Saving Money on Electronics – 7 Ways to Save!

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saving money on electronics

Buying electronics is widely believed to be akin to Kryptonite if you are over the age of 19. Why do we adults have such fears? Some say that the younger generation received an extra gene that allows them to process things such as “flicker rate” and understand acronyms like HDTV the first time around. That said, saving money on electronics is often the last thing on an adult’s mind when they go into an electronics store. The simply want to get in and get out with a minimum of embarrassment about what they didn’t know. So how do we save on electronics? How do the silly adults weather the electronics storm with a minimum amount of damage to their wallets?

Here are some tips that should be easy to follow no matter how intimidated you are:

Consider refurbished

A refurbished item is one that has been professionally checked out and made as close to “like new” as a used item can get. Generally speaking, you will find some incredible bargains and get much more for your money. You do run the risk of getting something that will die sooner, but you are dealing with electronics here. Anything more than a year old is outdated anyway. {On a side note, my husband and I have bought a number of electronics refurbished and we have not had any problems and have been quite impressed. They go thru such rigorous testing that we felt confident buying them with the testing & the warranties that came with them.}

Take advantage of Black Friday

While attending Black Friday is kind of like a voluntary trip to a mosh pit at six in the morning, Black Friday is the source of the best deals on electronics known to man. Sorry, but retailers lose their minds on Black Friday where electronics are concerned. Make sure to check out our big list of Black Friday deals happening in the stores, as well as online deals.

Reconsider those extra add-ons

When retailers mark down electronics to super low prices, they count on selling you accessories that will have huge profit margins. Consider that when they tell you all the things you “need” to make your item perform better. Go home and regroup, then decide on extras.

A Word on Warranties

Warranties are something that should never be bought on the spot. Find out how long you have, and then go home and study the offer. If the warranty makes sense, then you can go ahead and buy it. If it is a buy now or not at all type of thing, walk away.

Take time to use the power of the Internet

The Internet is powerful whether you are buying at the store or online. First of all, use the Internet to learn about the item you are shopping for. Then use the Internet to research the brands and prices. Finally, check the Internet for the best possible prices online. Now you are ready to buy.


Most people have lost the fine art of negotiation. Ask for a lower price no matter where you are at. You might be shocked at the response you get.

Consider who will be using it and what for

If you are buying a television for your five year old, why would you buy one that has a massive sound system attached? If you are buying it for your half blind grandparents, why buy HDTV? All kidding aside, think about who you are buying it for and how they will use it. Buy features and benefits accordingly.

If you prefer to avoid dealing with sales people, and shop online, Amazon has these deals on electronics available right now too:

What are your best tips for ways to save on electronics? What has been the best deal you’ve ever found on electronics?

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