More HOT Nativity Deals -Willow Tree Set $34.98!! OVER!

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UPDATE: Unfortunately it looks like this code is no longer working – it’s now a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off.

Oh my goodness, this is definitely a deal I’m going to need to do – or else pass this along as a strong *hint* for something on my Christmas list! This has been on my wish list for a long time – I have always wanted a Willow Tree Nativity and right now they have a 6 piece Willow Tree Nativity Set for just $34.98 shipped.

Just go to and you’ll find the Willow Tree Nativity Set at the bottom of the page. It is priced at $67.99, but when you use the coupon code: 1256899 it should take off 1/2 of the price.
This will make it $33.99 plus $.99 shipping – Total price: $34.98 shipped . I just tried putting this in my cart and it did work (I did have to put in credit card info, just to see if the code worked).
One other great deal you’ll find right next to it on the main page is the Veggie Tales Nativity Playset! This is priced at $19.99 but you can also use the code: 1256899 to take $10 off this set making it just $9.99 plus $.99 shipping.
**It looks like you can use this 50% off code: 1256899 on most items –but only once per customer.


  1. Thanks! I just got the stable animals for half price. I wonder if it's a website glitch, though. I thought Willow Tree had VERY strict pricing policies with their nativity sets. They almost never go on much of a sale – even after Christmas. You almost never see it at much of a discount.

  2. My mom gave me my set when I got married. I know she spent a bundle on it. She has always wanted a set of her own so I snatched this baby up for her for Christmas! She will LOVE it! Thank you!

  3. I have been wanting this set for years! I just have never had all the money to get it…thanks so much, I didnt feel guilty sending the $34 on it!! I cant wait to get it!

  4. Thanks for the update, Kathy! I updated the post. I knew it wouldn't last for long! Glad many of you were able to get it! :)

  5. …ok … I finally linked to this deal, lol! I really wanted that fisher price set … but didn't get to it in time…
    that coupon code is still a great deal, even though the earlier 1/2 off one item was amazing!! oh well … early bird gets the worm ;) thanks and I linked back to you!!

  6. They canceled my order as well. Very frustrating and in my opinion they should honor the orders already placed. :-(

  7. Interesting, my order has shipped, it was not cancelled. I wonder why? Sorry to those who had their orders cancelled :(

  8. I'm sorry that they cancelled many of your orders. :( When I ordered Thurs night, it did not say anything about being a B1G1 50% off–so I wonder if the code changed on Fri. My order says it's shipped, too.

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