St Patrick’s Day – Watercolor Gift Idea + FREE Printable Gift Tag!

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St Patrick's Day Watercolor Gift Idea

St Patrick’s Day Watercolor Gift Idea

If you’re looking for a fun gift idea to hand out to your children’s teachers or maybe a fun little gift for your child to give to a few friends for St Patrick’s Day, then this is the perfect idea for you -a St Patrick’s Day Watercolor Gift! It’s so simple & easy that your child can make it with you!

It’s very affordable, too, as you can find the kids watercolor sets at the dollar store or around $1 at many stores. Stock up at back to school sales, too, this summer to plan ahead for next year (or maybe you have some in your school stash from back to school sales).

Free Printable St Patricks Day Pot of Gold Tag

We have included a FREE St Patrick’s Day printable tag as well that says “You are the Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow”- so that this will literally just take you five minutes to put together once you have your supplies. This is a very versatile tag as you can not only use this with this St Patty’s Day Watercolor gift, but you could also attach it to green lollipops, a bag of chocolate gold coins, a bag of rainbow licorice & some Rolos & more! {Don’t forget that Winco has some great options for bulk candy – I found the chocolate gold coins there around Valentine’s Day}

St Patricks Day Watercolor Gift:

Items Needed:

St Patrick's Day Watercolor Gift Idea for Friends & Family

  • Watercolor Paint Set (find these at the Dollar store, Target Up & Up brand for $1 & more)
  • Candy of your choice – Rolos, Chocolate Gold Coins, Hershey’s kiss, Reese’s peanut butter cup, Hershey’s Nuggets (shaped like little treasure boxes)- whatever you think the recipient would enjoy the most. Just make sure your candies are individually wrapped (I made that mistake by buying a roll of Rolos at first)
  • Cardstock for your printable St Patrick’s Day tag
  • Adhesive for attaching everything (tape, glue dots, glue, etc) – I just used regular tape


Cutting printable for St Patricks Day watercolor

St Patricks Day Watercolor Trimming Printable

Print off the FREE St Patrick’s Day printable  “You are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” gift tag  – cut on the dotted lines if you want to make it into a flag shape (I used a Fiskars paper cutter to make trimming fast & easy)

Take out the inside label for the watercolor set (this is just preference, but I thought it made it look cleaner with just the white background)

Attach St Patricks Day Printable to Watercolor

 Attach the tag to the paint set using double-sided tape or a glue-dot (or regular tape works too)

Gold coin for St Patricks Day Craft

Attach a Rolo, chocolate gold coin (or candy of your choice) to the tag – you could use a glue dot or regular glue/tape or a piece of scrapbook adhesive, or double-sided tape

See how simple that is! Perfect little gift to give or for you to make for your kiddos to give them on St Patrick’s Day!

What are some fun ideas you’ve done for St Patrick’s Day?

Thanks to my friend, Sarah, for the inspiration for this fun gift idea! 



  1. i don’t really have any good ideas, but when i was a kid, i remember my mom would dye the water green and that’s what we had to drink with dinner and psychologically we thought it was flavored b/c it was green – but it was just plain water and we loved it. — so if you are having trouble getting your kids to drink plain water – just dye it green (or red and they will think it tastes like strawberry)

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