5 Healthy Snacks and Drinks for your Family

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5 Healthy Snacks & Drinks for Your Family

5 Healthy Snacks & Drinks for your Family

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? The focus of National Nutrition® month is to focus on the importance of making healthy food choices and good eating & exercise habits for the whole family. This comes at the perfect time for us, as we made a commitment to get healthier this year as a family, with more family exercise time together and making better food choices as a family. We have been working on the exercise with a lot of active outings together as a family this winter (snowshoeing, hiking, sledding), but my husband and I realized this month that we need to work harder on the food choices we have been making.  One of our biggest struggle areas is with snacking, trying to find healthier snack options for home, school & on the go activities.

It was great timing as BabbleBoxx sent us a box of some new snacks & drinks to try out, all minimally processed and with limited ingredients, so you don’t have to worry about finding nutritious snacks & drinks for everyone in the family. As we’ve been trying to eat more clean & more natural ingredients, we also want our girls to be choosing healthier options too, which means we need to keep those on hand so they are easy for them to grab for a snack after school or when we’re out on our family outings exploring the outdoors.  It’s all about being prepared with those healthy options & making them a regular part of your family’s diet. So, I was excited to add some new favorites to our pantry & fridge.

Brew Dr Kombucha 

Brew Dr Kombucha with 2 Flavors

The first item we tried from our box are these 2 flavors of Brew Dr Kombucha. Kombucha has gotten so popular these days as many are realizing just how powerful Kombucha is for gut health in your body. Kombucha is a fermented tea and the Brew Dr Kombucha is 100% raw, so it’s live & active and a probiotic that promotes a strong, healthy gut. This brand of Kombucha is also non-alcoholic as they use a special non-heat distillation process to extract the alcohol without changing the important aspects of Kombucha.

Brew Dr Kombucha filled with probiotics for a healthy drink to grab & go

We were sent two of the most popular flavors – Clear Mind and the Herbal Uplift. The Clear Mind flavor has hints of rosemary and sage, which aid in promoting mental clarity & focus – definitely something we need more of during this busy spring season. The Herbal Uplift flavor is made with medicinal herbs, to help with better health & wellness, something we definitely need after a few weeks of sickness in this house.  My husband and I preferred the Clear Mind flavor as it was more fruity & light, but knowing how many good herbs are in the Herbal Uplift, it’s definitely one to have on hand for those week’s you need that extra boost of wellness. As we’re working on eating healthier, the Brew Dr Kombucha is a great drink to grab & go that’s both low in sugar & low in calories, but packs a lot of punch in better wellness by drinking it consistently. {And those brown bottles are the perfect shape to reuse & repurpose into some fun flower vases, I’m thinking}

Learn More:

Find out more about Brew Dr Kombucha by checking out their Instagram account.

JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Pop Corn

Jolly Time Simply Popped Pop Corn

I was excited to try the JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Pop Corn as popcorn is my go-to snack in the evenings when I am working late and need something to snack on or for our family movie nights on the weekends. We always have a family movie night on Friday nights, so we tried out this popcorn this weekend & let’s just say, several packets of popcorn were gone fast at the start of the movie, so it was a hit. We’re not as much of a fan of microwave popcorn typically, but this popcorn was delicious!

As we’re working on healthy eating, smaller portions and less calories, my husband and I were thankful that the Simply Popped pop corn was just 35 calories per cup, so we could indulge a bit. It’s made with just 4 ingredients – butter, sea salt, popcorn and oil. I love finding snacks that are clean and you feel good about the whole family enjoying. The Simply Popped popcorn is rich in fiber and had zero grams of trans fats and no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oil, so I definitely feel confident serving this to my kids as a healthy snack option.

Where to Buy:

Head to the JOLLY TIME website to find the locations where you can purchase JOLLY TIME Simply Popped Pop Corn. It comes in both 3 and 6 packs at select retailers around the country. {I also found $1 off 2 coupons on their website as well}. Some of the stores here in the Northwest that carry this flavor are QFC, Fred Meyer and Safeway.

nutpods Dairy Free Creamer 

Coffee with Nut Pods Dairy Free Creamer

My husband is the coffee drinker in this house & as a high school teacher, he drinks a lot of coffee. Ha! He is quite particular about his coffee & loves to try new flavors of coffee & creamers. He also keeps quite a selection on hand of coffee & creamers at school as his classroom hosts the coffee pot for that hallway of teachers (convenient for him :) ), so he was excited when he discovered nutpods Dairy Free Creamer in our box, declaring that they would be perfect to bring to school. There are 3 flavors – original, French Vanilla & Hazelnut and his favorite was the Hazelnut, but he loved all of the flavors.

The nutpods Dairy Free Creamers are made with coconuts & almonds and have no artificial ingredients & no cholesterol.  With the amount of coffee that my husband and his fellow teachers consume on a daily basis, especially here as they are in their final months of school, it is so helpful for them to have healthier options to use in their daily coffee. And you’ve got to love sugar free coffee creamers, as we definitely need to work on eliminating more sugar in our diets, so this will help him during the day. I have a feeling these creamers will be gone fast between the teachers, so we’ll definitely have to buy these creamers in bulk.

Where to Buy & 20% Discount:

You can buy the nutpods Dairy Free Creamer at nutpods.com and use this coupon code for a discount: BABBLE20 to receive 20% off your purchase. This coupon code is valid until April 12, 2018. Limited to 1 use per customer. Code is case-sensitive

Sprout® Organic Crinklez

Sprout Organic Crinklez Snacks

We love to host get-togethers at our house with friends & their kids and even though I don’t have little kiddos anymore, I always try to keep healthy toddler snacks on hand for our friends’ kids. They love to have something special that’s just for  them & something easy to grab & go as they play with the older kids outside. These Sprout® Organic Crinklez are veggie-based, organic snacks for toddlers.

Enjoying the JUNKLESS Cinnamon Roll Chewy Granola Bars

Kids love the fun crinkle shapes to hold on to and the colorful colors. Little do they know that these snacks are packed with veggies such as spinach, beets, carrots & pumpkin. So it’s a win-win for moms with a fun snack to ward off those hunger pains, while also getting some extra veggies in their kids’ diets with these plant powered snacks.

Where to Buy:

Head to SproutOrganicFoods.com to find out where to purchase this product both online & in-stores.

JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars 

Eating a JUNKLESS Granola Bar

This last item in our box has definitely been the biggest hit in our family and definitely something we’ll be adding to our rotation of snacks. It is just tough to find healthy granola bars that my kids also enjoy as they tend to not like the flavors of some of the brands we have tried. But, once I pulled out the JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars from our box, these were an instant hit! And not just with the kids, but the whole family! I have snagged a few to keep in the car for after-school snacks after running club for my girls, but also for a quick grab & go breakfast item for me on those busy mornings.  The JUNKLESS Cinnamon Roll chewy granola bars are so good – they really do taste like a cinnamon roll but without the guilt. And with only 6 grams of sugar in the bar, it’s a yummy sweet treat.

My girls are always starving after school after a long day of learning & being active, so it’s been a struggle to come up with healthier snack options for on the go in the car on our way home or on to our evening activities. These  JUNKLESS Chewy Granola Bars do not have any artificial preservatives, color or flavors and are free of hydrogenated oils & high fructose corn syrup. They are also non-GMO & have 0G of trans fat. So these are great options to keep on hand for the munchies with my kids (& for my husband and I).

Enjoying the JUNKLESS Cinnamon Roll Chewy Granola Bars

But the best part, is that we all love the way they taste – all of the flavors we tried are delicious (Strawberry, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter). Each of our family members had a different favorite, too.  As you can see by the picture above, my daughter loved the Cinnamon Roll (the expression she made just after trying a bite for the first time!) These are quickly disappearing in our house, so we’re definitely going to be purchasing more of these to keep on hand for school lunches & after-school snacks.

Where to Buy:

Head to Amazon to buy these granola bars and you can also find out more about the product at JUNKLESSFoods.com


I am excited to have some new healthier snacks & drinks to add to our fridge & pantry, so we can make better food choices and work to reduce the number of unhealthy options in our home. What are your favorite healthy snack options for your family?

5 Healthy Snacks & Drinks for Families

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