read a review or comments about Martin Tobias being somewhat a shady character…any truth? Are these sighns? Not sure I trust them. Thoughts?

  4. I’m pissed. Martin Tobias has this “my sh*t don’t stink attitude” and has the balls to rip us(tippr) off…I want my money back, no questions asked my money back. I jumped on this deal(assuming you offered deals that were valid) and spent my cash, you did not keep your end of the deal. I don’t want “tippr credits”…you are a theif.

  5. I’m trying to get a Tippr refund as well… I redeemed the voucher code on Weekly Cinema’s site but since you couldn’t actually purchase your tickets without calling their 800- number, I had made any ticket purchases yet. The first message I sent to Tippr resulted in an auto-response email with a link to check on the status of my request but when I clicked the link, I got a message saying I didn’t have access to the request and that it may have been deleted. Apparently in order to use their help center you have to create a separate login from the normal Tippr login. I’ve done that, submitted another request (no response yet) and I’ve also posted a message with links the Weekly Cinema page and this blog… Hopefully they’ll do the right thing.

  6. I tried contacting Tippr on their Phone at 866-347-0752 and their customer service option takes you to a voice mail. The WeeklyCinema phone no is also a dead-end. Fandango refused to help and pointed to WeeklyCinema. Luckily I am within the dispute period of this paid transaction and have filed a dispute. Should be getting the credit back very soon. Rather than waiting on Tippr and others, if you are withing your dispute time with the CC company, file a dispute and get the money back otherwise you will end up being loaded with unwanted credits from these companies.

    Good luck

  7. I encourage everyone to log into facebook and comment on the tippr site, on the thread regarding this. They aren’t responding to ANYONE. I would be interested to know if anyone has received contact from them yet. Post your complaints to their thread regarding this deal – eventually they’ll HAVE to stop ignoring us!

  8. I submitted a request to Tippr and even updated it requesting refund and information. Same as everyone else there has been no response. Unfortunately I purchased the packages on my debit card not credit card so I don’t thing the dispute option is valid for me. I am really hoping Tippr steps up and refunds everyone their money that they are owed.
    I know I’m not going to use Tippr anymore for any deals if they can’t stand behind what they advertise and sell. It is too bad that another company going under will put a very big black mark on another company promoting their product/deals.
    It’s too bad that thriftynwmom has to deal with this kind of thing as well.

  9. I’m really sorry you guys haven’t heard a response yet. And I agree with Stacie that you might want to leave a FB message there as well & maybe hear back sooner. I will get in touch with my contacts at Tippr & find out what’s going on.

  10. Hey, if you all were liking the Weekly Cinema deal, you should check out BargainMovieTickets.com, it’s basically the same thing. I’m a member and have had no problems with their service, check them out!

  11. Everyone might check their statements, a credit from weekly cinema just showed up on my statement and I never even requested one.

  12. I requested a refund from Tippr as soon as I heard that Weekly Cinema was going under. Same as everyone else, no response. I am *never* going to use Tippr again, and I’ll make sure everyone I know finds out about how they have handled this. I only hope that bloggers such as yourself can really get the word out there – this company does not deserve our business!

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