Point Defiance Zoolights Giveaway – 2 Families will win a Family Four Pack of Tickets!

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The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is offering up a fun giveaway right now for Thrifty NW Mom readers!  They are giving away 2 family four pack of tickets to go see Point Defiance Zoolights at Pt Defiance Zoo & Aquarium.  We had the opportunity to check out the Pt Defiance Zoolights a few years ago & it was such a fun holiday experience that we’re looking forward to heading there again this year.

Zoolights Discount Tickets:

For discount tickets to Zoolights,  you can either go to the zoo website – www.pdza.org to buy them for $7.50/ea online or you can buy your discounted Zoolights tickets for $7.50/ea at participating Fred Meyer stores. If you wait to buy them at the gate, then they will be $8.75/person. {Children under 2 are free} If you are a Zoo member, you will pay only $4.50/person (just one of the many advantages to zoo membership!)

If you are a member of the military or dependent or a retired military person or veteran & your dependents, you can take advantage of discount Zoolights tickets for military and veterans, paying  $7/person on Monday December 9th and Monday December 16th.

Zoolights is running from now through January 5th, 2014,  during the hours of 5pm – 9pm each night (closed on December 24th only). If you head there on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening, you can watch the Scuba-diving Santa swim with the sharks (except on December 25th and January 1st). There will also be carousel rides, too.

Here are the animal exhibits & displays that will be open during Zoolights:

  • Stingray Cove:  You can touch & feel the stingrays
  • Shark sightings:  Check out the 17 sharks swimming in the shark pool
  • Scuba-diving Santa: Santa will swim with the sharks on six evenings during Zoolights: Dec. 3, 4, 10, 11, 17 and 18.
  • North Pacific Aquarium – the Aquarium will be open to enjoy & get warm for a few minutes
  • Goat Feedings open in the Kidz Zone
  • Meerkats & other small animals will be open to view in the Kids Zone

 point defiance zoolights giveaway

Giveaway – 2 Readers Win a Family Four Pack of Tickets

The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is offering 2 sets of family packs (set of 4 tickets) to 2 Thrifty NW Mom readers to win for this giveaway. You will be able to use these tickets at the zoo through January 5th, 2014!

This giveaway will end on Monday, December 9th at 9pm pst.

The winners will be drawn using “And the Winner Is” plugin and announced on the blog.  I will also email the winners. The winners will have 24 hours to contact me, otherwise a new winner will be drawn. US residents only & you must be 18 yrs or older to enter the giveaway. This giveaway is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway::

1st Entry (required entry): Leave a comment about what you’re looking forward to about Zoolights!

Extra Entries : (make sure these are all separate comments, with a comment for each entry)

2) Subscribe to the Thrifty NW Mom feed via a reader of your choice or email (must be verified)


Disclosure: The Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium is offering a family 4 pack of tickets for 2 Thrifty NW Mom readers randomly chosen during the giveaway. No compensation was given.  All opinions are 100% mine. See our disclosure policy  for more details.


  1. We have never been and would love to take our 2 boys to such a neat event :) Would LOVE to see santa swimming with sharks!

  2. I’m looking forward to taking my two and a half year old for the first time! He’s so into lights and Christmas this year!!! :)

  3. Can’t wait to see the looks on my little ones faces when they see all the lights! Have always wanted to take them!

  4. Love spending family time at the zoo…. We have never been to the zoo lights, but would love to go.

  5. We are a hockey family and have never had time or extra $$ to see them… but we really want to!!!! Thx!

  6. I look forward to seeing the excitement of my kids! They love the lights and find it so fascinating plus they get to be at the zoo which they love! Its a fun family tradition we all love :)

  7. my kiddos really want to see Santa swimming in the shark tank!!! and they both love xmas lights when we drive around at night or are in the car they yell out all the colors of lights they see !!

  8. I’m looking forward to taking my daughter for her birthday and watching her eyes light up at all the pretty lights.

  9. My kids LOVE seeing Christmas lights and we have never been to zoo lights so I’m looking forward to seeing the amazed and delighted faces of my kids if I win!

  10. I am looking forward to the purple tree! Also looking forward to bringing my girls again this year. They love all the lights!

  11. It would be my baby’s first time going on our yearly family tradition! Hot cocoa, carousel and sharks! <3

  12. My Daughter LOVES Christmas Lights! She Gets So Excited To See TheM, Her Makes My Heart Smile!

  13. I’m most looking forward to watching my kids see the magic of Zoolights (and the meerkats- who doesn’t love meerkats?).

  14. Would love to take the three kiddos and grandparents to zoo lights! Top it off with hot cocoa=the perfect evening!

  15. I’m looking forward to showing our oldest all the lights and letting him be wowed by them!

  16. I can’t wait for my 18 month old to see the lights! This will be one of the funest Christmas yet!

  17. I would love to be able to take my 2yo daughter to this! We just bought our first house two months ago, after living with my MIL for the last few years helping her out financially, and are able to finally create our own family traditions on our own… This would be a great start :)

  18. I am most looking forward to ending an amazing night with my family with a carousel ride!!!!!! The classic carousel is an awesome way to top off a done a year experience!!!!

  19. I am looking forward to watching my son still be amazed and full of joy when going this year. He just turned 12 and I know that this is going to be about the last year that he really feels like a “kid”. Have to enjoy it while it lasts! He is growing up too fast!

  20. We’ve never been so I’m looking forward to experiencing something fun and new with my boys!

  21. I’m looking forward to visiting Zoolights with my friends and their daughters! It sounds like it will be so much fun!

  22. I can’t wait to see my children’s faces when they see all the lights! PDZA is an awesome place and we would love to go to Zoolights. We’ve never went and this is the first Christmas in 4 years Dad has been home and not deployed. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  23. We love the zoo normally and I just think it would be a great way to get into the holiday spirt to see all the pretty lights.

  24. I am looking forward to seeing the magic of the season through the eyes of my 2 & 3 year old sons and making memories.

  25. I have never been to “Zoo Lights” so I’m looking forward to everything- but mostly the beautiful lights!

  26. Finally I can comment! I would have been first. :p I have only lived in the Seattle area since 2010 and next June we will be moving. My hubby is Navy but he’s getting out. So this year will be the last year we have an opportunity to go and he will actually be home for Christmas this year! We haven’t been to the Zoo lights before, it would be a wonderful experience to go. My son is 18 months, he would enjoy it this year. :)

  27. i just signed up for the “Express” newletter. I love all the posts I’ve been getting on Facebook, but sometimes I’m too late to take advantage of them.

  28. I love taking the kids from my class every year! It’s becoming a tradition for my SPED kiddos. Would love the 4 pack to help with costs!

  29. This will be the first Christmas that my son is actually old enough to experience it. He is 28 months and loving everything about the Christmas season from advent calendars, to decorating the tree, to making presents he loves it all. I know that he would really love to go to the zoo to see this amazing display.

  30. The look on my son’s face when I tell him we’re going. The zoo is one of his most favorite places.

  31. Our family moved to the JBLM area almost 3 years ago and we still haven’t been to Zoolights. I definitely want to go check it out!

  32. I am looking forward to one last date with my SO before our baby arrives!! Zoo lights is a yearly tradition for us, but this will be the last date we get before our little girl gets here and joins in the tradition!!

  33. Not missing our annual zoolight fun because this year we do not have zoo membership and may not be able to go.

  34. I’m looking forward to taking our daughter to enjoy two of her favorite things the zoo and beautiful, shining lights. Plus looking to spend some quality time as a family, celebrating the holiday magic through the eyes of my sweet baby girl.

  35. We’ve never been to the Point Defiance Zoo ever, so this would be a double treat for us!

  36. My kids are 2 and 4 and completely fascinated by all the Christmas decorations. I’m so excited to take them to the zoolights for the first time!!

  37. Zoo lights is magical no matter what your age! I can’t wait to hear my 4 year olds reaction this year!

  38. Sooo looking forward to going. My son who serves in the military in Germany will be coming home for Christmas. He will fly in on the 22nd and after lunch/early dinner, he, his fiancé, my other 5 kids, and husband and I will be our on our way to see all the beautiful displays of lights……and the shark tank too!!

  39. Lights, lights and more lights! Spending a special night making Christmas memories with the family.

  40. I’m looking to see the bright lights in my sons blue eyes and the smile on his face.

  41. I’d love to take my little family to Zoo lights because we’ve never been and it sounds like soooo much fun!

  42. Taking my in-laws for Christmas and my daughter who is almost two and is amazed by anything that lights up and moves! :-)

  43. I love the magic feeling! Seriously, the lights there set a mood in the air that just says magic!

  44. Its hard to impress two teenage kids- this is my goal by taking them to the Point Defiance Zoolights!!

  45. We look forward to the carrousel and also to see if we spot something new from the previous year

  46. I have never been – would love to do a holiday outing that will be fun for both kids and adults in equal measure!

  47. We are looking forward to going this year because our youngest has never been and our oldest doesn’t remember! :)

  48. we follow on Facebook too. I would love to go to zoo lights- we’ve done a lot of NW Christmas attractions but this one we haven’t been too…yet! Merry Christmas :-)

  49. My son is so excited to see Santa swimming with the sharks! (and this momma would be excited to save some $$ on admission tickets!)

  50. Never been and would love to take my family to see the lights, I also subscribe to the feed.

  51. It would be amazing to see the excitement in my kids’ eyes! We haven’t been there before!

  52. I’ve lived here for 10 years and haven’t been ably to go yet! Reaaaaaally want to go this year.

  53. I’m looking forward to my daughter seeing the zoo lights for the first time and being so excited and happy!

  54. I would love to share this with my kids! There aren’t very many light displays in our little town!

  55. I’d just enjoy the sights and the family time! With such busy and conflicting work and school schedules, we just never could have enough of that!!!

  56. We’ve never been to PD Zoo so we would be excited just to visit. The Zoolights would just be an amazing bonus!

  57. I’m looking forward to the festive time with friends. My daughter will LOVE all the “wonerful” lights! :-)

  58. I’m excited to watch my kids’ faces as the experience Zoolights-some of them for the first time.

  59. I am a full-time mom and full-time college student. Needless to say we don’t get out a lot! We are also on a tight budget. I would really enjoy spending some quality time at Zoolights with my daughters. They have also sacrificed so much with mom being in school; they deserve it! I haven’t been in YEARS! My favorite things about zoolights are bag pipes, hot cocoa, funnel cakes, the thousands of beautiful lights, and quality family time! :)

  60. Our family loves Christmas lights. We have never seen Point Defiance Zoolights. Would especially like to see animals made out of the lights and Santa in the Shark tank. Oh, what a neat surprise this would make!

  61. Our kids have never been to Zoolights and I know they would both Love it! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  62. This Christmas, my famiy will be all together for the first time in a very long time. We have had a terribe year dealing with addictions and health problems. I wanted to make some great Christmas memories and Zoolights was at the top of my list. We have 1 teen and 3 litte boys 10, 12, 2. What fun this wil be!

  63. We have never been to this zoo and are excited to share this with our famiy coming from California.

  64. We have never been to zoolights, but I love family time and it seems like a great way to spend to head to see the lights.

  65. My kids – 6, 8 & 10 – have never been, but they’ve heard about it. Would love for them to see all the sights! Thanks for a chance to give them this experience!

  66. I am looking forward to taking my two grandkids. They will love it & seeing them happy is my goal!

  67. This was a fun Christmas time outing for us two years ago. I’d love to win and go when scuba santa is there.

  68. I would look forward to a very special outing! Exploring a new experience! There something magical about twinkling lights.

  69. We have 6 children (yeah, I know, that gets spendy!). Three of them are married and one grandson (aged 4) and we will ALL be together next week for the first time in over a year and a half so it would be awesome to do this together!!!

  70. I LOVE looking at Christmas lights, so I am most excited about seeing everything decorated! But Scuba Santa sounds pretty awesome too! :)

  71. I’m looking forward to taking my autistic daughter this year since she is finally over her fear of giant lights lol!!

  72. I am looking forward to taking my grand kids and hopefully my daughters to see all of the beautiful lights!

  73. We are soo looking forward to seeing the scuba with Santa and the carousel is a family tradition!

  74. I’m looking forward to seeing scuba diving Santa! And of course, all the beautiful light displays and the carousel!

  75. We haven’t been since the kids were little. It’s definitely time to go back!
    Maybe during some snow?

  76. My family would love love love to go see the zoo lights we have never gone and we rarely get to go out and have fun due to financial hardships we just don’t have the extra monies to have fun outside of the home. So our favorite would be ? We don’t have one because we’ve never gone I’m sure if we got to go we’d love it!

  77. I have never been there before, so I would be looking forward to enjoying the lights for the first time with my family.

  78. I have not been able to afford to take my family to this event but would love to be able to show them the wonderful lights and display that the zoo has for Christmas.

  79. Looking forward to taking the kids there for their first time to see Ll the beautiful lights!!

  80. My family & I recently relocated here from Phoenix. We are very much looking forward to a chill in the air (because let’s be honest – that FEELS like Christmas) as we stroll through the zoo to take in all of the beautiful lights & exhibits. There’s no greater joy than to see your children’s faces light up at the sight of the magic of Christmas. We are excited for this opportunity & hope we are one of the lucky winners!

  81. I’ve been trying to get to Zoolights with my daughter for 5 years…every year something comes up. THIS year is the year we make it happen!!!! The sharks are our favorite!

  82. This will be the first time my son is old enough to actually touch the stingrays – he’s going to love that!

  83. I have always lived in the northwest and have never been to zoo lights. I have no excuse! We are going this year, but winning would make it all the better!

  84. My family & I recently relocated here from Phoenix. We are very much looking forward to a chill in the air (because let’s be honest – that FEELS like Christmas) as we stroll through the zoo to take in all of the beautiful lights & exhibits. There’s no greater joy than to see your children’s faces light up at the sight of the magic of Christmas. ::crossing our fingers::

  85. I’ve never seen the zoo lights before. I’m excited to go with my kids and experience all the beautiful lights with them.

  86. I’m looking forward to seeing my daughter’s face and her excietment of being there! I’ve been working a lot which means going out less so this would be amazing! Thank you for the chance!

  87. Looking forward to seeing the animals & wondering what THEY think of all of the lights…?

  88. We’ve never been and would love the chance to see this and do something we couldn’t regularly afford to do. I’ve heard wonderful things from people that have been.

  89. I am most looking forward to the quality time I will have with my kids- electronic free! :)

  90. Looking forward to my kids seeing Santa swim with the sharks, and of course seeing all the lights.

  91. I’m looking forwards to bundling up with my hubby and kids to have a fun, safe, and full of holiday spirit evening out!!

  92. I am so excited to go to zoo lights again! We live almost three hours away so try to make a weekend out of it. Camel rides, small animal petting, as well as my husband and I would love to scuba with Santa for the girls to watch! What an amazing experience for them!

  93. We have never been to zoo lights due to schedules, budget, or illnesses. This year would be perfect for our family to go.

  94. Never experienced zoo lights so just wish to see it once and of course want to see Santa diving. My son is very excited to see Santa as it’s first time for him to see Santa actually( though that’s just a man dressed as Santa).. Subscribed to thrift NW mom..

  95. I would love to take my children to this! We have never experienced it before and with a tight budget it would be such a fun time for all of us to get out of the house and have some fun for once.

  96. I Look Forward To Seeing My Daughters Face! She LOVES Christmas Lights. This Would Be A HoOot. We Have Never Been :-)

  97. Beer been there so u don’t know what to expect. Everything sounds so fun for our three kids!

  98. I’m in… Taking our girls either way, it would be cool to go and it be FREE! ;) seeing the look on our girls faces with all the pretty different colors of lights!! Sipping coco! Can’t wait to go this year!

  99. 1) why: our 3 yr old has never been to the zoooo yet. And this would be fun especially w lights. He is thrilled about wolfs and we told them they live in the forrest and the zoooo. So he has been asking where is the zoo :) older kids been rto the zoo so they know what he is missing. We unfortunatly cnt afford a membership at this point. But would LOVE to take the 3 yr old in.

    2) subscribed probably twice for the feed and newsletter under [email protected]
    Hoping we could win. :)

  100. Would be awesome to take the family to see the animals along with all the lights. We love both!

  101. I would really love to take my three kiddos this year! We would love to see scuba diving Santa! Thanks for the opportunity!

  102. What am I looking forward to? I guess the whole experience…I’ve never been there and have always wanted to see it. And now that my little girl is old enough (3yrs) to enjoy it, too, we really need to go!

  103. In our case, the kids have seen the lights, but the parents haven’t! Scouts have taken all three kids in prior years, and I think its time for a new FAMILY tradition.

  104. I LOVE zoo lights and have made this one of our holiday traditions. I am looking forward to hear my kiddos say in excitement “look mom” a million times. The smiles on their faces and moments to remember.


  105. I’m looking forward to hot chocolate with the kids at the zoo! And seeing my children’s faces watching all the Christmas lights!

  106. I can’t wait to see my two year old’s reaction to the lights cause he has already been yelling “Momma there’s more!” in excitement every time we see some lights on a house.

  107. Looking forward to my and my kids first time at zoo lights . Been wanting to see it since I moved to Washington.

  108. We have never been before and this would be a great family outing. My kids love Christmas lights!

  109. I am looking forward to the looks on my 2 four year old boys’ faces when they see all the Christmas lights and the animals!

  110. To be able to take my son their for the first time! Also to see his face light when he sees all the lights.

  111. We have never been to see the zoo lights, but it looks so fun! My younger son thinks seeing Santa swim would be the best! My older says sharks and stingrays are the best part. It all looks fun to me! :)

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