Free Printable Chore Chart – Customize Responsibility Chart for Your Kids

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Free Printable Chore Chart

Free Printable Chore Chart – Customizable Responsibility Chart for Kids

I shared earlier about our system for how we teach money skills to our kids through a Spend, Save, Give approach that we combine with a “Responsibility” Chore Chart. I thought it would be helpful for you to be able to print off your own copy of this Free Printable Chart if you’re looking for a system to keep track of the jobs/chores that your children are doing at home & to motivate them to earn that extra money.

We call our chore chart a “Responsibility Chart” so we focus on the responsibilities that each of us are in charge of to keep our house running smoothly. I think it’s just a positive way for your kids to think about it as responsibilities they have around the house.

How it Works:

The way it works in our family is that you earn $.50 per year of age, so my 6 year old earns $3/wk & my 8 year old earns $4/wk. It is a set amount versus earning based on the jobs you do.   We also have added some behaviors on there as well at the bottom, as those are their responsibility as well – being respectful, listening well, & more and they receive fines if they are not following those or have not completed their jobs. 

I know that some people like to have it broken down into jobs that are “Family Duties” and then jobs they can earn money for their allowance, so this is another option as well using this system. You would then base their allowance on the jobs that are completed each week to give you the total amount for the allowance. {You’ll still be figuring out how much total you’d like them to earn in allowance each week if they complete all the chores.} We just liked the idea of going with a set amount by age to make it a bit easier.

At the end of the week (our system runs Mon – Sun), we then sit down & go thru the charts & pay out the money so it’s all done at one time & then they will divide their money into Spend, Save & Give envelopes. You can read more about how our Spend, Save, Give envelopes work & how we use that to teach our kids money management skills.

Free Printable Chore Chart

Get this Printable Chore Chart here, for use in your home!

Printable Chore Chart

  •  FREE printable chore chart that you can customize (this is the changeable/editable version if you have Microsoft Word).  You can add in your child’s name & add any jobs to the document to make it your own. You can also change the colors if you want too, change the font, etc.
  • Free Printable Chore Chart PDF Version – This is a PDF version so it’s not editable but anyone can view it. You can print it off & write in the child’s names & jobs. This is best to laminate.

We have used this Printable Chore Chart in two ways::

  • Print it off & laminate it & use a dry/wet erase marker for kids to check off when they are done (just put a piece of velcro on the laminated sheet & on the wet erase marker to keep it on there
  • Print off a new sheet each week – We used the laminated version for awhile but our girls kept smearing it, so we just moved to the printable sheets. That way if we get behind by a few days in getting their allowance to them, we still have it all recorded on the sheet. It does obviously use up more paper, but you have a hard copy to keep track of if you’re delayed on allowances.

How we divided up our Responsibility Chart::

  • Family  Duties –  These are daily duties such as make bed, brush teeth, clean their place at the table, dirty clothes in hamper, shoes in closet drawers, & more.
  • Regular / Weekly/Semi-Weekly Duties – These are duties that don’t necessarily happen every day, but when needed. Tasks such as bringing down dirty laundry, putting folded laundry away, clean sinks, and more. They may not be home  to do some of these tasks if we have a nighttime activity after school, so we have it under this category to do it at least several times a week.
  • Bonus Section – This is where they can choose to earn extra money by doing additional jobs around the house/in the yard, etc & we keep track of that money here (so we don’t have to pay out that money right then but it’s all kept on the chart for the week).
  • Fines Section – This is where we keep track of any fines for behavior that is expected – not completing family duties, not being respectful, etc. We will also circle the day that a job did not get finished in any of the top 2 sections as another way to keep track of it and that will also be a fine. Fines are $.25 typically – when they don’t complete a job or don’t do it correctly.

As I’ve said, this is just what works for our family and you have to find what works best for your family! Hopefully it will be a good resource for you or something you can use as a jumping off point for what will work for you. We took our inspiration from this great chart & changed it to one that fit our family’s needs.

I think what I love most about this (besides the very important skill of teaching kids about money)….is that it’s stopped the whining / begging in stores! They love being able to spend their hard-earned money on whatever they want and I love not having to deal with the whining!

What do you use for a chore system? We’d love to hear what works for you! 

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