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Seattle Seahawks Jersey Round Up – Where to Find the Best Deal!

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Seattle Seahawks Jersey Round Up

Are you looking for a new Seattle Seahawks Jersey to wear when you’re cheering your favorite team? Seahawks jersey’s are in high demand right now. My husband went into the Nike Store in Seattle to pick up a few jersey’s for the family, and realized how hot of a commodity these things are. Not only were they selling out quickly, but they are expensive. So this leads me to search around. Why pay retail, right?

We have put together a round up of Seahawks Jerseys that we found some deals on.


Seattle Seahawks Jersey Men's


Seahawks NFL Men’s Team Mid Tier Jersey

Seahawks Jersey Wilson


Russell Wilson Jersey Size 52 XXL

women's wilson jersey


Russell Wilson Women’s NFL Jersey 


Boys Wilson Jersey


Boys Russell Wilson NFL Jersey Size 8-10

Wilson Boys Jersey

Boys Russell Wilson White NFL Jersey Size 8 – 10 

12 fan jersey


12th Fan NFL Jersey

Seahawks 12 Fan Jersey women's


Women’s 12th Fan Seahawks NFL Jersey

Marshawn Lynch Jersey


Marshawn Lynch Men’s Jersey

Toddler Wilson Jersey


Wilson Toddler Jersey 

Pink Seahawks Toddler Jersey


Pink Seahawks Toddler Jersey 

Wilson Jersey


Russell Wilson Youth Jersey

Marshawn Lynch Jersey


Marshawn Lynch Jersey  Youth 

Golden Tate Jersey


Golden Tate Youth Jersey 

Russell Wilson Gray Jersey


Russell Wilson Men’s Gray Jersey 

And just as a last idea – it never hurts to check out your local thrift store although I’m sure many others would have the same idea. My husband (Jen) actually found a Seahawks jersey for just $30 at Value Village last week. It is a size too big with someone else’s name on the back, but he was pretty excited!  Sia also reported that there are stands popping up all around her in Kent & also in Renton on the side of the road with Seahawks gear – let us know if you check them out.

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Seahawks License plate

Seahawks Gear starting at $6.99 on Zulily 

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