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Storyworth Reviews

StoryWorth Reviews 

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If you are looking for a meaningful, unique gift for Father’s Day for a dad or grandpa in your life, StoryWorth books are the perfect gift to give. They provide a way to preserve the memories & stories from your family member that you want to remember and save them to read over & over again in future years & with future generations. We’re sharing our StoryWorth reviews to let you know our experience, too.

StoryWorth is the opportunity to gift someone (or gift yourself) the ability to write a memoir of their life through sharing about stories & memories through email prompts. For one year, StoryWorth will send email prompts to your recipient (or you if you buy this for yourself) to answer questions about their life. These are all set up automatically or you can select the questions to be asked to make it as personalized as you’d like.

At the end of the year, StoryWorth will compile all the personal stories & memories and photos into a beautiful hardcover book that you can treasure for years to come. This collection of special stories & memories will be one that your family will enjoy reading over & over and especially as the year pass & those stories begin to fade. You don’t want to miss out on hearing about those stories & having them written down in a special book is the best option to keep those memories & stories alive.

StoryWorth books make a great gift option because they are sent by email, too, so they can be a wonderful last-minute gift option, too. If you prefer,  you can also print off a gift card (although they will also send an email introducing StoryWorth & how it all works). So, this is a gift that can be sent across the miles easily & it will make for a really special gift. Check out our StoryWorth reviews below to see what my experience has been like gifting this to my family member for Mother’s Day this year.

What is StoryWorth & how does it work?

how does storyworth work

StoryWorth is a book service which provides a way for you to gift a family member with the ability to preserve his or her memories for future generations. This is providing a way for your family member to write their memoir through a simple service that makes it easy for them to participate. All year, questions are sent weekly & they answer them with memories & stories from the past to share and pass down through the generations. The StoryWorth team will then take all of the stories that your family member has shared all year to compile them all into one beautiful, memorable book filled with memories. (Photos can also be added in with the stories, too, to make it a really special and memorable book.)

What I love about this option is that as your family is answering the questions each week, the answers will also be sent to you, the gift giver. You can also add additional people who will receive the answers to the questions each week, too. So, if you have siblings who would also love to hear the answers during the year, add them to the account as well. And then when the year is completed, you can work on adding in any extra pictures, rearranging the order of the questions if you’d like to have certain questions/stories together & then the book will be ready to print.

Your recipient will receive a beautiful hardcover book with a professionally designed cover option that you can choose from and make it personalized to your family member.Each story will be recorded in the StoryWorth book and it will be a way to keep the memories alive even after a family member has passed. You don’t want to wish that you had written all of those stories down that they used to tell – take the time now to gift this book & select questions that you have always wanted to know the answers to or stories you want to be remembered for years to come. Additional book copies can be ordered for you and other family members, too, so everyone has a copy of the special book of memories.

StoryWorth Questions

StoryWorth Book for Fathers Day

StoryWorth will automatically send your recipient a question every week, but you can pre-select the questions if you’d like. You can also order the questions in a certain way if you choose and even add your own questions as well. This is all done for you but it can also be very personalized to your family member, too, if that is your preference.

Here are some examples of the types of questions that your recipient could be asked for their Storyworth books:

  • How did you get your first job?
  • What was your first big trip?
  • Who did you go to prom with?
  • What were your grandparents like?
  • Tell me about a fun school field trip you had as a kid
  • What is one of your favorite memories of your mother
  • What is one of your favorite holiday memories?
  • What do you consider one of your greatest achievements in life?

How much does StoryWorth cost?

Update: Thru May 12th, get $10 off this price – making it just $89!

You will pay $99 for StoryWorth which includes the year of email prompts & a finished hardcover book (up to 480 pages) with all of the completed stories and/or pictures with the stories. You’ll get free shipping, too.  Additional books can be purchased as low as $39 for other family members.

If you gift this to a family member like dad or grandpa, you can gift them the book, but then purchase extra copies for yourself & the other family members for $39.

StoryWorth Coupon & Discounts

Their Mother’s Day Sale is LIVE Now thru 5/12/24!

Around holidays (Christmas, Mother’s Day & Father’s Day), Storyworth typically offers a discount of $10 off your purchase of a StoryWorth book service. That makes it just $89 for the service of compiling your book memoir & printing the completed book.  Make sure to purchase your StoryWorth book here through this link to get the $10 off your purchase.  {No promo code needed, just go thru our link to get the discount.}

StoryWorth Reviews

Storyworth reviews of book for mom

My mom’s book (her name is blurred out on the front cover – but that’s where you would have the full name of the recipient)

I  gifted my mom a StoryWorth book for Mother’s Day a year ago and she finished it this past summer. After she finished adding all the stories, I went thru & added a bunch of pictures of her as a child & throughout her life, trying to match up with the stories when I could.  The book pictured is a copy that I got for myself to have her stories and my brother got a copy, too (ours are in black & white with the photos) & she got the book with the color photos.

My mom absolutely loves telling stories and making us all laugh with her memories of growing up with 3 brothers in Seattle. My daughters love hearing her stories about life in the 50’s in Seattle & also about my life growing up, too.

So, gifting her a StoryWorth book is a way that she can share these memories & stories with all of us in a beautiful book at the end of the year – she is the one who will get the book to keep, but we can also order a book as well, so we will always have a record of those stories. She can add in pictures whenever she wants with her stories, too, or wait till the end to add in some pictures with the stories to remember some of those special moments (we did end up adding in photos later & you can add in as many photos as you’d like).

Inside of Storyworth Book

What I love about StoryWorth is that I can go through and check out the questions that are being sent & I can add/change any questions if I’d like. But otherwise, it’s all automatic & set up to send her an email each week. She gets an email every Monday with a new question to answer & write a story about. If she forgets to answer the question that week, she can then go back in the next week & answer two questions (or catch up at a different time). But it’s just an easy way to be regularly collecting her stories into one location & then they were all compiled into a beautiful hardcover book after a  year, which is what you see above as the finished product!

Storyworth Photo book with Mom on cover

What I didn’t realize is that it would be fun all year long, too, as when she answered the questions, I was sent her responses as well to my email. You can add people who receive the responses, too, so I added my girls’ email addresses so they could receive her responses as well & hear her stories all year & answers to these questions. So, it was such a fun experience for all of us all year & it was so fun to pour over the book & her stories when she was finished with it.

Honestly I have put together some big photo books for family members for special birthdays and more & they take up hours & hours of time to put it all together. So, I love that we can have this special book for my mom, but it’s not so labor-intensive like the photo books that i have made in the past. That is absolutely worth the price to me – to have someone else design the book & compile all of the questions I have always wanted to have recorded in one place. And a special book of memories that we will always treasure!

Have you ever tried a StoryWorth book? Let us know what your experience has been!

If you’d like more options for preserving memories, check out the discounts available for Shutterfly photo books, too. These would be a great complement to a StoryWorth book of memories to have a photo book filled with more pictures to go along with all of those stories & memories.


    1. I’m so sorry to hear that. I will reach out to our contact & see if we can find out a better way to reach customer service for you.

  1. Does the storyteller have to type their responses, or is there a feature whereby they can record their voice and someone at Storyworth transcribes it?

    1. The response does have to be typed up & submitted by email, but there are a lot of great voice to text apps & programs you could use too. I use the microphone app on my phone for transcribing voice to text, so that’s one option if they do it from a table or computer or I’d think they could do that from a laptop too. Then a family member could help edit it to make sure it got the correct punctuation at the end of the year. I went thru & helped my mom edit her stories, to add in photos, etc at the end before it was printed.

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