Tacoma News Tribune Subscription Deal – No Longer Available

*Update: This deal is no longer available – they do not currently have a multi-subscription deal for couponers at this time!


For those of you who live in the South Sound area, this is best deal available right now to get multiple subscriptions of the Tacoma News Tribune!  The best way to take advantage of all the bargains at the grocery & drug stores is to have multiple coupons, which means buying multiple Sunday papers.  Many of the grocery store catalina deals will require that you buy 3 or 4 of an item to receive the highest value catalina – which means it’s best to have that many coupons to go along with the sale.

If you’re debating between the Tacoma News Tribune & the Seattle Times, you’ll want to know that the Seattle Times will not include the Red Plum inserts.  The Red Plum inserts are now mailed mid-week to those who live in King County.  So, if you’re not in King County, then you will never receive any Red Plum inserts if you only buy the Seattle Times. Therefore, the Tacoma News Tribune is the paper you’ll want to get for the best selection of coupons if you’re in the South Sound area.

The News Tribune is offering a special Thrifty NW Mom subscription deal so that any subscriber can get multiple Sunday papers delivered to your door – for just $1.25/issue. PLUS you’ll now get the one paper delivered daily, Monday thru Friday included in this deal for FREE.

I have found over the several years that I’ve been couponing that it is much easier to have the paper delivered to me than to remember to go out & buy my multiple copies each Sunday.  It also saves on the gas if you’re making a separate trip just to buy your papers!  Even better, if you go on vacation this summer – you can put a vacation hold on your papers & get them delivered when you return – so you don’t miss out on any of those great coupons while you’re gone (& unable to buy the paper in the stores).

News Tribune Subscription Deal::

  • Price is for $1.25 per Sunday paper delivered to your door. You’ll also now get one paper delivered daily Monday thru Saturday for FREE as well.
  • Subscribe for a minimum of 3 Sunday papers delivered (you can get up to 6 papers delivered) for the News Tribune
  • Subscription will be for 26 weeks (6 months)
  • Make sure to ask for the “Thrifty NW Mom” Sunday paper subscription deal!
  • This subscription deal is open to ALL subscribers unlike  previous subscription deals where it was only open to new subscribers (or those who hadn’t had a subscription for over 30 days).
  • If you currently have a subscription to the Sunday paper (or the weekly paper) – this subscription deal is in addition to your current subscription. So, if you already have 1 Sunday paper delivered and you order 3 more subscriptions, then you will have a total of 4 Sunday papers delivered to your house.

2 Pricing Options: Pre-payment or EZ Pay Option:


Prepayment is required for this offer.  You may pay by check, debit or credit card.  Based on a 26 week subscription, $1.00 per copy (example: $1.25 x 3 copies x 26 weeks = $97.50)

3 Copies               $97.50   $1.25 x 3 copies x 26 weeks= $97.50
4 Copies               $130.00 $1.25 x 4 copies x 26 weeks = $130.00
5 Copies               $162.50 $1.25 x 5 copies x 26 weeks = $162.50
6 copies                $195.00 $1.25 x 6 copies x 26 weeks = $195.00

EZ Pay Option:

You may pay by check or credit. EZ-pay payments are deducted from your checking, debit, or credit card account each month.  You can have the deduction made on 5th, 15th, or 25thof each month. The price is slightly better if you do the EZ pay option as some months are 4 wks or 5 wks depending on the financial calendar. So, the price is $5.41/month per copy.

3 Copies               $16.24 per month   6 months  = $97.44
4 Copies               $21.65 per month   6 months  = $129.90
5 Copies               $27.06 per month   6 months = $135.30
6 copies                $32.47 per month   6 months   =$194.82


How to take advantage of this excellent subscription deal:

Call Customer Service to get started on this deal right away for either paper.  You can call the Tacoma News Tribune at: 1-800-289-8711.

You’ll want to use the coupon code: ThriftyNWMom when you call to order your subscription to make sure you get the rate of $1/issue for multiple subscriptions.