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Today we have a fun feature  – a guest post by a fellow frugal blogger, LeaDawn over at The Coupon Basics.  LeaDawn is not only frugal, but also quite crafty, so today she’s teaching us how to make a paper bag scrapbook! If you think scrapbooking is not a frugal craft – here’s a great way to save money while also creating a fun, frugal memento – and even a great frugal gift this Valentine’s Day!
Paper Bag Scrapbook
It is amazing what you can create using everyday items.  A couple brown paper bags, a few pictures, some paper, a little creativity and a glue stick- Voila!  You have successfully documented a memory.

Step One: Binding the Book
First, decide how many pages you want.  I will be using 2 bags and have 8 pages counting the front and back.  Make sure the bags are lined up and fold them in half.

I used a hole punch to create the holes to weave my ribbon binding through. The hole punch would not go through both bags, so I did one at a time. I punched the second bag through the holes created in the first bag to make sure that the holes lined up.

Then I weaved ribbon & tied large knots to create the binding. I designed my scrabook with parts of the paper bag showing because I like the rustic paper bag look.  If you don’t want to see the paper bag when you are done, cover the bag with a base color of paper, then bind it.

Step 2: Add Character

The paper bag provides more than a backing for the scrapbook- it gives you several easy ways to add character.  I left the top of one bag open- so I have a pocket. I am not sure what I will put in the pocket yet… maybe a paper snowflake, more pictures, a note- use your imagination!

The top of the bag gives you a pocket, the bottom of the bag makes a flip out page!

I used the bottom of the bag as a half page.  As you can see, the bottom of the bag can fold part way open already.  To make a half page, I cut the bottom flap of the bag so that the flap opens all the way.

I then covered it with paper.  The paper serves a double purpose here.  It covers up the messy, cut up bag, and it reinforces the book.
Step 3: Scrapbook It
You can decorate it any way you like from there. Here is how I did mine:
I only had a few pictures I wanted to use- so I used mostly paper & thoughts about winter & snow.
This is the flip out page.  I used it to hide a picture of Daniel about to through a snowball. :D
That was definately my favorite page of the book!
I only made one flip out page.  I covered up the bottom of the other bag.
Success!  We now have a cute little book documenting our fun in the snowy Rexburg winters.
I had so much fun making this book, I have already planned another one!  My plan is to make a Valentines Day book for my husband instead of a card.

LeaDawn is a frugal blogger over at The Coupon Basics. She first became interested in couponing when it took her several months to find a job after graduating college, so she began looking for ways to save & earn money. She and her husband have a goal of making it thru Vet School debt-free based on the money-saving strategies they use.  LeaDawn started her blog to teach others about frugal living and setting & reaching your financial goals, especially for college students and young families.


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