Fred Meyer Pickup (formally Fred Meyer Clicklist) + Delivery Option + Coupons!

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Fred Meyer Clicklist

Fred Meyer Pickup (formally Fred Meyer Clicklist) + Delivery Option (+ Coupons)!

How many times have you wished that there was a way to just drive & pick up your groceries without having to go in to the grocery store – like a grocery store drive- thru? Here is one that we love – Fred Meyer Pickup (formally know as Fred Meyer Clicklist). They offer this at most Kroger stores, but Fred Meyer is my local location.

As a mom, I can’t tell you how many times that thought has crossed my mind, especially when my girls were younger. The thought of having to get both girls in & out of the car seats, deal with the frequent drama that often involved taking little ones to the grocery store, and trying to concentrate & remember everything on my list meant that I most often shopped when the girls were asleep and it was late at night.  I know many of you have probably had the same thought about grocery shopping at some point – where you wish you could just drive up & pick up your groceries instead of spending the time to go thru the whole store & shop for what you need.

The good news is that local Fred Meyer stores offer an online grocery curbside service called Fred Meyer Pick Up (formally called Fred Meyer ClickList ). Fred Meyer Pickup is a way that you can order grocery items online and then drive to Fred Meyer to have them delivered right to your car curbside.

Why I love to use it to SAVE –

I find that I am able to control my shopping costs quite a bit when I shop online. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • I can add things to my cart, but also easily put them back if I am over my budget or change my mind (I very rarely walk back around the store and put anything back once it is in my physical cart at the store) – so this helps me control my budget quite a bit.
  • I find it really easy to use the coupon savings, and do meal planning around the online flyers and digital coupons.
  • They honor the coupons even if they are out of stock with the items in the store, if you allow substutions. The way this works at my store is that, lets say there is a weekly coupon for Kroger brand pasta for $1 a pack. If they are out of the pasta I order, they will substitue it with a larger size, or a different brand for the same $1 price. They ask you if you want to accept the substutions when you pick your order up, and you can decline at that time. If they are out of these items when you are shopping in store, they are just out. They do not offer this same price matching opportunity.
  • If I get any produce that is not good, or there are any mistakes made with my order, I have simply contacted customer service on chat and they have refunded the item. This is much easier than going back into customer service in the store, if I get home and find I have a bad item.
  • If I am distracted then I can leave my online cart and come back to it later, rather than quickly trying to throw items in my cart, if I lose track of my budget just to get out of the store quickly.
  • I always select substitutions allowed, as I have gotten some better items as a result (ie bigger sizes at the same price). They generally go through all the substitutions when I pick up, so I can accept or decline them then too.
  • I can plan a budget, and easily stick to it when shopping online. I am never surprised by my total, as it will show it to me before I check out and then I can go back and edit my cart if needed. I almost never ask them to put any items back once I am in checkout at the store – so if I busted my budget I am stuck paying for it.
  • My cart tells me if I have items in it that I missed any coupons for, so I can make sure I have added all the coupons available for checking out. That never happens in the store.
  • Plus, there are special coupon savings for pick up orders – and they are often some pretty high value coupons.

Coupons to Use for Fred Meyer Delivery Service:

  • PLUS, right now you can get a coupon good for $15 off an online order of $75+ for your first Fred Meyer pickup order!
  • And you can get $10 off your next pickup or delivery order of $75+ (use both of these coupons to save the most)!
  • Find the coupons here.

The way that Fred Meyer Delivery service works is that they use Instacart to do Fred Meyer delivery of groceries. Their is a fee (usually around $10 but will vary depend on where you live), so the coupon code above will cover delivery as well as save you some money on your overall grocery bill too.

This is awesome as you can still use other Fred Meyer ecoupons (digital coupons) on your order too, so you can save big on groceries with this coupon! Once you have loaded the coupon on the Kroger site, it should be added to your “My Coupons” section on the Fred Meyer site.

The beauty of this is that you don’t ever have to go in the store. They will bring your groceries out to you in your car after you arrive to let them know you are there for pickup.  There is a $4.95 fee for this service, but it is FREE on orders of $35+.  Since most grocery orders will exceed this, chances are you will not have to pay for pickup services! Plus, most of us tend to add items to our groceries as we shop even if you are strict about a list, so this really helps keep you only buying things you need (not those spontaneous items), so it could help you save more money in the end, even with paying that small fee.

For busy individuals or families, I also think this could be a major time-saver, too. You can do your grocery shopping when you have some down time like later in the evening while you’re watching tv or even sitting in the school pick-up line or waiting for your child to get out of fall sports. Then just run to Fred Meyer to have them deliver the groceries right to your car. Such a huge time-saver for sure, especially so you don’t have to head into the store during the busy dinner hour rush when there could be a wait in line to buy your groceries, too.

More about how Fred Meyer Pickup (formally ClickList) works::

Fred Meyer Pickup is available not just for Fred Meyer but select Kroger Family of stores locations around the nation. You can login to ClickList to see if there is a location near you. They have been expanding all month (in fact, my Puyallup location just opened last week), so check back frequently if your store location is not listed yet.

  1. Head to ClickList on the Fred Meyer website and sign in to your Fred Meyer account.

ClickList Online Ordering Locations

2. First, you will want to select the location for pickup (as products can vary slightly based on the store location, so you want to do this first. At the top, you will see where it will assign a location near you. Or you can click “Change” to see other locations and choose one closer to you.

3. You can also choose the pickup time – typically it is the next day so you do need to plan ahead a little bit (I ordered in the morning & the next pickup time was the following morning) & you have an hour window of time to pick up your order.

4. Once you’ve chosen your store & pickup time, you’re ready to shop! There are more than 40,000 grocery items you can shop for on ClickList. Everything from fresh produce, meat, seafood, dairy, frozen products & more!

When you login to your ClickList account, you will see several things that will help to speed up your ordering. They have 3 separate sections on the front page::

Clicklist Favorites to Choose From

  • Your Favorites
  • Your Recent Orders
  • Products on Sale

Even if you have not ordered from ClickList before, they will use your buying history using your Rewards card account to show your favorite items you buy regularly at the store so you can choose those quickly if you’d like. Or you can shop by category or search bar & choose your items that way.  The prices are the exact same as what you would find in the store shopping – you are not paying more for shopping online!

6. Select the items you want to buy and add to your cart. If you have any digital coupons loaded to your card (add these separately thru the Fred Meyer website ahead of time), these will be taken off your order automatically. If you have any paper coupons or other discounts, they will ask you when you arrive to pick up your groceries, if you are using any coupons & they will take those at that time.

{This is a really nice perk for those of you who use paper coupons but have small kids – what a challenge it can be to keep track of what coupons you need and the products you want to buy – this way, you figure it all out ahead of time & just have your coupons ready to go when you arrive to give to them.}

7. Checkout once you have found all the items you wish to order.  At this time, you will pay the ClickList attendant when you pickup your groceries. They will give you an estimated total (this is due to the fact that the exact amount will vary slightly based on the produce, meat, seafood, etc items selected). Steps for Picking up your Clicklist Order

 8. On the day of pickup, you will receive an email from ClickList with instructions on picking up your order. It’s very simple – you will just drive to Fred Meyer & they will have a specific Click-List Pick-Up area. The sign in the parking spot will give you instructions to call & let them know you have arrived. They will ask if you have any coupons or other discounts & then bring out your order to your car. You will need to pay by credit or debit to the attendant. How simple is that!

Current ClickList Locations in the Northwest:

There are currently over 15 Fred Meyer ClickList locations all around the Northwest – mainly Washington & Oregon, with one Idaho location. But it is definitely expanding as my location was just added this past week. So keep checking back on the ClickList website to see when your store may be offering this service.

My Review of ClickList::

I had the opportunity to try out the new ClickList service earlier today & let me tell you, I was definitely impressed. It turns out that it just started late last week at my store, so I was thrilled that it was so close to me at my Puyallup South Hill location, making it so convenient. We headed out of town to the Oregon Coast for a weekend getaway this past weekend for the end of the summer and I knew we’d be needing groceries when we got back after a couple days away. So, I decided to order our groceries at the end of the week before we left and I figured out everything we would need for this next week. I set up the delivery for today so I could head to the store & just pick up the groceries we’d need right away (milk, fruit & veggies, etc). We got back late last night, trying to see as much as we can, but we were all exhausted from all the driving up the coast, so I can’t tell you how nice it was to just load the kiddos in the car & arrive at Fred Meyer to pick up my groceries.

ClickList Parking Area

I arrived  at my Fred Meyer to find out that it is very clearly marked where you can park for ClickList pickup. They added 9 parking spots,  with a blue sign showing instructions to call the number to let them know you have arrived. When I called to tell them I was there, they asked if I had any paper coupons or discounts to gather first. Then they brought out my groceries & boy, were they fast! It was probably 2 minutes or less that they were out at my car, as I was trying to grab a few pictures of the parking area, but they were too fast for me. :)

ClickList Process for Delivering to Vehicle

When they came out, they did let me know right away that the organic white grapes I had ordered were no longer available, so they asked if it was okay if they substituted organic red grapes, which was totally fine with me. You have the option to accept the substitution or not, but it will be at the same price of your original item.

They also gave me some tips for my future orders – letting me know that I could add any special instructions to the items in my cart for the future. For example, if I had preferences about the produce, I could mention that I prefer greener bananas or firm avocados. So, if you have a preference, definitely list that in the instructions & they will do their best to follow those. The employees who pick out the grocery items for the ClickList customers are trained to look for the best quality & freshness when picking out the items for your order, so they will keep your preferences in mind when selecting items so you will be happy with them.

ClickList Delivery to Our Car

The whole process took just about 10 minutes to order my items at home and then 5 minutes or so to pick up my items at the store and then we were on our way back home.  I had ordered a number of produce items and honestly I felt they probably did a better job picking out the produce than I would have (that’s not my strong suit picking out the best produce, so I was pleased to have someone else do this). All in all, I was very pleased with this experience and I most definitely will be taking advantage of the ClickList service again, most likely in the first few weeks of the busy back to school time.

Meal planner shopping Fred Meyer

Plus, here is an example of a Meal Plan I have put together to save big, using the Fred Meyer pick up services for my groceries, to inspire your budget conscious shopping trips.




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