Fred Meyer 101 – How to Save the Most Using Coupons and Store Sales

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Next up in our store tutorial series is Fred Meyer, a very popular grocery store here in the Northwest. We wanted to share some tips on how to save the most when using coupons and shopping the store sales at Fred Meyer.You can always find the most recent Fred Meyer coupon matchups and store deals under our Fred Meyer store category.

Fred Meyer runs on a different schedule than other local grocery stores – they start a new ad on Sunday and the deals for the week run through Saturdays. You can find the store ad in the Sunday paper or in the store, or in the early edition of the Sunday Paper that you can find in some stores on Saturdays.

Fred Meyer offers quite a few coupons found as tearpads around the store (these are orange coupons – so keep an eye for them). These are both manufacturer’s coupons and store coupons – you’ll need to look at the top of the coupon to determine if it’s a Fred Meyer or manufacturer’s coupon.

Fred Meyer Rewards Program:

The first most important step to save money at Fred Meyer is to make sure you get a  Fred Meyer Rewards Card to . You can either sign up in the store or online to get your Rewards Card.  The Fred Meyer Rewards card  is different from other store loyalty programs, though, in that it acts like a rebate system. You will earn a Quarterly Rebate based on the number of points you have earned during that quarterly cycle. If you earn 500 points during that 13 week Quarter, you will then be mailed a rebate coupon you can use in the store and it acts like a gift card. You don’t have to use it all at once either. If you earn a $20 rebate coupon, you could use $15 on one trip & $5 on another. You will often receive high-value coupons that will come along with the rebate coupon as well for even more savings. These coupons should be able to be used along with manufacturer coupons and other Fred Meyer coupons, unless it’s stated otherwise.

Rewards Cycle:

January – March

April – June

July – September

October – December

*Your rewards coupons should arrive within 3 weeks of the end of the rewards cycle

Fuel Discount:

As part of the Fred Meyer Rewards Card, you can earn fuel discounts at Fred Meyer fuel stations and participating Shell stations. For every $1 you spend at Fred Meyer, you will earn 1 fuel point at Fred Meyer Fuel Stations. When you earn 100 fuel points, you will receive a $.10 discount on your fuel purchase at Fred Meyer Fuel Stations or Shell stations.

Fred Meyer Coupon Policy:

Fred Meyer has their coupon policy online (updated October 2012), which means that you can print it off & stash it away in your coupon binder.

Here are some of the highlights of the policy:

*When buying multiples of an item, no more than 5 manufacturer’s coupons for that product will be accepted in the same transaction, and only 1 manufacturer’s coupon can be applied to each item.

* We accept all valid, current manufacturer’s coupons. We do not accept expired coupons or manufacturer’s coupons that state they are valid only at another listed retailer (i.e., “Good only at Safeway”). Exception: Most Catalina coupons (the coupons that print out for you at check stands) are manufacturer’s coupons and are stated as such.

  • Catalina Manufacturer’s coupons that are printed with another retailer’s name may be accepted at Fred Meyer.
  • Catalina competitors’ coupons for dollar/cents off a specific item will be accepted.
  • Catalina dollar or percent off coupons for an entire shopping order will not be accepted.

 *They are saying they will accept catalina coupons that are for cents/dollars off a specific item and if it is a manufacturer’s coupon, even if it it has another store’s logo. They will not accept catalina coupons for dollar or percent off, though or coupons that state they are only valid at a certain store. 

*”Free” item Internet coupons can be accepted only if all purchase criteria is met.   {This is one of the few stores that will accept the free internet printable coupons.}

*Only two Internet coupons per manufacturer, per Customer, per day will be accepted.


You can use E-coupons paired with Fred Meyer store coupons. So, make sure to load E-coupons from these sites to your Fred Meyer card before you go:, &

New Fred Meyer  App for iPhone & Android:

Fred Meyer recently just released a new app for iPhone and Android users.  I have just loaded it myself so I can’t wait to start trying it out in the store to see how it works. We’d love feedback from all of you if you’ve used it & what you found to be helpful.

Here are some of the features you can use on the app:

  • View weekly ads & add items to your shopping list 
  • View Fred Meyer E-Coupons and load coupons to your Loyalty Card & to your shopping list  (this is what I’m excited about!)
  • View the Fred Meyer Rewards program, which includes current reward points, fuel points, Rewards Rebate values for the quarter & more
  • Shopping List – add items quickly from weekly ad or from your shopping list to the Fred Meyer Shopping list
  • Refill your existing Fred Meyer prescriptions

What are your best tips for how to save the most at Fred Meyer? 


  1. I love Freddies, I have had some of the best ever savings on items in which I can use one of their Advertised coupons like 20% off Home dept and pair it with a Rewards Bonus (from the mail) for another 20% and a manufacturer coupon discount too. Sometimes you can hit another additional time when its Employee and Customer appreciation week when they take an additional percent off every department including their Fred Meyer brand in Food dept.

    1. Thanks for sharing, Shana! Yes, you can really find great savings pairing up those Rewards coupons with their store coupons. Great tip to pair up coupons during the Customer & Employee appreciation weeks too, to maximize your savings!

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