Safeway Gift Card Deals – Save On Gift Cards Shopping at Safeway!

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Safeway Gift Cards – How to Get Discount Gift Cards by Shopping for them at Safeway!

Here is a great gift card shopping tip for you all. Safeway stores have gift card malls, and there are a couple of ways you can get discount gift cards when you shop them.

The first one is generally a personalized offer, so it may differ from person to person. You will need to be sure you have created a Just 4 U account. Once you have a Just 4 U account, you can log in and check all of the offers and deals by category. If you select the Gift Card or Special Offers categories you will be able to see what offers you have available to you. You can then add them to your card, and when you check out with your Safeway Club Card, and buy the participating gift card, you will get the special savings.

In the past I have had various different kinds of gift card offers in my account. Some examples include:

  • Dollar Off Amount Offers (ie pay $40 for a $50 select gift card)
  • Extra gas savings when you buy select gift cards.
  • Get a free Safeway Gift Card with Pharmacy Transfers

Safeway Ad Gift Card Promotions: 

From time to time Safeway will have a special coupon in their weekly ad (and they are usually in the Just 4 U account too). These are generally offers like buy x amount in gift cards, get $10 off your next grocery shopping trip. Another popular one is to offer 4x the gas rewards when you buy select gift cards during a promotional period.

Around the Holidays, they have been known to set up gift card deal boutiques too. These are special kiosks with discount gift cards you can buy right in the store.

Some examples of deals that we have seen in Deal Boutiques in the past include:

  • Barnes & Noble –  $100 gift card for $90
  • California Pizza Kitchen – $100 Gift Card for $79.99
  • Entertainment.com – $29.95 for $19.95
  • iPhone Case (Zazzle) –  valued at $49.95 for $29
  • Jiffy Lube –  $100 Gift Card for $80
  • Keg Restaurants – $100 with bonus $20 card for $100
  • Movietickets Package – Movietickets.com for $35 + Restaurants.com $25,  for $35
  • Outback – $75 multipack + $10 bonus card for $75
  • Photo Canvas (Zazzle) – valued at $115 for $35
I love discount gift card deals, not only for gifts for others, but also for our families use. They work just like cash generally, once you go to redeem them, so you can usually use them with coupons or other promotions too maximize your savings!
If you have other ways you like to save on Safeway gift cards (all gift cards at the Gift Card Mall in Safeway) let us know  your best tips.




  1. I love the Barnes and Noble gift card. They had some great deals for Black Friday last year (1/2 off hard-to-find-discounted toys like Lego!).

  2. I love both the Outback deal and the CPK deal… Both = me not cooking or cleaning up

  3. I receive your newsletter (just noticed my comment above has an error in the email address :(

  4. I’m excited about the Jiffy Lube deal. I just spent $260 (using a coupon) on services at Jiffy Lube recently and this card would have really helped to maximize my savings even more!

  5. I am a practical girl I love the jiffy lube deal because I know I will use it. My husband commutes an hour to work everyday and we need them at least once a month.

  6. Defiantly Barnes & Noble – $100 gift card for $90 . I have a 3 year old that LOVES to read and getting new books for the holidays would make her happy :)

  7. Outback steakhouse- We love to eat out and it would also be great gifts for the upcoming holidays.

  8. I would LOVE the Barnes and Noble card deal for $90. My husband loves to get new books for Christmas!

  9. My favorite deal is the B&N gift card for $90. Our whole family enjoys books so to get the gift card at 10% off is great!

  10. This is pretty practical….but the Jiffy Lube looks like a good deal paired with one of their coupons for an oil change.

  11. I love the Barnes and Noble gift card deal. My 10 year-old loves to read and a gift card to Barnes and Noble would be a perfect gift for her.

  12. My favorite deal definitely has to be the Outback Steakhouse deal. I love giving these gift cards to my brothers for Christmas so they can go out on date nights with their wives and this is a great way to get an extra special deal out of it.

  13. Definitely the Outback – $75 multipack + $10 bonus card for $75, my sis loves the Outback and this would be an awesome gift for her & her hubby!

  14. I’d love the Barnes and Noble one…especially with all the birth and breastfeeding books I’ll be looking for soon!
    Also the California Pizza Kitchen gift card would be awesome…My grandma used to always take us there!!

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