Suggestions of Supplies for Using with your Essential Oils

Essential Oil Supplies for making DIY Recipes

Suggestions of Supplies for Using with your Essential Oils

If you have recently purchased Young Living Essential Oils, especially the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, there are some supplies you could purchase that will enable you to really maximize your use of the essential oils & make those oils stretch further. These are a few of our favorite items to have on hand. 

Carrier Oils

I highly recommend getting a carrier oil so that you can make DIY recipes with the oils. I use Fractionated Coconut Oil (it stays in liquid form) but there are a number of carrier oils you can use.

Here’s a good description of the different carrier oils from a website, Recipes with Essential Oils, that we love as we know these bloggers personally and really trust their recommendations as they do extensive research for all of the essential oils they use.

Fractionated Coconut Oil::

I personally use Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) the most but all of the carrier oils are great for various reasons. I use it the most to fill my roller bottles – you only need a few drops of an Essential oil & then you fill the rest up with the FCO and it does not change its effectiveness, but helps if you are using with kids so it’s not so strong especially on their skin (makes it more comfortable for them) and also just makes the oils last longer.

Here are a few of the Fractionated Coconut oil options on Amazon that you can check out::

Fractionated Coconut Oil

Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil, 16 Oz – this is the one that I use the most. And you don’t need a lot – this big bottle will last you for a long time (depending on how many roller bottles you make)

Fractionated Coconut Oil Virgin Coconut Oil Carrier Oil 16 Oz by Pure Body Naturals

Jojoba Oil:

This is a good option for oily skin & it  is lighter than some of the other oils. This can also be used on the hair, as well as skin, as it’s easily asorbed without leaving a greasy feeling.

Jojoba Oil

Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil for Hair, Skin or As Carrier Oil, 4 fl. oz

Glass Bottles::

It’s also a good idea to get glass roller bottles and even some glass spray bottles. You do not want to keep oils in plastic, but use glass instead as the citrus oils, especially, will eat away the plastic (except for the plastic used in Young Living’s products like for the Thieves Cleaner). I do use plastic for some DIY recipes that I want to be able to carry with me in the car, purse, etc (as long as they don’t use citrus oils in the recipe) but at home, I try to use more glass so I don’t have to worry about the citrus oils.

Roller Bottles

There are 2 main sizes to look at – 5 ml & 10 ml. The 5 ml are a good general size to have as they are easy to keep with your oils, in your purse, etc. But I also like to have a few 10 ml too (you may just need to double the recipes).   I’d recommend getting amber or colored bottles, if possible, as Essential Oils should be kept out of the sun for best effectiveness if you plan on having these out with you at all. I do use some clear roller bottles around the house, though, just because it’s not always as easy to find deals on the colored bottles.

I’d suggest looking for roller bottles that have stainless steel or glass roller tops (although I have used the ones with plastic roller balls & haven’t had an issue yet). Make sure to check out the review for quality & I’ve found that the more I buy, the better the price (buying in bulk) as you will find you will use these alot. Especially if you like to make roller bottles for friends as well!

Essential Oil Roller Bottles

5 ML Essential Oil Roller Bottles

10 ML Essential Oil Roller Bottles


Spray Bottles

Essential Oil Spray Bottles

Spray bottles are very good to keep on hand as well. I use spray bottles for my Thieves cleaner (the best overall cleaner to use – all natural, non-toxic, etc).  I also use Spray bottles for Linen sprays, Pillow/Sleepytime spray, room spray, outdoor spray & much more.

Check out this selection of glass spray bottles – there are a variety of sizes that you can use.  I like the 2 oz bottles for room sprays, linen sprays, pillow sprays, etc. The larger bottles are great for the DIY cleaning recipes I make or when I use the Thieves cleaner.

Other places to buy Essential Oil supplies::

Abundant – this is one of my favorite places to buy supplies & they have great high quality roller bottles, spray bottles, etc. This is where I got the Reference Books and other reference materials we send with our Welcome kit for the Premium Starter Kit. They have reference materials, supplies like bottles, little bags for holding your oils & much more – they also have some great supplies for oils – spray bottles, roller bottles & more!