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Here’s your chance to help me create a resource list of Northwest food banks & shelters which accept donations for grocery / household / baby items from our stockpiles.  I’m busy working on a list of any locations in Washington or Oregon where individuals could donate their items directly to the local food bank or shelter to be shared with people in those communities.  I’m always amazed by the information I gather from you, the Thrifty NW Mom readers, so I thought this was a great way you can make sure your local area is included in our list.

Fill out the simple form below with as much information as you know & if you have a specific link to the location or contact information, that would be very helpful as I need to verify all the locations before I list them.  Thanks for your help!


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  1. This Easter we (Foursquare Puyallup) are attempting to stuff a semi-truck full of non-perishable food. Proceeds will go to El Shaddai Ministries (food bank in Tacoma), God’s Food for Life (food distribution ministry) and Matthew 25 (homeless ministry). You can bring your donation to the Puyallup Campus the weekends of April 16 & 17 and Easter Weekend April 23 & 24. Thank you for joining us as we contribute to help the needs of our community.

    Top Items of Need:
    * Lunch-size chips
    * Canned Tuna
    * Top Ramen
    * Peanut Butter
    * Jam or Jelly
    * Canned Chilli
    * Rice-a-Roni
    * Hamburger Helper

  2. Graham South Hill Food Bank (which is located beside Holy Disciples Catholic Church @ 187th & Meridian in Puyallup)

  3. I just submitted the form, and provided info for Food for Lane County, here in OR. Just wanted to let you know that if you go to the website provided, then click on the “Programs & Services”, then “Other Resources”, then “Partner Agencies”, it will come up with a HUGE list of other programs in this area. Here’s a direct link if that’s easier!

  4. Many food banks like the FISH Food Banks of Pierce County accept donations of fresh produce. If you have a fruit tree in your yard or a garden that produces more than your family can consume before it will spoil this summer or fall donating the extra to a food bank is a great idea. Some people even sow an extra row or two in their gardens dedicated for the food banks.

  5. Jen,
    This is a really wonderful thing you’re doing.

    I submitted the information for St.Francis House in the Puyallup Valley.
    I’m privileged to help with their newsletter a few times a year. Let me know if you have other questions!

    Your readers might also like to know about the South Sound chapter of Free Cakes for Kids, which makes birthday cakes for children in need and takes donations of cake mix and baking supplies.

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