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Okay, guys and gals…I’m back to finding those awesome deals for you! Sorry about having to slow down there for a few days, but I’m happy to say that our couponing talk for my MOPS group was successful and hopefully we inspired some gals to start thinking about couponing! I’ll be sharing some of the information with you guys very soon, for those who are new to couponing!

I thought I’d start off with a great, frugal gift idea for the holidays for the little ones in your life! You can go HERE to sign up for an e-newsletter from Big Idea (a “Veggiegram”) and once you’ve signed up and created a free account, you can then order a Veggie Tales DVD for FREE! You will need to pay $2.99 for shipping, but this still makes it an awesome deal! You can pay by Paypal or credit card.
These are the 3 choices for your Veggie Tales DVD:
~ Are you my neighbor? – Lesson in loving your neighbor
~Where’s God when I’m s-s-scared? – Lesson in handling fear
~The Ballad of Little Joe – Lesson in Handling Hardship

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