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For those of you who are moms, I’m sure you all have experienced this problem at some point – those annoying sippy cups with straws that you can never get clean! The regular sippy cups all come apart, so you can clean them pretty easily in the dishwasher…but I find that it’s just impossible to get those silly straws clean. It seems like no matter how many times I run it thru the dishwasher, there’s always some “gunk” that stays stuck in the middle. Or for those of you with older children or if you yourself use a thermos or water bottle with a straw – it’s just hard to really get in there to clean – you just run them thru hot water & hope it gets it clean!

Well, now there is a solution…stay-at-home mom, Jennifer Reyes, has invented a “Sippy Straw Cleaner“. The Sippy Straw Cleaner is BPA Free, FDA approved, and meets all of the requirements for the US Consumer Product Safety Regulations….so you know this is safe to use with products for your children!
Jennifer sent me a package containing 2 brushes, so I could try out the product for myself! We have quite the variety of sippy cups in our house, let me tell you…and I was able to test the Sippy Straw Cleaner on at least 3 different brands of sippy cups with straws. It fit into each straw perfectly and I was able to get in there and really scrub. Now that I’ll be able to do that on a regular basis, it will definitely keep them free of bacteria, and I can see them lasting much longer! How come no one ever thought of this before! Every mom with young children definitely needs to have one of these straw cleaners!! And now that water bottles & thermos are becoming more popular with the older kids, this is definitely something you’ll want to keep on hand for cleaning those straws out as well!!
The Sippy Straw Cleaner is very reasonable – just $3.98 for a 2 pack of brushes! This would make a great gift for a new mom or as a nice, little stocking stuffer for a friend with young children! Or just stock up on a few for yourself, so you can keep those sippy cups around longer & feel good about your kids using them safely!! If you’re interested in buying some, go HERE to order it!

Giveaway – 4 Sippy Straw Cleaner Packages
Now, on to our giveaway – Jennifer has generously provided 4 Sippy Straw Cleaner packages to Thrifty NW Mom readers! Each package contains 2 brushes, so this will give you a really good opportunity to put the Sippy Straw Cleaner to the test & see for yourself how well it works! So, 4 readers will have the chance to win 1 package!

How to Enter::
1st entry is required, all other entries are extra entries. Also, make sure to leave your email address if there is not a way to contact you thru your blog account.

1st entry: Head on over to the Sippy Straw Cleaner website & tell us one thing you learned about the Sippy Straw Cleaner.

Extra Entries:

*Follow @Sippystrawclean on Twitter & “tweet” about this giveaway or product.
*Add a Sippy Straw Cleaner button to your blog HERE and leave a comment with your blog address.
*Purchase the Sippy Straw Cleaner by Thursday Dec. 3rd (end of giveaway) & you will get 5 extra entries. Leave a comment saying you did this.
*Blog about this giveaway with a link to Thrifty NW Mom in your blog post. Leave a comment with the Url to your blog post.

A winner will be drawn using on Thursday, December 3rd at 9pm pst!


  1. The brush has a nylon bristle tip with a rust free stainless steel wire handle. This is important to me b/c i have had a few brushes that have started to rust sooner than they should have…

    [email protected]

  2. It advertises as a universal sippy straw cleaner – which is great cuz we have several different sippy cups too!

  3. I think it's a great idea, but the price is pretty steep. I just posted on my status that I was looking for cups without straws because I'm tired of certain husbands putting smoothies in straw cups and not washing them out. Normally, straw cups are for water ONLY.
    This would certainly help that.

  4. Like that it's BPA free and that it fits all major brands of sippy cups. Another bonus is that it will work with water bottles for older children as well…wonderful!!

  5. they were tested for weeks in NJ and passed! BPA free is good for me! i had been using pipe cleaners that have to be thrown out eventually. wish i'd thought of this idea!

  6. How cool!! I can't tell you how many sippy straws we've pitched. I learned that this cleaner will work on all sippy straws. That is great! Thanks!
    thegood3 at gmail dot com

  7. One thing I learned: Your pack will come shipped with two brushes. One will have a blue
    handle while the other brush will be handle free.


  8. Rust-free, BPA-free, FDA approved and just generally brilliant! We will definitely have a set of these in our home before year's end!

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