No Bake Reindeer Cookies – So CUTE!


  • Nutter Butter Cookies
  • Small Twist Style Pretzels
  • Mini Chocolate Chips (You can also use the candy eyes you can buy these days, or mini brown M&Ms)
  • Red M&Ms (regular size)
  • Tube of white frosting


  1. Start by laying the Nutter Butter Cookies out on a cookie tray or counter, vertically.
  2. Next spread a line of white frosting along the bottom half of the pretzels (all of the pretzel but the top :”m”), and attach a pretzel to the top side of a Nutter Butter (using the frosting as the glue to hold it there).
  3. Using the same method, attach two mini chocolate chips with a dot of frosting for each eye.
  4. Now add the red M&M with frosting for the mouth.
  5. Let the frosting set for about 15 minutes, and they should be ready to serve!