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For those of you who live local to the South Sound area in Washington, here’s a newspaper deal for you!! If you’re new to couponing or just looking for a great newspaper deal, the Tacoma News Tribune has a great offer available TODAY only – Tuesday August 18th!! You can subscribe to their Sunday paper for $1/week for 26 weeks – so that’s $26 for 26 weeks!! The only catch is that you’ll automatically be renewed at the end of the 26 weeks to the regular price, so make sure to mark your calendar to call and cancel if you’d like. Typically, you can call and see what other deal they may be having to change to – they will usually offer another deal so they don’t lose your readership!

**This is a great deal as the Tacoma News Tribune typically costs $1.75-$2 to buy in the store, although you can buy it at the Dollar Store for $1 – but it’s hard to always remember to go and buy it every Sunday! It always has the full inserts in it as well, that all the newspapers around the country have, including Red Plum inserts (which many newspapers have been taking out).

To subscribe, call 1-800-289-8711 today only to take advantage of this one-time offer!! This is only good if you are in their home delivery area and have not subscribed within the last 30 days!! Bummer! I was getting excited thinking I could add a subscription as we only subscribe to one paper right now and I’d like to at least get one more subscription! I might just call and see if they can offer anything close to that!

Couponing Tip:: As I’ve been couponing the last 6 months or so, I’ve really found that the only way to make the most of the deals (or the “best” deals, I should say) is to have multiple newspapers.

I will share soon about my Albertson’s shopping trip yesterday…but in that case, I bought numerous Post Select Cereals, so I could receive the Catalina which would print out (if you buy 4, then you get a $3 catalina–which meant I needed several coupons). This would only work if I had multiple newspaper inserts!

So, it definitely pays in the long run to have at least 2 newspapers each week (if not more on the really good weeks for inserts)!! If you have access to multiple newspapers from a neighbor, friend or family member, that’s awesome!! But, if not, then you definitely might want to consider multiple subscriptions to the newspaper! We only have one and it’s a pain to have to remember to always go and get the paper every Sunday. It will definitely pay in the long run and save you alot of money by being able to make the most of these BIG deals!! For another example of this, see my husband’s post on his razor deal at Rite Aid yesterday, which was another situation where he needed multiple newspaper inserts to make it work–but it saved him over $80 (I’m just amazed he was willing to try couponing again! :) ).

Thanks Sara for this deal!

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