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I wanted to share a great website that Stephanie, a faithful reader, just started up!! I found that she had some awesome tips for repurposing household items/products on her family blog–and now she’s created a blog called “My Frugal Lifestyle” all about creative, frugal ideas she uses in her own home!!

You’ll never guess that these adorable magazine holders are made out of cereal boxes!! (I’ll have to remember this one as I have LOTS of cereal boxes from that great Post cereal deal a few wks ago at Albertsons). And the fun containers at the top are made from formula containers, electrasol containers, and more!! Totally cute and a great way to be frugal and “green”!! She also has a post about creating your own homemade laundry detergent! Check it out here!


  1. Thanks for posting this – I am geeked up on making the magazine holders – we have zillions of high five magazines and such and they just don’t stay on the shelves very well!

  2. Aren’t they cool? I would have never thought to use cereal boxes, but she made them so cute!! What a practical idea!!

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