Dinosaur Park in Granger, Wa. Perfect for Dinosaur Fans!

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Dinosaur Park in Granger Wa.

Do you have anyone in your family who loves Dinosaurs? If so, you may want to consider planning a day trip to the Dinosaur Park in Granger, Wa. Granger is about 25 minutes from the Union Gap / Yakima area and around 2 hours and 45 minutes from Seattle. We recently took a weekend trip to Union Gap, Wa. and spent an afternoon out at the Dinosaur park as part of that getaway. It did not disappoint. The park is old school, but my kids loved the novelty of being able to climb on dinosaurs as well as swing on swings in a park. My girls are 8 and 10 now, so its getting harder to impress them with parks, but they loved this one.  If you are planning any visits to the Yakima Valley this summer, you might want to add the Dinosaur park to your list.

(**Note – we have had some reader feedback that some folks found the park dated and dirty. It is certainly an older park, but we enjoyed the novelty of it personally. We also must have it on a great day, as we did not find it dirty during our visit. That is important feedback from others experience though, that you will want to consider when deciding if it is a trip you want to make or not.)

In fact, dinosaurs have taken over the entire town of Granger. Not only will you find the dinosaur sculptures in the park, but they are also at the entrance of town, and down main street as well.  Over near the park you will find this sign, that provides you a map of the area in case you are looking for find more things to see in the area as well.

Although you will find dinosaurs throughout Granger, most of them are concentrated in Hisey Park.

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Take I-82 exit 58 onto Hwy 223, and then turn right onto Main St.

Approximately 25 minutes from the Union Gap / Yakima area and around 2 hours and 45 minutes from Seattle.



Once you get to the actual park, there are dinosaurs on both sides of the street, and a dinosaur path to get across. Here is one of the play areas for the kids to use actual park equipment.

There were slides and swings, and the small dinosaurs the kids could ride on this side of the street.


There is even a two seater dino to ride! They kids talked me into riding with them. The day we visited the parks were not too full, and the sun was out, so it was a perfect day to enjoy the park.

In the playground area there is a dinosaur that was really easy for the kids to get up on and relax.

On the opposite side of the street there is a large field, and then a small sand lot with smaller dinosaurs they can rock on.

Most of the dinosaurs are on this second side of the street, and my girls loved trying to climb all over these dinosaurs. There are no signs anywhere telling you to stay off, so I assumed it was fair game for them to play on.

One of my girls is enjoying a little shade under the large Brontosaurus!

More dinosaur fun!

You can see the large lawn area behind this one.

There is also a fishing pond (We saw many folks fishing that day. We asked and they were catching bass and trout). They even have dinosaurs out on the lake! The pond is man made, and is stocked yearly, so its a great place to stop to fish, and let the kids play. There is also river access to the Yakima river down behind the pond, so you can enjoy the river and the pond.

There are picnic tables and BBQ pits if you wanted to bring out a picnic to enjoy for the day. Be sure to download the Granger brochure here, to show you where the dinosaurs are throughout town. It will also give you a little history about the sculptures, as well as some other monuments you will find in town.

Have you been to the dinosaur park? If so, what did you think?


  1. My family and I were on a trip to the Tri-cities and I had seen this on your FB page. We decided to try it out and take our kids here (7 and 6). Let me tell you, don’t waste your time!! The park it’s self is small and very out dated. The dinosaurs are divided into two separate parks with a crosswalk going from one to the other. The monkey bars and swings were rusty. The grass part of the park was dirty and had litter all over it and to top it all off there was a dead rat no more than 5 ft from the playground!! It is definitely not worth stopping, especially if you are coming from the tacoma/seattle area.

    1. Hi Amanda – Thank you so much for sharing your experience – its important folks hear lots of opinions when deciding to visit or not. We may have hit it on a good day, as it was not dirty at all and we loved it. The dinosaurs are definitely old, but that added to some of the charm for us. Thanks again for sharing your experience and so sorry to hear it was not a better one! Hope you enjoyed the Tri Cities.

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