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Fred Meyer – Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping!

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Fred Meyer Ways to Save on Back to School

Fred Meyer Ways to Save on Back to School Shopping


It’s hard to believe it’s already that time to start thinking about back to school shopping as we’re enjoying beautiful summer weather here in the Northwest. However, getting an early jump on back to school shopping can really save you money by taking advantage of the sales and getting everything you need so you can enjoy your time together in August without having to stress about back to school shopping.

In this busy season of life that I am in and so many of you are in as well, I love being able to do my shopping all in one spot, too, where I don’t have to drive around from store to store, but can be confident I can find great savings in just one spot. And that is what has brought us to Fred Meyer for our back to school shopping year after year – we know to expect excellent savings with their Price Blaster items & sales throughout the summer back to school time, as well as a good stock of items consistently. It is so frustrating to head to a store & they are sold out of so many items, so then you end up having to head to multiple stores taking up your time & gas money.

Fred Meyer keeps up such a good stock of items throughout the summer back to school season, which I appreciate. Plus, not only can you do your school supply shopping, but you can shop clothing & shoes, too, with their back to school sales! And of course, start stocking up on school lunch supplies, too (& get your grocery shopping done while you’re there). Less time driving around means more time enjoying the beautiful summertime Northwest weather! A win-win in my book!

Tips for Back to School Shopping at Fred Meyer:

Back to School Deals for kids

Inventory your Current Supplies

Before you do any back to school shopping, I think it’s so important to go thru all the supplies that your kids may have brought home at the end of the year & any supplies from previous years or sales thru the year.  When I find my kids’ school supply lists for the new year, this is always my first step. Then you’ll have a good working list of the things you need for supplies.

This is also true for clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, etc – keep a running list of what you’ll need to be shopping for, so you’re prepared. {I like to use the Wunderlist app to keep track of my lists so I don’t lose them – it’s great because you can share your lists with others, if you want to share your list with your husband and you can check things off as you find them.}

The more supplies you can buy now and stockpile when the sales are so good, the less you’ll spend throughout the year.  The summer is definitely the time you’ll find school supplies at their rock-bottom prices.

Do your research to maximize your savings:

Once you have your list of what’s needed for back to school shopping for your kids, then I like to prepare beforehand to find any extra ways to save at the store.

Check out the Fred Meyer Sales Ad – Before heading to the store, it’s so helpful to look thru the sales ad first! You can get this by mail, in the newspaper or you can check it out online at fredmeyer.com. This way you can check the ad with your checklist of what you need & know the prices for the items you need, making sure to check out those Price Blaster items (which are the stock-up worthy items). You can also see if they have any in-ad coupons to use on your purchases too.

Download the Fred Meyer App – Make sure you have the Fred Meyer app downloaded, so you can also check beforehand to see if there are any e-coupons  you can add to your Fred Meyer rewards card. (You can also do this online too)

Pairing coupons with sales for Avery

Look for paper coupons near products in the store – I love that Fred Meyer is so good about making you aware of savings opportunities. They frequently feature manufacturer & store paper near the products in the stores, so definitely keep an eye out for those. We found a $1 off Avery coupon right near a special Avery product area in the back to school sction, which could be used on a variety of products. Love those high value $1 off coupons, as I could pair that with a store sale on that product to save more!

Things to Know about Back to School Shopping at Fred Meyer:

Crayola Colored Pencils on sale

Watch for Price Blaster Deals – When we went to scope out the back to school deals at Fred Meyer, I had my girls on the hunt for the Price Blaster bright yellow tags or special signs saying “Price Blaster”. These are the deals that are definitely stock-up worthy & you’ll find some of the best prices of the season with these deals.

The good news is that unlike many of the stores where the sales may only last for 1 week & even then, the best stock-up  deals may sell out early in the week — Fred Meyer has many of their Price Blaster deals on sale for several weeks to give you time to do your shopping during your normal shopping time & not have to make a lot of extra trips.

Shop Fred Meyer Store Brands – Whenever possible, I try to purchase the store brand rather than the name brand items as a way to save. Often, the store brand item could be as much as 50% lower in price than the name brand.  I love that Fred Meyer has so many great, high-quality store brands to choose from.  Plus, if you look at your Fred Meyer app, you’ll find additional digital coupons to use on these Fred Meyer store brands too.

Here are some of the store brands to look for at Fred Meyer & compare the savings: Kroger, Simple Truth, Private Selection, and more. These are some great brands to look for savings, especially when you’re looking for back to school lunch options.

The Simple Truth brand is one we buy frequently as we love using organic products whenever we can, especially with products my kids are using every day for lunch. You can find a number of Simple Truth organic digital coupons on the Fred Meyer app.  

These are just a few tips & ways to save on back to school supplies at Fred Meyer.  It’s all about being prepared & strategic in your shopping to find the best deals.

Back to School Deal Highlights at Fred Meyer:

Fred Meyer is a one-stop shop for savings on back to school and they have literally everything you need to get your kids ready to go for the new school year, while saving you money & time so you can get back to enjoying your summertime!

We’ve got a sneak peek on some of the early back to school deals & products you’ll find at Fred Meyer this July! We’d love to hear what are some of your favorite back to school deals you are finding at Fred Meyer, too!


Backpacks at Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer has so many fun options for backpacks this year – everything for your preschooler up thru teens! And the prices are very reasonable, most ranging from $9.99 – $14.99.

Justice League Backpack Set

Justice League Backpack 5 piece Set (backpack, lunch box & more) – $14.99

Teen GIrls backpack at Fred Meyer

Teen Girls Backpack – $14.99

Flip Sequins Backpack

Flip Sequins Backpack – $14.99 (these flip sequins are all the rage with kids right now)

Lunch Boxes:

Back to School Sale on Lunch Kits & thermal ware

Fred Meyer is having a sale on back to school lunch kits & thermal beverage ware thru 7/24 for 25 % off the regular price! This can make for some great prices!

Back to School Tumblers

Go Bottle Thermal Tumbler – $14.99 – after 25% off – $11.24

Back to School Lunchboxes on sale

Lunch boxes – $9.99 – after 25% off coupon = $7.49 – there are so many cute options for kids! My daughter found one she loved!

School Supplies:

Back to School Supply Bins

My store was just in the process of setting up & stocking these bins when I took these pictures but they will be fully stocked when you head to the store! Just keep an eye out for these back to school bins to find the best deals as well as the special back to school store promo aisles in the store! So many deals to find!

College Rule Notebooks

College Rule Notebooks – $.20 – Price Blaster Stock up price (only first 10)

Price Blaster on Elmers Glue

Elmer’s Glue – $.59 Price Blaster Deal (40% off)

Ticonderoga neon pencils on sale

Ticonderoga 10 Pack of Neon or Striped Pencils – $1.99 – Ticonderoga is a required brand for many teachers & we were excited to find these striped & neon colored pencils instead of the typical yellow pencils that everyone has. They also have a 24 pack of Yellow Ticonderoga pencils for $2.99

Crayola Price Blaster Deals

Crayola Deals – many of these are price blaster deals, so they are definitely stock-up worthy to get your Crayola products for back to school, but also for you to keep on hand during the year for crafts. Think about any products you need to stock up on for your own house.


Fred Meyer always has some great options for back to school clothing & shoe sales. Be watching all summer long for the sales both in the clothing department, but you’ll also find some special sales right in the back to school department too.

Back to School Sock Deals

Socks for the whole Family – Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 Price for men’s, women’s & kids socks

Let us know your favorite deals! 

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