Project Pinterest: Week 2 – Organizing with Kids

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It’s time for our Project Pinterest again – each week, I’m showing just a few of my favorite finds from Pinterest.  Since I focused on general organization last week, I thought I’d focus more specifically on organizing kids items today. These are all very frugal ideas where you can repurpose items you already have or buy the baskets at places such as the Dollar Store, Walmart, etc.

Organizing the Kids Drawer in the Kitchen – by Delightful Order

I love how simple this idea is yet it makes such a difference to have the baskets as boundaries to keep each item contained. I bought these exact baskets at the Dollar Tree so these would be perfect if you have a large drawer like this. Even if you don’t have a deep drawer, you could use smaller baskets just to separate the sippy cups, bowls, plates, etc. We just moved our cups down to a bottom drawer for easier access for our kids since we bought a new-to-us fridge that has a working water dispenser. Our girls love being able to get a drink themselves -and I love not having to get up constantly to get them refills! :)

Organizing Kids Lunches & Snacks – from I Heart Organizing

I don’t know about you, but now that we’re more than halfway thru the year, I’m starting to lose steam on school lunches. {And this is only my first year – oy!} I love this idea from I Heart Organizing to get prepared at the start of the week with ready-to-go baggies of items for lunches. Once you have your baggies ready to go, your kids could even help fill their own lunch bag. The snack tray is an awesome idea to control the after-school snackies, too, and ensure that your kids are eating healthy, portioned  snacks.

Shoe Organizer turned Car Caddy – from Decor-organize Crafts

This is a dollar store shoe organizer cut down to make a car caddy. Love this frugal way to keep your car more organized & keep those items you’ll need for road trips close at hand or off the floor of the car. We’ve tried a storage container in the middle between the kids seats, but you still end up digging for what you need, so this idea is perfect to find what you’re looking for right away.

Using containers or old wipes boxes to store card games – by Jazzie & Tahlia

Great way to keep your card games & other small games organized by using small plastic containers (or better yet – old diaper wipes boxes) to store card games or other small board games. We reuse diaper wipes boxes for everything (mainly storing crayons, markers, colored pencils, etc) but I hadn’t thought about using them with games. If your games are smaller, I’ve also seen where you can use a plastic soap container for your card games.

What are some of your favorite ways to organize your kids rooms, craft supplies & more? 

Come back next week for some of my favorite St Patrick’s Day ideas from Pinterest! And make sure to check out our first Project Pinterest post with all sorts of organizing ideas.


  1. we saw the fridge snack container on pinterest too and have been doing it, makes it so much easier and my son can go in and get a healthy snack by himself. i didnt think of doing it in the pantry though, i will have to do that now thanks!!

  2. We use a pop up hamper from the dollar store to store all our sons stuffed animals. They come in lots of colors so they can match the kids room color. They are made of mesh so it is easy to find the specific animal your looking for.

  3. The travel soap containers, make awesome crayon holders too! No more melted or broken crayons making a mess in the car or my purse!

  4. many bath toys come in sets (alphabet, squirts, floaters, etc…)we store them in empty wipe boxes placed on a small 3 tiered wire shelf. When finished, kids put them back in their containers…I love a neat bathroom!

  5. I use a small (1/4 the size of a standard) laundry basket from the dollar store to store my daughter’s bathtub toys. When she finishes the bath all the toys go back in the basket and it goes in the center of the bathtub. Because of the holes in the basket the excess water drains out and the toys are able to air dry. No mildew!!

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