Gathered Table – Online Meal Planning Service – One Year FREE for Thrifty NW Mom Readers ($120 Value)!

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Gathered Table

If you are looking to cook more at home, and need some help with meal inspiration we have a deal for you! gatheredtable is a new service that makes homemade meals easier by generating completely personalized weekly dinner menus and grocery lists for every customer! And right now gatheredtable is offering an exclusive 1-year free membership for Thrifty Northwest Moms readers!!! The service costs $10 per month, but with the exclusive Thrifty NW Mom code, you can skip the $120 in service fees and get it for FREE for a year! They are currently offering a limited promotion of free membership for 6 months, so be sure to use our code in the promo box to get the full year for free.

Here is how the FREE Membership works:

  • Head to gatheredtable.com and select the green “Join Now – Free” button
  • Choose your meal and ingredient preferences and add in your personal profile information
  • Enter promo code “thriftyNW14” in the promo code box to get one year for FREE!

Your 1-year free service will give you access to:

  • weekly customized dinner menus
  • specific dietary and household goals
  • personalized food preferences and seasonal recipe recommendations
  • unique e-library to store the recipes you want
  • tailored grocery list for each week’s menu plus weekly replenishables
  • optional grocery delivery (currently serving Peapod markets & expanding soon to the PNW!)

gatheredtable works for everyone – customers say that it saves them time and money, reduces their stress, and helps them achieve their goal of frequent homemade meals for the first time ever.

If you’re already a “planner”, this will take the work off your plate.  If you don’t cook much, the gatheredtable plan and grocery list will close the gap between where you are today – and your aspiration for frequent, healthy homemade meals.

I recently signed up. I do already cook most of my meals at home, but taking the planning part out of the process will be a huge help! I find that trying to figure out what to make most weeks, can get tiring. I love the idea of having some new inspiration (based on the ingredients and ways that my family eats) delivered right to my inbox. I can’t wait to try out the service and see how it works out for us. If you want to try it out for free too, just use our promo code thriftyNW14 at checkout!

If you are trying to cut down on how often your family eats out, I find the meal planning is one of the best tricks. If I know I have meat out thawing in the friderator and a meal plan for that night, I personally am much less likely to grab take out for dinner. Its when I don’t have a meal planned by 4 or 5pm that I start thinking about grabbing something easy to go. Check out gatheredtable for yourself, and let us know if you think it will help your family eat more meals at home?

This offer is only good through December 31, 2104, so be sure to sign up soon!

Disclosure: gatheredtable sponsored this post, and is providing the one year free membership to Thrifty NW Mom readers. All opinions are 100% our own. See our Disclosure policy for more details. 

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