Old Navy Weekly Coupon Locations for Thursday, August 6th

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Here are the Old Navy Weekly coupon locations for this Thursday (August 6th)…the $50 and $75 are gone, but you can still find some good coupons to use!! And many Old Navy’s are still having an extra 50% off the clearance items at their stores!!! So, you can use the coupons with this clearance for amazing prices!! Check out their Item of the Week, too, which is the Woman’s Mandarin Collar Henley’s for $9! Make sure to keep checking Facebook and Twitter and see if the Supermodelquins are talking about anything that you can “retweet” or discuss on FB…you never know if that might mean a chance at a big coupon!!

Coupon Locations::

$75 off $100-Top right picture with 2 boys, look at the boys’ feet and watch for a little white mouse to appear (around 30 seconds after the page loads) from under the curtain and click on him when he pokes his head out (before he runs away)
$50 off $100-Top picture with 2 boys, move the trumpet from boy on right to the girl in teal shirt (top left) and put your mouse on her face, so that she will play the trumpet.
25% off – Take the pink collectible tee/spiderman shirt (on far right) and move it to the girl in the teal shirt (on top left picture w/2 girls)
15% off – Put your mobile number in for text updates (bottom left) and you will get the 15% off.
10% off any kids item – This is in the video and it does change, sometimes every time–could be on the $10 sign in the video, or the girl in the pink spiderman shirt, just move your mouse around and look for the “hand” symbol to show you there’s a coupon there.
**You can also find this coupon on the bottom right-where there’s an arrow pointing to the flyer “Class of $10 Issue”** (Thanks Beth)
$10 off $50– bottom right picture w/2 girls – take the blue headband from the African-American girl and put it on her in the picture on the left.
$5 off $25 – bottom right picture w/2 girls, click on the yellow shoe that the girl (in the hot pink shirt) is holding.


  1. I'm pretty sure you can use the coupon in an outlet store, Denise, but I'm not positive. I'd call your store and double-check!

    As far as the 50% clearance, it looks to be more like a store-by-store thing…I haven't found specific dates…I was surprised to go in this week and see that our store was continuing it!

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