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Unfortunately there have been some changes to the photo freebies that I was telling you about earlier from SeeHere.com . They have said that those codes for the free ornaments & calendars were only available to those who bought a special package offline. I had no idea they were not valid codes -these deals were posted by many bloggers & we all thought they were codes available to the public to promote this business – as there are often great photo freebies available this time of year. So, I do apologize for the confusion & frustration if you ordered these and received an email canceling your order! :(

Now, it’s not all bad news…..the good news is that the 50 free photo cards thru Freebies4Mom is still available – however, they have now changed the deadline from the end of the month until this Sat 11/21. And the only size available now to order is 4×8. But, it’s still a great deal to take advantage of – I just suggest you do it soon, though, in case they make any more changes.
It’s unclear whether the other free 50 4×8 photo cards (using the code: newbaby) will work. Let me know if you’ve received an email cancelling that order or if it looks like it will work. I have heard numerous reports on other sites from people stating that they had shipped. I am going to try this myself, now that I can finally access the site tonight (it’s been down for maintenance most of the day & yesterday).
Now….if you haven’t ordered anything at all yet from SeeHere.com – you can still get 100 free prints as a new customer (this is an ongoing deal they have for new customers). That’s definitely a great deal there!! Just select your prints to order, checkout and use the code: prints to receive your discount!


  1. Unless something changes in the next couple of days, I just received 2 confirmations for 2 orders on both holiday card promotions. So, both codes worked for me so far.
    – Beth

  2. I wasn't able to try the 100 free prints but I have heard you have to order the prints first as they are only for new customers and once you've ordered photo cards, you are no longer a new customer.

  3. newbaby worked for me!
    thanks jen!
    I also was able to do the 100 free first then the 50 cards-you have to do in that order though, my sister wasn't so lucky!

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