Kohl’s Rock & Republic Jeans – Quality, Lasting Fit & Style All Wrapped Up in One at an Affordable Price!

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 kohls rock & republic line

I’ve been hearing great things about the Rock & Republic jeans, but I personally had never tried them out until I headed into Kohl’s this last week.  I’ve checked out the Rock & Republic line online when we’ve found sales to share and I definitely liked the style, but lately my experience has been that even when I like the look & style of jeans, they often don’t fit me as well as I would hope. I have been on the hunt for a good pair of jeans and been struggling for a few years to find something that is comfortable and well-fitting but still has great style.  Since I am a frugal person, I’ve spent too many years wearing jeans that I could buy regularly for $30 or under and finding that they don’t last nearly as long (holes & raggedy hems within a year), but more importantly, the fit just has not been as good. I figured I might have to spend a significant amount more to find a good pair of jeans that would fit well & last.

Rock & Republic Clothing Line

I headed into Kohl’s last weekend & found that not only does Rock & Republic offer a great variety of stylish denim, but they also have quite a selection of casual & dressy clothing, all with a distinctive, edgy yet feminine look, but surprisingly comfortable as well. During my trip last week & again today, I found that the majority of the Rock & Republic clothing line was on sale for 30 – 50% off, too. One of my favorite pieces that I tried on was their layering, stretchy camis which were on sale for $18.40 (see picture above – bottom left) – they were longer than typical, which made them great for layering as you could make them as long or short as you’d like for use with leggings or jeans – plus they had great lycra to make them fit really well.

The highlight of my trip to Kohl’s, though, was definitely finding out how incredibly comfortable & well-fitting the Rock & Republic jeans were when I tried them on. I was quite surprised by the comfort level, from the bootcut to the skinny jeans to the leggings. The reason I like them so much is not only for their distinctive style – but they have a bit of lycra in the jeans that just makes them fit so well & stay well-fitting throughout the day. I wore my jeans to church yesterday & wore them around all day long & yet I didn’t run into the problem that I usually do after several hours of wear, where I’m constantly pulling the jeans up to get them to hold their same shape. They fit just as well at the end of the day as they did when I first pulled them on.  That is a big deal for me to find jeans so comfortable & yet fitting so well!  Rock & Republic offers their designer denim style but now as an affordable brand at Kohl’s without sacrificing their quality & fit!

kohls clearance sales

Kohl’s is having HUGE clearance sales right now with prices up to 85% off after an extra 25% off the lowest price (make sure to check out Sia’s Kohl’s shopping trip where she was really able to take advantage of those clearance sales). We had quite a bit of clearance at my store, too, and I did find several Rock & Republic denim & clothing items on clearance & I even found a great dressy Rock & Republic top for under $15 on clearance, so definitely check out your local store to see what you can find!

As always, before I head to the store, I always check for a coupon to use when shopping and last weekend, there was a 15% off printable Kohl’s coupon that I was able to use on my purchases (20% off if you had a Kohl’s charge), as well as earn Kohl’s rewards – 1 point for every dollar you spend; $5 reward for every 100 points. So, definitely take advantage of the frequent promotions & discounts that Kohl’s offers to save even more on your purchases.

I’ll share my purchases below & then I’ll share later & show pictures in a different post about the three outfits I put together with my new pair of Rock & Republic jeans & shopping the sales at Kohl’s.

Here are my purchases:

Rock & Republic Jeans – $59.99 – after 15% off = $50

Rock & Republic Jeans – $59.99 – after 15% off = $50

Blouse – on clearance for $10.80 (after extra 25% off clearance) – after 15% off coupon = $9.18

Sweater – on sale for $29.99 – after 15% off = $25.49

Rock & Republic Blouse – on clearance for $14.40 (after extra 25% off clearance) – after 15% off coupon = $12.24

Rock & Republic Seamless Camis – on sale for $18.20 – after 15% off coupon = $15.47

Pewter Flats – on sale for $29.99 – after 15% off = $25.49

Shoes – on clearance for $17.92 (after add’l 25% off clearance) – after 15% off = $13.44

Necklace – on clearance for $3 (after add’l 25% off clearance) – after 15% off = $2.55

Total:: $203.86 + tax + $10 in Kohl’s rewards (I’ll get this back at the end of the month)

Basically, I spent around $200 to put together 3 different outfits with my new Rock & Republic jeans – 2 casual, dressed-down denim outfits & 1 dressier outfit with items from Kohl’s & my own closet when I took advantage of the sales & clearance deals + coupons & rewards program at Kohl’s.  I’ll share some pictures a bit later this week so you can see what the jeans look like & how I put together the outfits.

And don’t forget to check out Sia’s shopping trip where she was able to put together 2 complete outfits with her Rock & Republic jeans plus Rock & Republic jeans for her son all for just $200.

Disclosure:: Kohls provided me with the gift cardsto shop with and find deals to share with you all.   All opinions are 100% mine, including my newfound love of Rock & Republic jeans! See our disclosure policy  for more details.

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