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*Giveaway Ended!

One of the keys to saving a significant amount of money at the grocery store is a good organizational system so that you can quickly find the coupons you need while in the grocery store.  I have had the same system for awhile  – keeping my inserts intact & filed by date & then using several accordion folders for my printables & other clipped coupons. However, I have 2 accordion folders for all my categories & it gets to be a bit of a pain to have to alternate between the two folders. I’d been debating using the binder system, but I just lack the time to be able to keep up with it.  So, I was excited to try out this new coupon organization system from My Coupon Keeper.

My Coupon Keeper consists of several components to help you stay organized while you’re clipping your coupons & while in the store.  This is a box organization system & it comes in a clear, heavy-duty plastic box.  There are 40 heavy-duty dividers you use to keep your coupons sorted – either by category or alphabetically (or however you like to sort your coupons). They have pre-printed labels all ready for you to place on the dividers – or you can write your own categories right on the divider.  Or you can pick up some small mailing labels & change the labels if you have specific ones you’d like to use.

My Coupon Keeper system also consists of 2 extra 4×6 insert boxes.  I use these inside the box to keep my coupons standing up in place until I fill it with more coupons (working on trying to get more inserts clipped).  I also use the insert boxes as a way to store coupons that I’ve clipped but  haven’t organized yet.

My favorite part of the My Coupon Keeper organization system has to be the little purse-size folder that comes with it.  It is the perfect size! This is a great way to store the coupons you know you will use at the store. Or if you’re making a quick run & are only bringing the coupons you’ll need – just stash this folder in your purse or bag with the coupons you’ll need on the left side of the folder. As you find your items & the coupons to go along with them, you move your coupons from the left side to the right side. This way you know exactly which coupons you’ll need at the register. This works much better than my current system of spreading the coupons out with the items in the cart where they can get all jumbled up.

I am definitely impressed with The My Coupon Keeper & will continue to use this as my new organizational system (along with a store accordion folder I use for my store ads,  coupon policies, etc). I’ve been using the system for several weeks & have found that it’s quite easy to use.  Filing the coupons is a breeze with the box method & I’ve found the box fits easily in the front of the grocery cart.  I can quickly scan thru the categories to find the coupons that I need.

Discount: Free Purse-Size Shopping Folder with purchase of the complete system

My Coupon Keeper is offering a special discount for Thrifty NW Mom readers. If you purchase the complete organizational system for $34.95, use the coupon code: THRIFTYNWMOM at checkout to receive an extra FREE purse-sized shopping folder with your order.

Giveaway: My Coupon Keeper Organizational System

One lucky Thrifty NW Mom reader will win the “My Coupon Keeper” complete organizational system (retail value of 34.99), complete with the coupon box, 1 6″ x 8″ folder, 2 4″ x 6″ insert boxes, & 40 durable PVC dividers with pre-printed labels by category.

This giveaway will end on Thursday March 11th, 2011 at 9pm pst.

The winner will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winner.  The winner will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway.

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  1. I currently just put my coupons in an envelope and sort through them. I am a VERY new couponer! I love it so far!

  2. I file my inserts in a file box and clip the coupons as I need them. And I have a purse sized organizer that I put my printed coupons and any other loose coupons in. But that one is bursting at the seams, so I’m definitely hoping to win!

  3. I use a small coupon organizer but am always looking for better ways to stay organized especially shopping with kids.

  4. My coupons are in a plastic box, but not nearly as practical as the one you are giving away!

  5. I Love ThriftyNWMom!! am new to couponing and this site helps immensely!! I currently use a plain white envelope to file my coupons. I need a better system I find it very inconvenient.

  6. I currently have a system much like this but the box I use is a litte bit bigger so more bulky to tote into the stores. I tried the filing method but then missed so many deals because I didn’t even know what were in the inserts. This is a great method and would love to update to a smaller system.

  7. I have a container, that is really the wrong size, but it works right now. I have envelopes with different labels, aka, color coded stick ’ems, and stuff the appropriate coupon into the matching envelope. It’s a bit messy, but so far has worked. I do need to find a better container to hold the envelopes though!

  8. I keep trying different organization systems and haven’t found one that works for me. Would love to try this one.

  9. I make a shopping list, then sort through all my coupon I keep in a basket on the table and then I put them in an envelope. I’m very new to this.

  10. I keep them in an envelope or my wallet. When I go shopping I make a list and pull out the ones that are needed.

  11. Right now I have a ton of envelopes I juggle in the grocery store…along with my 11 month old. Not such a great system!

  12. I currently use an accordian file for my coupons, I like Thrifty NW Mom on Facebook, I like MyCouponKeeper on Facebook

  13. I separate all my coupons according to the type and then I take out all the ones that expire the current month and put them in the last pocket and those will be according to the type as well. Then I take ones that I use frequently and put them in my purse so I can use them at the stores that I run into at the last minute (in case I don’t have my coupon organizer with me). My son is always amazed at how much I save with coupons. Even when he was very little he would go shopping with me and, if he wanted something, would say “Mommy, do you have a coupon for this?”

  14. Sadly, I just stick the coupons I need for a particular shopping trip in an envelope. At home, they’re just in a drawer. I NEED this! =)

  15. i use the binder and i like it but its hard to sue when i have my 2yo with me as i can’t really find a place to put it so i would love to try something new

  16. I currently use an expandable small file I got from Target. It is small and clasps in the front. It works great for me. :)

  17. I do not have anything yet to organize my coupons, this looks like a great thing! I like Thrifty NW Mom on Facebook, I like MyCouponKeeper on Facebook

  18. I use a small accordian folder that I got in the Target One Spot to oragnize my coupons. It’s doing the job for now but I think I could use an upgrade.

  19. I use a folder to keep all of the coupons, but most of the time, I tend to forget to use them before they expire since it’s hard to keep track of what you have and when they expire without an organizer.

  20. I liked the coupon keeper on fb. I really do not have a specific way. I keep my coupons in one area and I will look through them to see what I see and through away the ones that have expired. The coupon keeper would help me greatly.

  21. I currently use a big messy pile to “organize” my coupons! I’ve been looking for a system and this would be fantastic!

  22. I currently use different labeled envelopes, major pain but I haven’t been able to justify buying something to organize coupons that are supposed to save me money:)

  23. Right not I have most of my coupons in a coupon organizer book, but I cant fit any more in it. I started tranferring them to envelopes and put them inside a box or something, it’s pretty much a mess. I NEED a better coupon organizer!!!

  24. My coupons are hanging on the fridge or in my purse. I don’t have a great organization system. I would love to have one like this one.

    I “like” ThriftyNorthwest Mom’s facebook page

  25. I currently just put the coupons I clip into the fold of my wallet. A coupon organizer would be a great help to me.

  26. A system similar to what you have but not as in-depth. Lid broke off and held on with duct tape cause I can’t find a new index card box. LOL!

  27. I currently organize my coupons in a soft side plastic business envelope size folder. It is extremely annoying as the flap won’t stay open. :(

  28. I like the Thrifty NW Mom facebook page. Actually, like is not a strong enough word.

  29. I have two accordion files one with coupon intact one with clipped coupons.

  30. I have two small accordian files, one for food products, one for HBA. Inside, they are labeled as per the aisles in my grocery store. (The HBA is just sorted by like products). If I could have someone clip and organize them for me, I’d be a happy girl.

  31. I really just started couponing in November. I started organizing in a larger according style file and have it labled by store and some separate lables for cleaning, man coupons, man coupons unclipped, restaurant coupons, etc. – I recently added a small version of this so that my coupons aren’t sooo far down in the file. It’s long enough for the printables but small enough to easily grab things. . I’m mostly using that now but the other one still has active coupons. . .I think I need help ;)

  32. I currently have a box that I throw all my coupons in and I paper clip the ones I will use at the store. I only do internet coupons but I would like to start buying newspapers for the inserts but I knew I would lose track of what I had. I badly need a better system.

  33. I would love to try this system, I am new to couponing and while I try to be organized with my med size plastic accordian file thing, this would be AMAZING!!! I never win anything, but this time, I have my fingers crossed that I actually win!! :)

  34. I currently use a plastic box for my coupons, but the box isn’t quite wide enough so I have to fold my coupons. It’d be nice to have the box system that is meant for coupons so they all fit.

  35. I have an envelope in my purse and I try to keep the coupons in order of expiration. It isn’t working very well!

  36. I organize my coupons in clear plastic sheets- and cut out the ones I need based on programs like Grocery Game. It’s not very handy though!

  37. I use little accordian style folders from the dollar store and Target’s dollar spot :)

  38. I have a place in our mail organize where I keep them all. Then before I go shopping I look through them all and put them in the order I shop in my purse organizer. It takes me forever to sort through them all and cut out the ones I’ve printed!

  39. ugh. currently i have a giant pile on my desk and i try to memorize what i have and what i need for each trip. i guess that is a system!?

  40. Right now I use a small coupon organizer that I keep in my purse; it has separate sections for different types of food and other products as well as specific stores.

  41. I use an return check file box but it is not long enough for some coupons and only has a few slots so coupons sometimes get over looked

  42. I like your Facebook page and also subscribed to your email feed. Currently I am using a small accordion folder to store my coupons which I am outgrowing as I am now buying multiple papers to obtain more coupons. I would love to have a system like this that would allow easier and more efficient coupon tracking. Thank you for your tips – they really help out a family trying to manage on one income.


  43. I currently use a notebook system with picture page inserts (4 to a page). I have them in alphabetical order which works great when I have them all filed. Filing and sorting takes a huge amount of time and the printed coupon are too big for the inserts. I can see how this system could work really well.

  44. I use a pocket expanding file to organize my coupons. Then I take out the coupons I plan to use at the store and shove them in my purse. Most often, I will lose some of the coupons or forget that I brought them altogether.

  45. I have an accordion style coupon holder but it is not very organized at all! This looks great, just what I need to help me save big :)

  46. I organize my coupons in a pocket in my purse. At times I will go through them and pull out the expired ones. I sometimes put in order of types of products. I sometimes gather prior to heading to the store – but mostly stop in an aisle at the grocery store and sort through them..this coupon organizer looks like a much better way…

  47. I like the coupon keeper soooooo very much, wow what a way to simplify things. Currenly I go thru the weekly ads and bring my coupons with me to the store, when I get to the store normally I figure out that I have left some at home in my coupon box. This would be a really great way to save time and money.

  48. Currently, I don’t really have an organize system for my coupons. They are all just thrown in a binder. I’m just starting out with couponing, trying to get it all figured out.

  49. I just “liked” my coupon keeper facebook page, thanks for the suggestion- looks like a very helpful product!

  50. I’m new at couponing so I’m not very organized yet, right now I clip them and put them in an envelope but that’s not working the best. This would be great :)

  51. I have a small filing folder from the container store but I don’t have a big organizer to keep at home. The small folder stays in my purse at all times :)

  52. I use a small expansion/coupon folder I got a the Target dollar spot several years ago to hold all my coupons

  53. I like the Thrifty NW Mom Facebook page

    This looks like a great way to organize coupons!

  54. My coupon organizer is sadly my wallet and a little coupon holder that is magnetically attached to the fridge – so NO organizer currently

  55. I keep my sunday inserts in 3 separate boxes organized by date. (very ugly but cheap!) and I have a binder for my clipped coupons catalinas, etc.

  56. I have a large file folder for inserts and a small accordion file for coupons I take to the store.

  57. I haven’t been as good at couponning as I should be. I would love to get better.

    I currently go through all the ads, cut out coupons I think I’ll use, then put them in an envelope. I take the envelope with me to the store and have to sort through it as I am shopping. Not very effecient!

    Hope I win!!!

  58. Oops, meant to say that I already subscribed to the Thrifty NW Mom FEED on FaceBook.

  59. Tell us how you currently organize your coupons I use an old accordion styled check holders. It works except for the pulling out. I put them in my pocket and forget them till I get home.

  60. My current coupon organization is rather pathetic. I either just leave them on the frig or put them in my wallet. Most of the time I forget I have them. This little treasure would be nice to have.

  61. Oh, I love to be organized, but I can’t say that my coupons are super organized, unfortunately. I have some in piles in my mail stations, others on the counter, and yet more randomly stuck in my purse. This system looks great for getting organized.

  62. My coupon system is sorely in need of some help. I keep my inserts intact and clip as needed. Then I have an envelope for each store that I put the coupons I plan to use in and the envelopes go in my purse. My system works, most of the time, but I know I miss some awesome deals because I don’t have all my coupons with me.

  63. I use the binder method however it is getting more difficult to keep on it. Would love to try this system!

  64. Currently, I have a magnetic chip clip with coupons hanging on the frige. Ones that I want to use soon are in a pocket in my purse. Not the best system. :-\

  65. I currently use a recipe box to sort my coupons…and I’ve also tried the binder method as well. I LOVE this idea and would love to try it out!

    Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  66. I am currently on my 3rd or 4th way of trying to organize my coupons, and I fear I have another ‘Fail’ to add to the list … this would be GREAT!

  67. Currently I have an accordian file thing that is working okay, but I need to try something else. Plus the clasp just broke, so coupons could fall out.

  68. I’ve been filing my inserts in page protectors in a binder. However, I need a new system because I’m receiving coupons in the mail fairly frequently, and these don’t fit well into the binder system. I think the box will be the perfect solution!

  69. I use a plastic mini accordian folder that doesn’t really help at all! I need something new! Pick me! :)

  70. I currently use just a plain old white envelope (ok, it’s definitely more gray now) that I keep in my purse. Not a good system at all, but I have not had the time or the resources to come up with something better.

  71. I currently use the binder & combine it with accordian, but all the printables don’t fit in the binder so I’m trying to find something else that works better for me.

  72. I currently don’t have a very good coupon system, and my kids hate it when I stand there going through my coupons and looking at my cart to see if I actually got the right product or not. Most of the time, I end up sending them on a wild goose chase to find one more of something because I didn’t realize the coupon required buying more than one. I desperately need to get organized!

  73. I keep my coupons in a dollar store coupon organizer…definatley not as nice as the one you are giving away!!

  74. I am lacking an effective coupon organization system right now…just try to keep a stack of coupons and try to remember to bring them with me when I go shopping!

  75. Embarrassingly as it sounds, mine are just thrown in my handbag. It’s a nightmare when I try to find a specific one.

  76. I currently use a dollar store coupon organizer and would love to try one of these!

  77. Currently am using small envelopes in my purse. The rest are thrown into a folder. I am new at this and learning, but have not spent any money on an organizer yet. Thanks! My coupons are everywhere and then I end up forgetting them.

  78. I currently use the big ol’ binder method to organize my coupons… it works great, just a little bulky.

  79. I currently use the binder system – just started, and would love to try this organizer!

  80. I have a small, meager accordion organizer that I haven’t even put labels on, so my organization is not very well set up.

  81. I have a tiny coupon organizer in my purse but the sections don’t have labeling!

  82. Sadly, I still use small ziplock baggies inside of a large ziplock bag. I definitely need a new system. :)

  83. I need this so bad. I trying to coupon but have not found a way to organize! This would really help!!!!

  84. I use envelopes for my coupons – three broad categories of groceries, crafts and other!

  85. Well…I have a deorator box filled then I transfer to an envelope I take to the store. In other words no real organization-LOL!

  86. I use an index card- sized file folder, and always have an extra ziploc to collect the coupons for the items as I place them in my cart. That way, all I have to do is hand the cashier the stack from the ziploc bag, and neither of us is fumbling at the last minute.

  87. I currently use a (very inefficient) accordian-style coupon organizer. I’m desperate for something that is efficient AND that I can keep up-to-date.

  88. Currently I have 4 purse size accordion file organizer. 1 for all the stores that I constantly carry, and 3 organized into categories.

  89. I don`t organize my coupons…..see why I need to win?

    I like you on facebook!

    I like my coupon keep on facebook!

  90. I currently use a notebook to organize my coupons but I am having a hard time keeping up with it. I am having a hard time keeping up with clipping the coupons and then keeping then in an organized in the notebook.
    I am excited about this give away

  91. Currently I use a small accordion keeper for my coupons….but its WAY too small!

  92. I use a binder for my coupons. But I don’t clip all coupons so I leave the inserts in an accordian file also. I also pull out what coupons I know I’ll use and put them in an envelope when I go to certain stores so I don’t have to lug the binder around. YOu know what? I just have coupons everywhere!

  93. I am currently trying the binder method (but can’t seem to get it organized ;() )

  94. I organize my coupons using a zip up binder that has dividers & plastic sleeves in it. It works pretty well, but I’m always up for trying a new way! :)

  95. I file the whole inserts by date & then use an accordion style holder in the store with my cut-outs for that trip.

  96. I keep my inserts in a file crate in my trunk. I clip coupons as I learn of a great deal. I put the coupons I’m going to use in a plastic envelope with my shopping list before heading to the store. My printables and other misc. coupons almost fit in a 4×6 photo album from the dollar store. Change is good.

  97. I organize my coupons by aisle at my Canby Thriftway. I know this store backwards and forwards so if I am at another store – I can find a coupon easily even though Fred Meyer’s aisles are arranged differently.

  98. I have so many coupons that I can’t keep them all in one spot, this would be great to try!

  99. I place weekly inserts into file and clip the ones I need before going to the store. I know I would save more if I got them all together. This would be great!

  100. I cut my coupons and file them in a box with dividers that I made. Then, I pull the ones I need and put them in envelopes to take to the store with me for what I am buying. This organizer sounds nice!

  101. I currently use a index card box with homemade dividers. I feel disorganized with it and have been looking for a new system.

  102. I cut my coupons out and file them in a small accordion file. It fits right in my purse but it’s a little too small and doesn’t have enough dividers.

  103. i use a coupon organizer that i got at the dollar store….its being held together by lots and lots of tape!!! would love to win this!

  104. Right now I’m using a little purse-sized organizer, but I am definitely needing more space!

  105. I currently use a binder which is great BUT it is REALLY awkward trying to use it in the store! I would LOVE to try this one!

  106. I’ve just put together a coupon binder. I’m not sure how it will work yet since I’m brandnew at couponing but I figured it was worth a try. I am a little self concious about taking it into a store for the first time though. :o)

  107. I “organize” my coupons by putting them all willy-nilly in a manila file folder that sits in my bookshelf by my monitor.

  108. I’m so happy I was introduced to the Thrifty NW Moms page on Facebook. It was only a week ago and I’ve already used two of special deals/coupons!

  109. My current coupon organizing system is a hot mess! I just have a pile of coupons in my center console of my car. I usually try to remember what coupons I have & bring specific ones in based on what I am shopping for.

  110. I need a better system for my coupons. Currently I keep them in a pile and go throught the pile before I go shopping. Too many expire before I can use them becasue I am not organized. This would be great for me

  111. My current system consists of a small, accordion type folder. My coupons are sorted but it’s often hard to find them all!

  112. I file my coupons into 2 mini files (food and non-food) and then I have another mini file divided by stores I shop at so I can put the coupons in there for the next week’s shopping trip.

  113. I currently organize my coupons in a snapware stackable set of 7 boxes….I’d love ideas for a new system!!

  114. I just love all the coupons you share with us….my family is always amazed at the extra findings!! Love you guys!!

  115. I subscribe to Thrifty NW Mom feed via email and FB..Love it, Love it…just Love it!!! Thank you for all the time you put in to share these great deals with us!!!

  116. Last week we had dinner for 4 at Chipolte…BOGO coupons…..then Baskin & Robbins ice cream cones for 4 …BOGO…..$23 total for a Friday night!!! Thanks to Thrifty NW Mom on FB!!!

  117. I currently use a small plastic accordion style coupon sorter (I think it was supposed to be used for bills). I works okay but I am always looking to get more organized.

  118. I have a small fabric envelope with tabs for my coupons, but I need something bigger now.

  119. I currently keep a small plastic type envelope in my purse-I got it at the dollar store. It’s too confusing-I’m that crazy coupon lady that you are waiting on in line at checkout!

  120. i have never had an organized system for coupons. i keep them in a baggy or two or three which i’m always misplacing and then when i find it, the coupons have expired. i clip coupons from the sunday and wednesday papers and go through them while i am in the checkout line. i would love to win a coupon organizer! i need one!

  121. Great system! I currently use a cheap coupon holder from Target’s $1 section and then take coupons I plan to use to the grocery store (along with my list) in an envelope. It’s not as neat as this system though. Thanks for doing the giveaway. Love your site.

  122. Currently I cut the ones I think I’ll use and somewhat organize them int a cloth folder in my purse. The others go in a file marked with a date and discard date. Then 2 times per month I pull out the ones going to expire before the 1st or 15th and put them in a ziploc in my purse. I’d like a way to have these more organized.

  123. I organize my coupons with a binder and baseball card holders. Still trying to figure out how to organize the Sunday inserts.

  124. I currently just have a little purse sized accordian folder. I NEED this system and will defnitely buy it if I don’t win it.. Thanks for the opportunity!

  125. I use the binder system and also carry a small accordian file. I am in need of some organization!

  126. I currently use a small accordian-style coupon organizer that fits in my purse. It’s OK, but it takes a longer time to go through the coupons to find the one I need. This new system sounds great!

  127. This would be an AWESOME birthday present:)///Thank you for all of your hard work to help us all save our $$$$$$$

  128. I use the binder system. I have to invest a bit of time in upkeep, but it is sssoooooo worth it considering I’m saving 60%-90% off my groceries each week. Nothing else seemed to work for me.

  129. i like both Thrifty NW Mom Facebook page and ” the My Coupon Keeper Facebook page.

  130. Santa gave both of my boys a complete Pokemon starter’s set. They each have quite a lot of cards, but these sets came with tons of the 9 pocket pages. So, as of right now I am “borrowing” them. They still have a lot of extra empty pocket sheets because they did not want me to “borrow” them all!!
    I put them in a regular 3 ring binder that I had.

  131. I currently stuff my coupons in a big huge envelop. I am really bad at couponing and this system would be a great help and a money saver for me.

  132. 1. I clip only the coupons I know I need to use, and hold them in my purse pocket. I know it’s not creatively crafty, but I only use10-15 coupons a trip, which I go almost every week.

  133. I use plastic coupon organizers- 1 for groceries and 1 for non-groceries.

  134. 3) Leave a comment here saying you “like” the Thrifty NW Mom Facebook page (on this post – not on Facebook! )

    I like Thirfty NW Mom facebook page very much!

  135. Right now I organize my coupons just in the binder and then have “extra” coupons that I haven’t organized in just a basket =)

  136. 4) Leave a comment here saying you “like” the My Coupon Keeper Facebook page.

    Oh I did that too, cuz that is a cool product

  137. I organize my coupons in a large binder divided by dairy, personal care, household, etc. I have plastic baseball card slots that I put the separate coupons in. Now the key is to cut them out and put them in the binder right away :)

  138. I’m not very organized with them this is why this system intrigues me. Right now I just use an index card box and file them away according to categories.

  139. I picked up an accordion style coupon organizer a while back, but it doesn’t have enough compartments!

  140. I “like” the Thrifty NW Mom FB page and often share links on my own page. I was very excited to get in on the free beauty bag deal yesterday!

  141. Currently they are just a big mess. I tried this other coupon organizational system, but found that the labels kept falling out and the purse did not hold all my coupons. Right now I have a ziploc bag with the coupons I will most likely use, and the rest are in a big bag, unclipped.

  142. Currently, I organize my coupons by expiration month/ date in a small file folder (half-size). I also catalog everything I have, and use printouts to cross out what I use while I’m shopping.

  143. i have an envelope sized accordian file for my personal stuff and envelopes in a plastic bag for the extra/trade stuff.

  144. 1) I usually just throw all my coupons in a Ziploc bag and take them to the store with me when I need them.

  145. That’s a nice organizing system for coupons :) I am currently not organized at all when it comes to coupons.. I’m just getting started and I keep all of them in a little box. lol.

  146. I currently have an envelope like accordian file (small, and is now not big enough). I need to upgrade to something more, and would love the coupon keeper!

  147. I have a small accordian file for my coupons and then I write on envelopes the coupons I’m planning to use on each trip to the store and keep those coupons tucked into the envelope.

  148. Right now, I use an inexpensive organizer usually purchased at the store or dollar store. It’s not very effective so I think I am definitely missing out on saving money.

  149. I really LIKE the facebook page. It has great information and keeps us up to date.