Zulily: Dansko Sale on Shoes for Women & Kids!

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Dansko Shoes


Zulily is having a sale on their Dansko shoe line for women and kids. If you love Dansko’s, you won’t want to miss this sale! Popular styles are selling out quickly! Zulily charges $5 to $6 for shipping. The Gray Pippa Clog (shown above) are on sale for $36.99. And the Black Cherry Professional Clog (shown above) is on sale for $71.99.

Dansko is made from premium materials, each iconic pair passes the highest standards of cushioning support and handcrafted quality. There’s no mistaking the comfort of Dansko’s clogs. 

Here are just a few more we found:

Pink Floral vesta


Pink Floral Vesta Slip On Kids$29.99

Red Gitte Clogs Kids


Red Gitte Clogs Kids$41.99


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