Grocery Outlet Deals + Two Readers Win $25 Grocery Outlet Gift Cards!!

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I recently headed out to my local Grocery Outlet in Kent, and loaded up my cart for just $50! We have teamed up with Grocery Outlet to provide two of you with a $25 Grocery Outlet gift card, so you can head to your local store and see how far you can make it stretch!

All these groceries for just $50!

Before we get into the details of the giveaway, I want to show you what I found. There was a clearance section, and I got 12 oz  bags of ground coffee for $1.99 ea. I have included some pictures below to highlight some of my favorite finds, but we grabbed some higher ticket items like a big bottle of Olive Oil, 4 bags of coffee, fresh strawberries and more in our $50 total!

Avocados were $.50 ea!!

Strawberries $1.50 for a 1lb container

Cartons of Tropicana beverages and Coffeemate Creamer for $.99 ea!

Wishbone Salad Dressing for $.79 ea.

…and my receipt printed out with a $3 off $30 coupon too!

Plus they currently have some great coupons and deals available to stretch your dollars even further (check out your local ad here):

Coupons include (good through 4/9):

  • $2 off Harris Ranch 72/27 hamburger patties, 3 lb ($7.99 after coupon)
  • $1 off Folgers Country Roast, 34.5 oz ($6.99 after coupon)
  • $1 off Cottonelle Clean Care Big Roll Bath Tissue, 12 rolls ($5.99 after coupon)

More of this weeks deals include (good through 4/9):

  • Cuties, 3 lb bag for $2.99
  • Fuji Apples, 3 lb bag for $1.99
  • Sweet Juice Navel Oranges, 8 lb for $3.99
  • Smart Ones Meals for $1.50 ea
  • Kettle Chips, Organic $1.99 (on sale BOGO free, so just $.99 ea when you buy two!)  

Giveaway – $25 Grocery Outlet Gift Card (Two Winners!)

Grocery Outlet has provided us two $25 gift cards to send to two of you too!

This giveaway will end on Tues. 4/9  at 9pm pst.

The winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winners. The winners will have 48 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Comment below letting us know what your favorite thing about shopping at Grocery Outlet is!

Extra Entries : (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

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Disclosure: Grocery Outlet is providing the gift cards that will be given to two Thrifty NW Mom winner randomly chosen, and provided us one to shop with and find deals to share with you all.  All opinions are 100% mine. See our disclosure policy  for more details.


  1. My favorite thing about shopping at grocery outlet is how much money I can save… I mean really. Who doesn’t like saving money!? :)

  2. I love that the Grocery Outlets are locally owned!! Every time you purchase form one you are supporting a local family <3

  3. I love when spring hits & they have a bunch of gardening items for great prices!

  4. Grocery Outlet is convenient to my home and office and the prices are right!

  5. I subscribe! (Because I refuse to miss out on all your great savings tips and e-mail is a great way to share)

  6. I love shopping at GO because I can often find GREAT deals on gluten-free snacks and mixes for my son. I can get things that usually cost $5 for only $2 and that adds up to big savings for this family!

  7. I shared this give-away on my facebook page and in a private message to a facebook friend (who has a lois prices bobblehead)

  8. I love G.O because of unbeatable deals in sugar, olive oil, vitamins, cocoa butter and teatree oil

  9. Grocery Outlet is my go-to store for lunch meat, cheese, fancy bar soap, and frozen goodies. I’ve been shopping G. O.s for 10 years. Love them.

  10. Saving lots of money is my absolute favorite thing to shop at Grocery Outlet. :)

  11. Saving money on things we already buy! We got Clif bars (my husband eats one a day and that adds up!) for half the regular price!

  12. I love grocery outlet for their cheese section! Also, all the surprise finds every time I go.

  13. I love the variety of bargains from frozen items, household, canned and fresh produce.

  14. I love it when I find our daughters favorite granola bars in the big box at a super price at Grocery Outlet.

  15. My favorite thing about shopping at grocery outlet is the ability to try new things I would normally never buy because of the price and be able to get it there for so cheap.

  16. Grocery Oulet is new to Maple Valley and I love their produce prices, but lots of other great deals too.

  17. I have not yet shopped at Grocery Outlet, but the prices look great and I’d like to give it a shot!

  18. I love grocery outlet been shopping there for 14 years. The prices are awsome. I love that the store is small enough and locally owned, I feel like it makes my trip so much easier. Plus I always always get my yogurt at a great deal. I spend 100$ and it takes me 3-4 trips to bring everthing in.

  19. I really like GO because I can just walk around and find tons of interesting foods that are really reasonably priced. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt, you never know what you’ll find!

  20. My favorite thing about shopping at grocery outlet is that you never know what you may find! It is honestly a little bit like a scavenger hunt. :)

  21. would love a gift card. I love the low prices there, and sometimes they have food you don’t see elsewhere….

  22. I shop at the Renton Grocery Outlet Bargain Market and love it! The staff are friendly. I love that they kept the Bowling Alley feel. It is clean and well lit. I can find many great bargains for my family, especially with the fresh produce. My kids an eat an entire bag of satsumas in a day, so getting a great price is terrific.

  23. i LOVE GROCERY OUTLET ON FB,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i know the local BELLINGHAM WA owners and there so nice, and i love to SPIN THE WHEEL!!

  24. One of my favorite reasons to shop at Grocery Outlet, is because you never know what you might find. there is always “treasures” to be found.

  25. I live grocery outlet and go there at least once a month sometimes more. They were around in Bellingham years ago when I was a poor starving college student!

  26. They had Nutella for less at my Grocery Outlet for a while…my son eats a Nutella sandwich every day for lunch so I stocked up every time I went!

  27. I’ve actually never been but would love to win to go find some of those great deals you showed!

  28. You can find good values in their dishware section. I brought home a pair of new glasses for .99.

  29. Love to shop for appetizers when we are entertaining… much cheaper then the grocery store!

  30. Besides usually getting avocados there, I’m always on the look out for good deals on cheese and seeing what new things I can find there.

  31. My favorite thing about Grocery Outlet is that you can find some AMAZING deals :)

  32. I have always gone grocery outlet for ice cream and other frozen treats…always have good prices

  33. I like finding something new every time I go to Grocery Outlet and at a great price!

  34. Organic Foods! They have what I usually pay way too much for at a fraction of the cost!

  35. I love jicama and it’s the only place I can find it! Love all the random things I can find at Grocery Outlet and mostly the prices!

  36. The wine selection is great and extremely affordable. I just went there today and stocked up on wine, not too mention lots of food items.

  37. My favorite thing about shopping at the Grocery Outlet is that there are always incredible deals.

  38. i love that grocery outlet is like a treasure hunt, last time i went i found a big dog bed for 19.99

  39. After the bargains (which are obviously the best thing), I love that sense of the hunt and the unexpected. You never know what goodies you’ll find in there. I love trying out brands that I might not otherwise buy, but can’t resist because it’s such a good deal!

  40. I love to shop GO for some of my favorite items that have been discontinued…and have been successful in several products.

  41. My favorite thing about shopping at Grocery Outlet is the bargains I find on Organic and Gluten free items. Our store has a specific gluten free section where I have found pasta, baking mixes and snacks for a great deal:)

  42. I LOVE the hunt!! My favorite part about Grocery Outlet is finding the deals!! I often find things I have never seen at other stores.

  43. I love shopping for organic and natural foods for half the price, my kids love to find z bars

  44. I enjoy the awesome deals they have on quality items at unbeatable prices & their friendly staff. Also like the fact they started having coupons on your receipt :) that means I will be going their more often!

  45. My favorite thing is that it’s the closest grocery store to my house. It’s perfect for when I’ve need something now (or any other time) as the prices are always good.

  46. It’s like a treasure hunt each visit because you never know what GREAT deal(s) you’re going to find! :)

  47. I have been to Grocery Outlet once and loved it but always forget to stop by there. It’s not on my “path”.

  48. I like shopping at Grocery Outlet because I never know what great deal I’ll find! I like their FB page, and follow TM on FB.

  49. It’s like a treasure hunt! Never know what you might find but it’s always a good surprise :)

  50. I love shopping at Grocery Outlet because I save a lot and not have to pay retail. It is just as good as Costco or better.

  51. I love finding great bargain at Grocery Outlet. It is always an adventure when I go there.

  52. Grocery Outlet is a great place for food, but something many people I talk to don’t know is about the home/health/beauty products. They have great prices on hair products, face washes, make-up, ect. They also have great prices on pet items! People just assume it’s only food from the name.

  53. The great prices with a solid selection is my favorite thing about grocery outlet!

  54. I liked the grocery outlet fb page..& glad to as I didn’t know they had one!

  55. Grocery Outlet is always my first stop before food shopping. It is always kind of a mystery what might be there and that is what makes shopping a little more fun!

  56. And… I did share this on FB with all of my friends and family ! I am also a member of Thrifty NW Mom …. :o)

  57. I have not been to this store but I will need to check it out. Going to go look right now to see where the closest one is to me. Thank you!

  58. Shopping at grocery outlet is always a adventure you never know what you are going to find. They always have something new to offer. grocery outlet has products that you cant find anything else thats why i love to shop grocery outlet :)

  59. My favorite thing about Grocery Outlet is find new things to try at awesome prices!

  60. I love their prices on cheese and crackers and candy! I love my grocery outlet!

  61. My favorite thing about shopping at grocery outlet is the deals! Just the other day I got a half gallon of Silk soy milk for 50 cents and ten pounds of ground beef for just 10 dollars!

  62. Ill be honest I didn’t know grocery outlet carried all this stuff. So my favorite thing is the greater selection than they used to have

  63. Variety is the spice of life! I like how Grocery Outlet is different every time you go in!

  64. Grocery Outlet is a hidden gem. I save so much money there! I prefer the Lynnwood location.

  65. I love their amazing prices and fun gifts. Also the customer service!!! I shared this with a friend

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