Dia & Co – Plus Size Online Stylist Service + Summer Sale!

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Dia & Co Online Styling Service
Dia and Co – Plus Size Clothing Online Stylist Service + Summer Sale!

We have shared frequently about Stitch Fix, an online personal stylist service for men & women and we wanted to share about another personal stylist website we have learned about specifically for plus size clothes for women. Dia & Co is an online personal stylist service for women, sizes 14 & up, if you are looking for a service that focuses primarily on plus size clothing. Not only that, sometimes they offer Secret Sales, where you can buy some of the plus size clothing options straight out for big discounts!

Dia & Co is a service in which you will fill out a Style Quiz with information about your size, style, and more. Then your personal stylist will send you 5 curated items, which are personalized to your style & size, directly to your home. You can then try on the items in the comfort of your home & decide whether or not you want to keep them. They offer super cute plus size clothes too!

Shipping is free with all boxes & you will get free returns and exchanges for a different size with a postage-paid envelope to drop your items in if you choose to return them. So, it’s an easy & seamless process to try on clothes and accessories, without having to head to a number of stores and having the expertise of a personal stylist to put together outfits for you. And you can return anything you don’t want at no cost to you.

Whether you are looking for a new wardrobe due to job changes & needing more professional clothes or just want to add some updates to your wardrobe, they have a wide variety of clothes, shoes & accessories to choose from.  And these stylists are trained to know which brands may run small or big & how to find the right sizes for you based on that knowledge.

Dia and Co Promo Codes:

Currently, you can use these Dia and Co promo codes to save on the site too. Here are a couple available right now.

Right now they are having a Summer Sale going on, where you can buy many  of their plus size clothing items for up to 40% off! Just use promo code SUMMER40.

This sale ends July 23rd at midnight!, so be sure to check it out soon for best selection of items available. 

You can also get 25% off your first purchase with promo code WELCOME25 when you sign up for their emails.

More promo codes to try include: 

  • Get 30% off your purchase with PAW30DIA 
  • Get 15% off with FIRST15
  • or 10% off with SURPRISE
  • If you are ordering a box get $5 off with code DIA5STYLE21

Highlights from the Summer Sale after the extra 40% off:

Here are a couple of examples of the deals you can find in the current summer sale (when you use promo code SUMMER40).

Dia and Co Mia Flare Jeans

These Mia High-Rise Flared Jeans drop to just $58.80 (reg. $98)

Walters Sleeveless Top

This Walters Sleeveless Top drops to $29.40 (reg. $49)

bobeau faux wrap shirt plus size

Bobeau Faux Knit Top drops to $40.80 (reg. $68)

How Dia & Co Works:

Dia & Co Steps for Online Stylist Service for Plus Sizes


  1. Head to Dia & Co and fill out the Style Questionnaire. This is a very detailed Style Quiz where you can share your size, the look of items you prefer, colors, etc. You can even include links to Pinterest boards if you have any boards with styles you like {this is a great way to show them what styles you prefer}
  2. You will then be sent 5 items curated by your stylist within a week or two by mail. This box can include clothes and accessories (depending on what you asked for in your Style Quiz). This costs $20 to have a Dia & Co box sent to you (however, if you keep any of the items, you can use the Styling fee towards the cost of an item in the box.)
  3. Review the items in your box & try them on, deciding what you will keep or if you will send any back. You have 5 days to do this.  You can keep one, two or three, etc & then send any items back that you don’t want. You will have a postage paid Priority Mail envelope to use & all you have to do is drop your bag at the Post Office mailbox within that 5 day timeframe. If you keep even one item, your $20 styling fee will be applied to your purchase of that item(s).
  4.  Discount for buying ALL of the items – If you choose to keep all the items, you will get an extra 25% off the entire box. This works out to an awesome savings on high quality items. If you only have 1 item you don’t like, it may be more worth it to keep the whole box for the discount & then maybe try to sell or swap with someone else for that item you didn’t want.
  5. Provide feedback to Dia & Co about your box – regardless of whether you keep all the items or return all the items or some of the items, make sure to fill out the Feedback form & checkout before you send back any items from your box. This is where you can have your $20 Styling fee applied to your order (if you keep any items).   This is really important to provide the feedback for each item about what you liked & didn’t like to provide that information for your style profile for future Dia & Co boxes.

Let us know if you have used Dia & Co before & what you think!

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