Free Sample – Cafe Bustela ( & Best Price Tip!)

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You can sign up for a free sample of Cafe Bustela Coffee right now. I use Cafe Bustela daily for my homemade lattes. One of my best kept secrets is that I am able to find it up at my local Walmart for just $3.84 a can, no coupons needed! It can sell for upwards of $8 at other stores (usually I find it elsewhere from $6-$8). Let us know if you have seen it for around the same price at your local Walmart too!

Thanks Money Saving Mom!


  1. I’ve seen this brand at Walmart, but haven’t tried it yet. I’m guessing it’s good? Thanks for the tip on the free sample! Looking forward to trying it :)

    1. Hi Keri, I love it for Espresso drinks (americanos, lattes, etc.). I also dont mind it for brewed coffee, but the rest of my family thinks its a bit strong for that. Let us know what you think once you try it!

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