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This past summer, I had the opportunity to stay in the downtown / Lake Union Seattle Residence Inn by Marriott to check out all that they had to offer for families and as I shared in my review, I was really impressed. I liked the fact that they were not right in the busy hub-bub of downtown but situated right across from Lake Union, which made it quieter and more laid-back but still close to everything by taking the South Lake Union Streetcar to head to downtown.  This hotel also had the most comfortable bed that I’ve slept in for a really long time – I would go back to stay there just for that amazing bed! Still haven’t found another hotel with a bed even close to it. Wish I remembered the name of the mattress (I did lift up the sheets to see what kind of mattress it was, but then forgot to write it down!).

The Residence Inns by Marriott really do offer so many family-friendly amenities which make it a great option if you’re wanting to vacation with your family.  They have over 600 properties around the US, Canada & around the world. All of the accommodations are suites with separate living and sleeping areas to make it easier for families to have extended stays for their vacations & have enough space to be able to enjoy their time & make use of the kitchen areas to save money on food.

Here are some of the family-friendly features that you will find at all Residence Inn’s by Marriott:

Fully-Equipped Kitchen – all Residence Inn rooms will include a refrigerator, microwave, stove top, dishware, & cookware/utensils, so you can be able to eat full meals in your unit, if you prefer

Free Hot Breakfast Buffet – The meal we had at the Residence Inn in Seattle was definitely a large breakfast buffet with both hot & cold options – everything from fruit & yogurt to eggs, bacon, & biscuits & gravy.

Free Wifi

Pool & Exercise Room on site

Laundry Facilities



  1. Favorite feature are, in hotels that are in a city, the windows! I love looking out of them at night, and seeing the skyline, or the buildings, or even just the people walking by! Don’t really get much of that in suburbia :)

  2. One of my favorite amenities is exercise rooms. It’s great to have the access to get in a workout when you’re traveling.

  3. I look for a hotel with free breakfast buffet. The day feela more rushed when you have to go looking for a place to eat before your adventure begins.

  4. My favorite feature of a hotel is their beds. When we get lucky enough to stay at nice hotel rather than an economic motel it’s super nice to enjoy the luxury or nice linens and comfy beds <3

  5. I love the Seattle Marriott! I met my husband there when we were just 13, and its been true love since :)

  6. I love to have kitchen amenities like microwave, refer for leftovers or bringing food for younger family members and a pool always makes for a memorable fun time.

  7. I stayed at a Marriott Residence in the Portland area this summer. Friendly staff, cimfortable ammenities & great bed.

  8. The best part of a hotel to me is the nice dim lights that provide tranquility. Also we like it when we are able to share as a family.

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  9. My favorite amenity during hotel stays is the pool :) I already subscribe to your newsletter and have “liked” the facebook page. I used to work for Marriott and they really are a great hotel chain!

  10. My favorite amenity in a hotel is a fridge so I can keep milk for my kids and we can always have breakfast in our room and save money!

  11. It would be fun (and a luxury) to stay ar the Residence Inn. A comfy bed would be my favorite feature. For my boys it would be the pool

  12. My favorite hotel amenity has got to be a pool. After being in a car all day, it is so nice to have the pool for the kids to play and unwind in.

  13. My favorite amenity for the family at a hotel is a pool. We love being able to play in the water as a family.

  14. My favorite amenity in a hotel is a great continental breakfast! And a super comfy bed :-)

    I have actually stayed at the Marriott and love it!

  15. My favorite amenity is free breakfast! With 5 kids, it’s so nice when this is offered at a hotel!

  16. My favorite hotel amenity is definitely a kitchenette – so you can choose what you want to eat, and not spend a fortune dining out, even when you’re on vacation!

  17. I more than “like” the Residence Inn on Lake Union, I LOVE IT!! It’s our favorite hotel to stay in when traveling to Seattle.

  18. My favorite hotel amenity is the suite layout. Having a separate door for the bedroom/living area is exceptional. It makes your hotel room feel like a little home.

  19. I love when a hotel has a jetted tub. I don’t ever take baths at home, but when away, I love to soak in a nice bathtub!

  20. A pool is top for our family. It’s not always necessary but is greatly appreciated when you have kids ;)

  21. I love the location and the pool and the breakfast! My 6 year old loves little family vacations!

  22. my favorite feature is definitely the kitchen!! being able to bring snacks and drinks for the kiddos would save a lot of money!

  23. The most important thing to me when staying in a hotel is that I feel it’s clean enough for me to take my shoes off. If i’m not comfortable enough to do that, we’re not staying there again. A comfortable bed and a great breakfast are always a plus.

  24. I liked the fb page for the hotel. My fav thing about a hotel is def. a free breakfast and a nice jacuzzi!

  25. A swimming pool is a favorite with my three little men, so of course, my husband and I love that as well!

  26. My husband is in a wheelchair and I love the walking accessibility this hotel has to Seattles offerings!

  27. Our family’s favorite amenity at a hotel is an indoor pool. Nothing better for keeping the kiddos happy!

  28. When choosing a hotel, the most important thing is that there is an indoor pool. My kids love to swim and with the Pacific Northwest, you never know if you are going to have nice enough weather to get outside. An indoor pool makes the getaway fun even if it is raining!

  29. Great place to stay with a family! We’ve been taking our family toMarriott Residence Inns for over 10 years.

  30. My favorite feature is the free breakfast….esp when taking the whole family, that can be a huge money saver

  31. Our favorite feature at a hotel for our family trip is an indoor pool and free breakfast. :) Thanks!!

  32. A hotel is not a real hotel with out a hot tub. I always look for a place that has a pool/hot tub combo to make my visit that much sweeter. Small plug to pick me – my 9th anniversary is the week after the contest ends and my hubby and I just discussed having “no alone time” at our house with multiple kids. Please pick me so my hubby and I can get some “alone time” for our anniversary.

  33. My favorite amenity is the pool! We took our daughter to a local hotel to celebrate her 5th birthday, and stayed the night so we could swim, order room service and watch a movie! She said it was the best gift she had ever had.

  34. The best part of any hotel is the bed! It’s nice to just get away for an evening, and enjoy the crisp, white sheets!

  35. My favorite is being able to get away with the hubby! :) (buuuut, a nice soaker tub always works too!)

  36. Thank you for helping us find fantastic deals. My favorite feature in a hotel is the bed and a free breakfast is an added bonus.

  37. I love that they have the bedrooms separate, great for keeping little ones on a routine when out of town.

  38. The pool is the best part since it’s never very busy and you can really let the little ones practice. Love the site.

  39. I liked residence inn by marriott on facebook, which isn’t hard as I really do like this brand. I even have their visa card. And… we just stayed at a Marriott in LA this month!

  40. My favorite thing is housekeeping! I don’t make a mess but it’s nice to know I don’t have to clean up EVERYTHING!!!

  41. My favorite amenity is the free breakfast. Saves so much money and gets our day off to a good start.

  42. My favorite thing about staying in a hotel is sleeping in a king size cozy bed! I subscribed to your page and liked the Residence Inn Marriot FB page.

  43. I got my email address wrong the first time; so i am trying again. Most important to me: A clean, comfy bed!!! (with lots of pillows)

  44. The in room dining area w/kitchenette are HUGE for us! As a family of 6 eating out can get SO expensive and being able to have meals prepared in room is such a blessing.

  45. My kids love the pool best, but I think my favorite would have to be housekeeping — having someone else to clean is priceless!

  46. My favorite feature or amenity in a hotel is having the maid service and them making the bed. It’s like my own version of heaven!

  47. My favorite amenity to any hotel is the late checkout especiallyafter an enjoyable time out on the town. I like the Residence Inn by Marriot facebook page.

  48. I love when hotels have pools and continental breakfast. Makes a stay with kids so much better!

  49. I like hotels to be CLEAN. You don’t realize how important that is until you are staying a scurvy dive *shudder*

  50. Best thing about hotels is comfortable beds and quietness. Hot tubs aren’t bad either :) I also liked the Res Inn FB page.

  51. I most love not having to worry about breakfast or cleaning. But the kids love having a pool to swim in. So that’s something we look for.

  52. I Liked Residence Inn by Marriott Facebook page—-
    My favorite amenity in a hotel is super soft plush bedding with nice pillows, the extra would be extra nice pillows. I love to relax and just feel comfy in a bed that isn’t mine :)

  53. My favorite feature of a hotel is a nice bed with super soft luxury sheets. No nasty comforters please.

  54. My favorite feature in a hotel is the bed! Hotels always seem to have the best oversized comfy beds!

  55. My kids only request of a hotel is that it have a pool! THey could care less if there was a bed, as long as there is a place to swim. :) I “like(d)” the Residence Inn by Marriott Facebook page.

  56. Since our kids our with us for nearly all of the 365 days of the year, having a kitchen is a super PLUS when staying a night away from home. Still “lik(ing)” the Residence Inn by Marriott Facebook page.

  57. There are so many cool amenities. I know I would enjoy the exercise room and my husband would love the free WiFi and breakfast buffet. This would be so good to win this!! Our anniversary was a few months ago and we haven’t been able to celebrate because of our budget. Thanks for the offer!!

  58. My favorite amenity at a hotel, is the workout room, so when I am traveling, I can still get my workout in, so I can have the energy to keep up with my two daughters!

  59. I like having the option to cook our own food, but my “must-have” is coffee. Available anytime. Decaf and regular.

  60. My favorite thing about hotels are the big flatscreen tv with HBO so i can watch movies when im getting ready for bed and i can listen to music when i am getting ready in the morning by putting it on VH1

  61. I would love a chance to win! We are driving to Seattle this Thursday to take my boyfriends car to be fixed and we live in Lewiston ID. This will be a long day stuck in the car and its my birthday. Would really love to have a nice hotel that we could stay at on my bday after the long trip! Thanks guys!

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