Try Hockey for Free Day – Saturday February 20th (Mark Your Calendars Now)!

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try hockey for free day

Try Hockey for FREE Day 

Mark your calendars now for an upcoming FREE Hockey Day – which happens late each Winter season! This year, it is happening on Saturday February 20,  2021, just a couple of weeks from now.

USA Hockey & local programs around the country offer a chance for kids ages 4 – 9 to come to a local participating ice rink and try playing youth hockey to see if it’s something that will interest them. These times do start early in the morning for many locations, so definitely check it out.

Head over to the website & put in your location to see if there’s a participating location near you. I found a fair number of locations around the Northwest.

This sounds like a great chance just to see if your child has any interest in this sport to pursue it further.



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