Stylish, Versatile & Affordable Shelving from Sauder

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Stylish, Versatile & Affordable Shelving from Sauder

Stylish, Versatile & Affordable Shelving from Sauder

We recently sold our house & just moved into a new house for the first time in 6 years, so we’ve been knee deep in boxes & moving furniture around constantly as we try to figure out how to get things set up in the new house. I’ll admit that I can be a bit of a pack-rat, so I’ve really been working on decluttering & organizing more as we get settled into our new place. We now have some more room inside our house, so we don’t have to have as much stored in our attic or garage, but that also means that we need to come up with more creative storage solutions to keep things tidy and easy to access yet still stylish.

We only moved into our house about 2 weeks ago and I wanted to get a head start on some storage solutions so we’d be ready to start unpacking when we moved in. We don’t really have a set style to our home furnishings yet, as the majority of our home furnishings have been hand-me-downs or yard sale finds, but I’m hoping with the new house to have a little more cohesion with the style of furniture & colors in our house, while still incorporating my love of thrifting & vintage pieces. I turned to the Sauder Woodworking Co. website to check out their furniture storage options as they offer affordable, ready-to-assemble furniture you can order online. Even better, they have some very helpful aspects of their website to make it easier to find the perfect furniture piece you are wanting for your home.

Sauder “Style Lab” :

Sauder Style Lab Quiz

If you head to the Sauder website & check out the “Style Lab” section, they have a Style Quiz you can take to determine which style of furniture fits you the best. I thought this would be a good place for me to start since we’re starting over in a new place & I’d love to get a better idea of the direction I want to go in for a storage organization piece, but also future furniture pieces. The style quiz determined that my style fit best with the “Cottage” style. Looking at all the options, I definitely think this quiz summed up my style accurately as the description & pictures definitely fit the things I love in a home.

Once I narrowed down a style, I then checked out all the furniture collections on & found that the “Harbor View” collection definitely fit the cottage style & even better, they had some really cute organizational pieces.

Sauder Harbor collection Pieces

These were a few of the organizational pieces I found that I loved from the Harbor View collection – I decided on the Library with Doors furniture piece for our new home. I loved the fact that I could display some of my favorite pieces up top so that it could bring the room style, while also serving as a beautiful storage option as well with the closed door storage below, so that it looked more tidy & clean in a room. {The hard is deciding on where to keep this beautiful piece!}

Assembling the furniture:

Sauder furniture piece in box

The furniture pieces arrived before we made the move to our new house, so thankfully they arrived nice & compact in their boxes, so we could easily move them. The bookshelf box was slightly dented in (which can happen when items are shipped) but it didn’t affect the furniture piece. That is something to consider when buying furniture online – just make sure to inspect it carefully once you receive it.

Sauder is known for having a great customer service help line, so if you have any problems with your furniture being shipped, definitely contact them to let them know so they can resolve it right away. They would also be a great resource if you have any questions while putting together the furniture piece. You can call, email or even do a live chat with someone. They have a bright orange tab on the right side of their site to be able to easily access information for their Customer Service.

Sauder Furniture Assembly packaging

Putting together the bookshelf was pretty straightforward – everything is organized well as you can see above & they provide a booklet with both picture directions & text directions. It took my husband about an hour or two to assemble the bookshelf, but he had some “helpers”. Our girls have been showing some interest in putting things together, so he decided to let them try their hand at hammering some nails, which they loved.

Sauder furniture assembly by kids

Doesn’t everyone assemble furniture in a tutu?

Furniture assembly with kids

Full concentration as she enjoys assembling the bookshelf with daddy (don’t mind the boxes in the background)

Sauder Furniture Assembly

The assembly process almost completed!

Sauder Harbor View Library Bookshelf

The finished bookshelf! I just love the lines of this bookshelf – very classic & it can really be used in so many ways. That is our challenge – trying to figure out where best to place the bookshelf for both storage options & to display some of our favorite treasures, as we have too many options of where we’d like to use this since it is such a versatile piece.

This is an antique white finish, but what I love that you can’t see as well from the picture is that it has some light distressing to the paint finish, which gives it that vintage feel, too. The shelves are very easy to adjust too, so you can change it up depending on the decor you put on the shelves.

Sauder Harbor View Library with Doors

We currently have this bookshelf in our dining room so we can store china & glassware, while displaying some of our favorite dishes. I’m debating on leaving it there or bringing it into our living room where I also need a beautiful furniture piece like this (just need to change the color scheme in there first as I’m hoping to move away from red & black to more blues & whites). I love how versatile & stylish Sauder furniture pieces are and how they can fit in to so many different spaces in your home. This piece is very sturdy, too and the drawer glides well.

We are definitely impressed with our new furniture from Sauder & love the style & versatility, while still being quite affordable. Plus it’s so nice to be able to shop from home and have the furniture arrive on your doorstep versus traveling all over the area to different furniture stores to see if they might have a furniture piece you’re interested in (not such a fun process when you’re bringing your kids to all the stores). The Sauder Pinterest page has some great inspiration, too, if you’re wanting to see different ways to decorate with the various furniture pieces.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Sauder. The opinions and text are all mine.

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