8 – 10 ft Christmas Tree – $20 (Maple Valley)

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If you are local to the South Sound area, there is a deal on My Perks for an 8-10 ft Pre-Cut Christmas Tree for $20. I grabbed one for my family, and thought some of you might be interested in paying a set price for your tree too.

We had heard from one reader that there was a very unfavorable review from last year on Yelp. We also recently heard from a FB fan that they just purchased this deal, and have already redeemed their tree – and they had a great experience. Just want to make sure that folks have all the info we do on this deal, so you can decide best if its a good fit for your family or not!

Fine Print:

  • Beautiful Pre-Cut Christmas Trees
  • 10-Foot Douglas, Grand and Noble Firs
  • Saws, Refreshments, Gift Shop, Tie-down Assistance
  • Delivery Available
  • Operating Weekends 9a-5p or by Appointment, until 12/23
  • Residential and Commercial Clients Welcome

One Comment

  1. I decided to look up this farm because the deal sounded a little shady. I was not too surprised to see that the only review on yelp was one star and detailed a very disappointing experience. See below. You may want to reconsider recommending this deal…

    We just had the worst Christmas Tree buying experience ever! After purchasing a daily deal we headed out of the city for what we thought would be a great day picking out a tree out of town. Wrong when we got there we were told he would not be honoring the deal coupon because he would not be making any money that way and he was adding on additional charges to use the deal. Umm no you can’t do that which is what my family and two others told him so finally after we start to leave he says fine I’ll honor the deal. Then begins the harassing about how we are cheating him out of his money and we expect to come out here and get a nice tree and only pay the $20 that we paid for the deal coupon we purchased. Then to top it off the trees from his tree farm are trucked in from OR and the few he had out were half browned covered in dead needles and multiple broken parts. There was a truck with fresh trees and he didn’t want to show me any of those we finally got him to open one of those up and just took the first the tree that didn’t appear to be brown even though it was not what we wanted. An absolute disappointment!

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