Free Thanksgiving Cards from Tiny Prints

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Wow, this is an awesome deal going on thru Tiny Prints right now.  You can get FREE Thanksgiving cards & FREE shipping if you send them to you.  If you’d rather have them send the card out, then you can just pay the 44 cents for postage.  Tiny Prints offer over 30 designs you can choose from & they can all be personalized.  There are some designs that you can add a photo to as well for a more personalized card. You can order more than 1 card, too (just use your judgement & don’t go overboard).

This deal is available thru Friday November 19th at 11:59pm pst; however, I would recommend that you make your cards soon as this is a very popular offer.

Here’s how it works:

  • Head over to Tiny Prints. Click on “Thanksgiving” on the left sidebar & choose the “Greeting Cards”.  You’ll then have 33 designs to choose from for a  Thankgsiving card
  • Personalize the card & then head to checkout
  • At checkout, choose the “Pay as you go” method.  Then, choose the amount of cards you’d like (you can make more than 1 card)
  • Use the promo code: FREETHX
  • You can choose to have them sent to you for FREE shipping – or they can be mailed to the recipient – you’ll just pay the $.44 for the stamp.  They should arrive by Tuesday November 23.

What a nice thing to hand out on Thanksgiving to let loved ones know that you are thankful for them!  I actually took advantage of a recent deal at One Kings Lane with Tiny Prints greeting cards & I’m very impressed with the high-quality of paper they use for their cards.

Thanks Frugal Living NW!


  1. Thanks to all of you who abused the code!!!! It was can canceled due to abuse! So frustrating….

    From them…
    “Unfortunately due much higher demand than we anticipated (and mostly abuse) with this promotion, we had to discontinue it after yesterday. I’ve very sorry for the inconvenience.”

  2. I know! I tried to order 5 cards and it wouldn’t work. When I called them, they told me that several people had ordered 500 + cards in one order! She even said somone ordered 1000! Way to take advantage of their kindness and ruin it for everyone else! At least the lady was nice enough to credit me back for 3 of my cards!

  3. That is unbelievable…some people really don’t know where to draw the line. I only ordered 4, I felt that that was a reasonable amount. I guess they should have been specific with the terms of the code. But 1000, that’s just beyond. I bet they won’t be offering any thing like this any more.

  4. Oh boy, I was worried that they would have that problem. That is just so sad that people would abuse the system. Companies want to offer something like this to showcase their products so you can try out their company – but then people go & abuse the system & it ruins it for everyone. Sorry guys! :(

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