Summer Products for Moms – EOS Lip Balm, Larabars & more! #TMSelects

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Summer Essentials for Moms

We’ve had a rough few weeks here at my house as my kiddos have been sick the last 2 weeks, first one & then the other & then back to the first kiddo again. After a particularly rough day for her this week & a trip to Urgent Care, we came home to this box from the Motherhood, which was a definite mood lifter seeing these fun products. We were selected by the Motherhood for their #TMSelects program, where they got together & chose a few of their favorite things from the Motherhood team. It was such a fun assortment of products & I thought these were some great summer essentials for moms and wanted to share about a few of the products with you.


I know many of you know about Larabars & how healthy they are, but honestly, I think I’ve only tried them once or twice years ago, so I didn’t realize how flavorful they can be.  I was surprised to find out how many delicious flavors there are now….such as Blueberry Muffin & Key Lime Pie (my two favorites), Lemon bar, Coconut Cream Pie (my husband loves those), Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough & many more including their new Strawberry Shortcake available for a limited time. What I love is that they are gluten free and dairy free, with no GMO’s, which makes a great snack to have on hand for friends who have allergies as well as knowing you’re giving your kids healthy options for snacks. Plus, each flavor contains no more than 2-9 ingredients. Such a nice option for a snack to keep in the car for summertime picnics or bring on road trips this summer! Keep watch for sales, too, as we do see some good sales on these at Trader Joes, Fred Meyer & more places.

EOS Lip Balm

Can you believe that I have never tried the EOS lip balm before now? I was excited to see the EOS lip balm in this package as I have so many friends who love this stuff. It came at the perfect time, too, as my older daughter had been so sick this past week & her poor lips were chapped from being sick. Great time to put the EOS to the test for her & me, and it did not disappoint. EOS lip balm is paraben-free, petrolatum-free and phthalate-free, so not only great to use for moms but also our kids, too, knowing we are putting safe products on our kids lips! Love that they offer SPF 15, too, in their lip balm, perfect for the summertime weather.

S'well Water Bottle

S’well Bottle 

Not only do I love the fun colors of the S’well water bottles (and the packaging it came in was pretty fun too!), but I think this is an ideal water bottle for moms (and dads) as it keeps drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours without any condensation on the outside of the bottle. The cap also prevents leakage and can hold in carbonation.  I always start my day off with a big bottle of ice cold water, but it’s amazing how fast that water gets warm, especially as you’re busy running errands. Even faster in the summertime, so I think that this will really come in handy for any mom or dad to keep drinks cold out in the hot sun or if you leave it in the car for a bit! If you need to bring water with you for formula on the go, this is a nice option for that as well, as it keeps the water temp the same temperature you need for 12 hours.  These are pricey, but it’s made of the highest grade stainless steel, so this is a water bottle that is really high quality & will last.

Wild Explorers Moccasins

Wild Explorers Moccasins

These Wild Explorers moccasins are just absolutely adorable & they have so many fun colors & styles with fringe, bows, studs & more. They are made from 100% genuine leather (suede or standard leather) and every pair is handmade and no two pairs are exactly alike. These are shoes that moms will love with the soft-soled leather bottoms, super soft leather to make them so comfortable for babies & little kiddos, plus they are really easy to pull off & on. These would make a fun and unique baby shower gift, too!

What are your favorite summer products for your kids?


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