Quick & Easy Camping Recipes

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Guest Post from Amber at Coupon Connections NW:

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is to go camping with my family.  We have gone even when our kids were babies and I don’t regret one minute.  But before I started using coupons, I would dread the price tag that came with it.  It seems that the “cheap” vacation became a huge expense.  I am so thankful that even though our income has dropped, that I am still able to give my kids this fun experience with the help of using coupons.

Today I am going to share a few of my favorite recipes that I like to make when I am camping.  Because this is our family’s vacation time, we like to pull out all the stops and eat well.  Here are some great recipes that you make ahead of time to alleviate some of the mess, but not sacrifice the quality or flavor.

Egg McMuffins

Now this may sound a little weird, but it works and it is good!


Sliced Cheese
English Muffin

Pre-Cook your eggs in a bowl in the microwave.  This way they will be the size of an english muffin.   Make sure you spray the bowl with PAM first.  And I found that in my microwave 40 sec is perfect. Then once they cool stick in a ziploc bag ready for packing.

When camping use your BBQ Grill to toast the English Muffin & reheat the egg and add a slice of cheese if you would like.

Oh they taste good!


Turkey Lettuce Wraps

This is so simple, but yet SO good


Shredded Cheese
Turkey Meat
Ranch Dressing (or one you prefer)
Red onion
Already Cooked Bacon*
{And whatever other fixings you would like}

I have everything cut and ready in ziplocs and just throw together when I am there.  I find that the wraps are better than sandwiches because you don’t have to worry about the bread smashing.  As well, with using ranch dressing, I am not having to pack mayo, mustard and all those other goodies.

*I just pre cook a day before trip regular packaged bacon and keep in ziploc bag.  You could use the already cooked if you would like


There are so many recipes like these that are awesome for going camping.  No need to just eat hotdogs.  I actually prefer to make marinated meals because then you will not have to worry about bringing all the condiments and you will save some space.

Quick Tip: if you are ever wondering if a recipe would turn out okay…. do a practice run at home first.  I did that with the english muffins and I was very happy with it.

In the next month over on my site, Coupon Connections NW, I will continue to share some more of my favorite recipes that I like to take camping.  Hope that you will stop by for a visit.

Amber is married and a stay-at-home mom to 4 young children, living north of Seattle.   Make sure to check out Amber’s site, Coupon Connections NW. This is an informative & fun Northwest deal blog featuring  grocery store deals for NW stores, freebies, money-saving tips & much more!


  1. Audra I don’t know if it will work for you but a bunch of us went skiing so I made sauce ahead of time and brought the noodles and garlic bread to cook.

  2. We use to make for breakfast when I was a Den Leader for Cub Scouts “Omelet in a bag”. We would put a pot of water on the cook stove and bring it to a simmer. Then take small freezer bags and put each child’s name on them with a marker. Each child was given 2 eggs and whatever fixings they may want…cheese, ham, cooked bacon, onion, mushrooms etc., in their bag. They would squish the bags to mix the ingredients and then the bags were then placed in the water until cooked through. No butter or margarine needed, no pans to clean! They were a big hit!

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